Beauty Outside, Beast Inside: Amazing and Outstanding Features of PDFBear

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Beauty Outside, Beast Inside and Features of PDFBear

Suppose you are tasked by your teacher to submit a reaction paper on Dante’s Inferno for your Literature class. You are about to submit the file in a word document (.doc) format to your professor’s email when you are reminded that the requirement should be in a PDF format. 

Now, you are stuck with the questions, “What should I do next? How do I convert this file to pdf format? What file conversion tool should I use?” The answer is simple. If you want to have an easy-access, less complicated, and hassle-free file conversion, you should use PDFBear in converting your file.

PDFBear is an online file conversion tool that converts any file format to PDF, or from PDF to any file format. You can also edit, split, merge, or compress your PDF using this tool. PDFBear comes with numerous features, and some of them are listed below:

PDF to Any File Format, Any File Format to PDF

With PDFBear, you can now easily convert your file from word to pdf, excel to pdf, JPG to PDF, HTML to pdf, and vice versa. All you have to do is upload your file, select your desired format, and wait for a few seconds. And when the time for conversion is done, you can now download the converted file without any hassle.

Convert Files Anytime and Anywhere

Unlike other file conversion tools that need to be downloaded or installed in your device, PDFBear is a free online platform. It can be accessed using your phone anytime and anywhere. So, you don’t have to turn on your laptop for quick file conversion, as long as your file is saved on your phone. 

PDFBear is also accessible to everyone. You don’t have to sign-up or sign-in for you to utilize this file conversion tool. Just go to, and tons and different conversion services are offered for your use.

Remove Unnecessary PDF Pages

There are times that when you re-check the pages of your pdf format paperwork, you will find some unnecessary blank pages within the file. These black pages take some space and can ruin the excellence of your paper. So, you must remove them.

One of the features of PDFBear is that it can delete unnecessary pages on your PDF. And its process of deletion is quite simple. You upload your pdf, select the pages that you want to remove, click ‘apply changes,’ and click the download button to save your revised file.

File Protection

If at some point, you wish to keep your file private and confidential, you must use PDFBear to encrypt your file with a password. PDFBear uses a 256-Bit encryption password-setting protocol that makes your password difficult and impossible to crack.


After converting your file from PDF to any file format or from any file format to PDF, you will be given saving and sharing options, whether you want to save your file to your device, or you want to share your file through email or by link-sharing. 

If you want to send the file through email, you just have to provide your email address and your recipient’s email address. And the PdfBear conversion tool will do the work.


File conversion is quite a hassle if you do not use the best file conversion tool for you. It is a good thing that the availability of PDFBear, with its amazing and efficient features, comes in handy in converting, protecting, sharing, and editing your file. It is also accessible on the internet and can be accessed using any device. So, if you’re still looking for the most efficient and reliable tool for you, use PDFBear.

Beauty Outside, Beast Inside and Features of PDFBear