12 Ways to Fix Your Thinning Hair and Restore Its Former Glory

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Though hair thinning is not the end of the world, many people obsess about it. However, for every problem, you need to find out its root cause. In this scenario, an unhealthy diet or putting your hair into a tight bun could be the cause.And thanks to the pollution and dust around the world, most of us are subjected to an unhealthy external environment. Moreover, genetics also plays a significant role in your hair thinning apart from your lifestyle. You might have got your paternal genes where all the members of the family have less hair. But there’s a solution to these issues as well. Continue reading the blog as we’ve listed down 12 ways to fix your thinning hair and restore its former glory.

  1. Give a massage to your scalp

A healthy scalp is equal to healthy hair. So, you should massage your scalp regularly. It is one of the constructive and cheap treatments for hair thinning. It stretches arteries within your scalp, which increases the blood flowing to the follicles. You’ll notice the increase in your hair growth as well as in its volume.

  1. Check your vitamins level

Your hair needs two vitamins most – vitamin D and B12. Deficiencies in any of these can lead to slow hair growth, or more dangerous, thinning it. All you need to do is get these levels tested before you start taking any supplement when you start noticing your hair thinning. You can also include beef, chicken, fish, yogurt, eggs in your diet. Or if you suffer from high deficiency of vitamin D, consider taking supplements after consulting your doctor.

  1. And your iron level too

Hair thinning could happen due to various factors; lack of iron is one of them. It is an essential mineral that carries and transfers oxygen to different parts of your body, including hair growth cells. Sometimes, heavy periods and less intake of meat can lead to iron deficiency. So, try to reboot it from the inside and include red meat in your diet or consume supplements.

  1. Loosen up your hair


Loosen up your hair

If you find your hair in pain due to a tight ponytail, then stop. Tight ponytails and tight buns put too much stress on the scalp, sometimes leading to breakage. Instead of keeping your hair polished and tightly secured, try messy hairstyles. Avoid using elastic wraps or such type of accessories on your hair. Additionally, excessive blow drying can also put your hair follicles into a strain. In some cases, it can also lead to traction alopecia.

Also understanding how black hair is different from other hair types is crucial when seeking solutions for thinning hair. For more information on this topic, you can visit Allurium Beauty’s informative blog post on “how is black hair different from other hair.

  1. Use the necessary hair oils

While becoming adults, many of us seem to have forgotten that oiling our hair is vital, all thanks to our hectic schedules! A few oils like Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme are great for fixing your thin hair problem. Or if you don’t have any of those, rely on the all-rounder, coconut oil. You can take a few drops of oil to your palm and gently massage them unto your scalp. Before applying these oils to your whole scalp, test it on your arm and watch out for itchiness or redness.

  1. Apply anti-thinning shampoo

The root of thinning hair begins at the scalp, not your ends. That’s why you need to make sure you’re using the right shampoo for setting up your locks for success. Applying the best anti-thinning shampoo is the best hair treatment obtainable in the market. It contains vitamins and amino acids that are crucial for your strands to grow thicker. For the best possible results, we recommend you to use it daily. Search for the best anti-thinning shampoos in the market or consult your doctor for the best recommendations.

  1. Never skip conditioner

Not conditioning your hair means you’re dehydrating it, which will lead to damaging it over time. For thicker, fuller, and healthier hair, you’ll require enough nourishment. Many experts recommend a lightweight conditioner that contains panthenol and glycerine that’ll turn your fragile strands tough. Look for the best conditioners that will suit your hair and add volume to your locks. Stay away from the chemical-filled conditioners which do more harm than good.

  1. Put onion juice in action

Put onion juice in action

In the last few decades, people were using onion juice as a home treatment. It escalates the blood supply to your hair follicles, which in turn, promote hair growth. To make the juice, blend the onions, apply it on your scalp, and gently massage. Leave it for some time so that it works before you wash it off. Later, rinse it with an anti-thinning shampoo.

  1. Try the ginseng treatment

Ginseng is a plant that not only stops hair thinning but also promotes hair growth, prevents dandruff and grey hair. It increases the dermal cells on your scalp, which leads to the strengthening of your hair follicles and roots. Furthermore, the ginsenoside present in ginseng allows for nourishing roots. You can use ginseng hair products to give strength to your hair.

  1. Pay attention to your body changes

One of the crucial factors to treat hair thinning is to listen to your body. If you’re noticing symptoms like weight gain, dry skin, and tiredness, then you might be suffering from thyroid. Severe hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can cause loss of hair. As soon as you start observing such symptoms, seek advice from your doctor. With successful treatment of thinning hair and restore it though it will take several months.

  1. Live a healthy life

Hair thinning could be due to a lot of stress, mismanagement of the scalp, or hormonal changes. However, a healthy lifestyle can treat your issue thinning hair and restore it. So, try doing regular exercises, stick to a healthy diet, and don’t overdo on the alcohol. If you’re working, see that you keep the work pressure to minimum or find ways to do the work without stress. Honestly, your hair is the mirror of your health. So, live a healthy lifestyle and naturally make your hair look healthy.

  1. If you’re still in stress, then see a trichologist

If you’re still in stress, then see a trichologist

There are specialists in hair loss problems such as baldness, hair thinning, etc. So, after trying all the above ways, if you’re unable to see positive results, then book in to see a trichologist. They’ll help you to determine the cause and help you to regain your hair. Their consultation will include examining your hair, lifestyle, and other possible factors.

A piece of advice

Irrespective of gender, hair is the best accessory as it brings an added good look to an already good face. Losing your hair is nothing to be ashamed of, but if you are after fuller hair, then do follow the above ways. Moreover, having healthy hair increases your confidence and self-worth. It doesn’t matter if your hair is thin or think, but see that you are maintaining the existing hair with proper care.

But, if you want voluminous hair, there are several options to disguise thinning hair and restore; one of those is hair extensions. Let’s brief you about the same; there are different types of hair extensions. All you need to do is to choose the one that is well-suited for your hair type and style. Depending on the length and hair texture you have, you can easily choose the hair extension type that fits you (either temporarily or permanently).

12 Ways to Fix Your Thinning Hair and Restore Its Former GloryIf you’re still in stress, then see a trichologistPut onion juice in actionPut onion juice in action12 Ways to Fix Your Thinning Hair and Restore Its Former Glory