How To Increase Hair Volume? An Effective Guide

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how to increase hair volume

If you are wondering how to increase hair volume, then you have perfectly landed on this post. Let’s face it; thinning hair is infuriating. If you can’t keep calm about it, time to take the matter seriously and decide the right course of action to encounter thinning hair. In the first place, you need to address the issues that are contributing to this maddening problem. Once listed, you can work on troubleshooting them. In this post, you can get to know all-inclusive information about hair thinning and how to increase hair volume. Let’s dig deeper! 

What Is Hair Volume? 

Hair volume is defined as the thickness of hair on your head. Alleviation of the hair volume depicts the thinning and flattening of the hairs. If you have good hair volume, your thick and lush hair will cover your head densely. You may find many hair volumizer products in the market. However, to maintain it and prevent it from thickening, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle and take proper care of your hair. Moreover, stress is also one of the most apparent reasons behind thinning hair. Taking preventative care can be more organic as treating your hair with the chemicals after getting them thinned. 

how to increase hair volume


What Causes Hair Volume To Alleviate? 

The loss of hair volume can be caused due to multi-faceted factors. 

  • If you are not on a proper diet, your hair growth may lack the proper nutrition. 
  • Besides, lack of Vitamin D is also one of the most common factors that can bring forth thinning and loss of hair. 
  • Furthermore, excessive stress can act as a catalyst to promote the loss of hair. 
  • Women experience hair thinning during their pregnancy period. 
  • Give your hair well-deserved care or see them apart.  
  • If you are not taking proper sleep, then you are highly prone to hair thinning and loss of hair volume.
  • Exposure to the dirt and toxin from the environment may strike your puffy hair severely.

Food To Increase Hair Volume? 

Thick hair is a blessing. However, not all of us are blessed with this boon. Many people grow sleepless due to rapid hair fall. However, you can boost your hair growth by including nutritious food in your day-to-day life. Foods rich in vitamins, calcium, zinc, and iron can foster thickening when taken in a balanced manner. Besides, fruits and grains rich in dietary fiber show promising results when it comes to nurturing falling hair. Locate these items in your daily food intake and see the lush puffed hairs bouncing on your head. Your quest on how to increase hair volume can be facilitated by these superfoods. 

Which Oil Is Better For Hair Volume? 

Hair oils great nourishment to the hairs, strengthen them from the roots and prevent them from thinning. Some of the most propitious hair oils are stated in the below-given list: 

  • Coconut Oil: This oil is loaded with great nutrition for long and strong hair and can work magic on them. 
  • Olive Oil: It is great for healing damaged hair strands and split ends. Besides, it also nourishes weakened hairs. 
  • Almond Oil: It is rich in vitamin E and offers great nourishment to the falling hairs, and gives them aesthetic thickness. 
  • Tea Tree Oil: It attacks the dead skin and bacteria on the scalp to prevent hair fall, thereby promoting the growth of thick and strong hairs. 

Tips To Increase Your Hair Volume Naturally

Apart from the topical application of the oils and hair mask, you can make a few tweaks to your day-to-day activities and promote your hair growth. Check the below-given points: 

1: Keep Stress At Bay

Stress can bring forth a number of detrimental conditions in your body. Loss and thinning of the hair stand one among them. If you are wondering how to increase hair volume, keep yourself away from the stress. This is the first and foremost practice you must apply to your daily life. Exercise and meditation can be the best way to keep you happy and far away from anxiety. Identifying the possible causes that can trigger stress can make you work in the right direction to resolve the stress problem. 

2: Maintain Balance Diet

Adding healthy food to your dietary regime is vital for optimal well-being. It also adds to the thickening and growth of the strong hair. Biotin is the key ingredient required for hair growth that can be obtained from your daily food items. Besides, food rich in vitamins, zinc, potassium, and fiber can accelerate the growth rate of hair. So, if you are wondering how to increase hair volume, the answer lies in a properly balanced diet.

3: Give Your Hair Well-Deserved Care

Hair is one of the most delicate parts of the body, which requires proper care and attention. It gets exposed to various detrimental factors, such as sunlight, dust, toxins, dirt, and various others. In the fast pacing life, hairs miss their well-deserved care and attention. They add to the overall personality of an individual. Therefore, you need to dedicate some time to your day and give it proper nourishment. Otherwise, you may experience thinning of your hair with the passing of time.

4: A Good Oil Massage Can Help

Giving a proper massage to the roots of your hair makes it strong, and with the thickening of the hair, they ultimately gain good volume. You may take any of the massage oil listed in this post and apply them to the scalp of your hair. Gradually, it will alleviate thinned hair and boost their volume. Moreover, tension blocks the blood flow, but a good massage can reduce stress and promote a good blood flow vital for hair growth. It can create an ideal environment to improve hair volume. 

Final Words! 

Hope your curiosity on how to increase hair volume is well fed. Taking these handy tips into your consideration, you can change the whole game and flaunt it anywhere you go. If you enjoyed the read, find more exciting posts on our blog section. 


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