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The Daily Sleeper lounge clothing brand stands out as a driving force in an ever-evolving brimming fashion arena. Due to their spectacular diversity of patterns, influences, and styles, they have been pioneers in the concept of comfortable fashion. With their easy-to-wear and stylish apparel, they have long earned a reputation and remain one of their top-selling brands. As you read this piece, you will learn more about this one-of-a-kind company and its offerings-it’s sure to please you!

Why luxury loungewear? Birth of the idea

The concept of luxury leisurewear arose out of the necessity for handy, style-appropriate outfits that one could wear inside as well as outdoors. Although the thought of designing fashionable and convenient clothes specifically for leisure and entertainment dates back many centuries, it was only recently that the term “luxury leisure wear” was first used. Today, luxury leisurewear is a popular trend, and the variety of styles and materials can satisfy any taste. From silk to velvet, cotton to cashmere, luxury loungewear allows you to look great while still feeling comfortable in your own home.

And the Ukrainian brand Sleeper is one of the first to work in this direction in the modern world.

In 2014, Asya Varetsa and her friend Kate Zubarieva struck up a groundbreaking project: to create comfy, all-purpose pajamas to wear in any setting. Drawing inspiration directly from the movie “Curly Sue,” they aimed to extend the message “Get out of bed and dive into day-to-day activities” with their Sleeper PJs. The vision was quickly winning favor in the vogue community. Shortly after their release, these iconic black and white ensembles were shown in Vogue, bringing much acclaim to the two Ukrainian ladies and their label.

As’s meteoric rise has brought a plethora of classy outfits to today’s couture environment, including Europe and the United States. From gorgeous dresses to functional shoe styles, swimming suits, and plenty more, Sleeper got “something to suit” everyone. Its friendliness and hospitable attitude have made this clothing label popular amongst fashion aficionados. Its collections keep on being current, and do not decrease their charm – the proof of Sleeper’s long-lasting success!

Daily Sleeper’s philosophy and priorities

The Sleeper brand considers a client’s well-being to be their highest preference. Their designs and products use luxurious yet comfortable fabrics, including but not limited to:

  • linen;
  • viscose;
  • silk;
  • wool;
  • wood and leather, with beautiful colors to add a touch of luxury.

Aside from being designed to maximize comfort, these items contribute to greater ecological consciousness and sustainability, since all used materials are recyclable and made by hand, which helps to decrease wastage and running charges.

The Daily Sleeper is an excellent fit for anyone wishing to prioritize their comfort and wellness. Featuring smooth and lavish fabrics, lovely colors, and an emphasis on a sustainable approach, the Daily Sleeper is a wonderful choice to give yourself a little self-care. Why not get closer to what designers are offering today?

Sleeper PJs: why everyone loves sets made by the famous pajama brand

We should focus on the Party Pajama line of Sleeper clothes for sleepwear. This luxury sleepwear has been a huge hit around the globe for a couple of years now. Adorned with plumes, Party Pajamas are chosen by such celebs as Kendall Jenner and their fans, and by Instagram contributors and their supporters. You may have even seen some of them on popular TV shows. You may check Emily in Paris to see one of them and make sure that these pajamas in the USA are pretty popular.

The viscose pantsuit from The Party Collection provides a luxe not-so-sleepwear fit: an oversized top and ankle-length slacks incorporating removable feathered trim pieces. This trendy sleepwear is available in a range of hues, and includes black, white, blue, red, pink, and more, with optional finishing so you can combine and blend to achieve a laid-back, relaxed, casual, flirty, or cheeky image.

The sizeless pajamas are the essence of flexible and low-key chic, suiting a myriad of situations. Long pants and a jacket-like top with elongated sleeves make these Sleeper pajamas an ideal piece for both campus and business, while the loose cut is perfect for chilling at night or hanging out at home. Choice of colors available ranges from powder pink, blue, and lavender to classic black and white.

The Sleeper Black Tie Pajama is a must-have item for any girl. Its comfortable slacks with an elastic waistband and flared pants keep you free to move, and the full-length turtleneck top maintains coziness and chic. For a refined style, the pants and sleeves of the turtleneck are made in a fancy ¾ length and adorned with removable feathers on the cuffs. These adorable pajamas are available in black, emerald green, and hot pink.

From luxury pajamas Sleeper to perfect suits

For those who desire to make a lasting impression, the Origami Sleeper sets are a perfect choice. Its unique design, featuring flared trousers and a structured top with a distinctive pleating and sharp collar, stands out in the crowd, while still being highly functional. Ideal for special occasions, this sophisticated yet stylish ensemble is sure to enchant everyone.

Pajamas, party outfits, dresses… And what about the ladies of the sport? Will they have to part with their favorite brand for the duration of their workouts? 

Nothing to worry about! On the Sleeper site, those who do not imagine their life without physical activity will find excellent tracksuits, comfortable and feminine at the same time.

Fashionable tracksuits with pants and a zippered jacket have an unusual, memorable design, and a soft silhouette, which is perfectly suitable for indoor or outdoor workouts or walks around town.

The suits are available in black, pink, and emerald.

For those everyday moments when you need to feel both assured and relaxed, the Daily Sleeper has something to offer!

This luxury unisex pajama Sleeper offers a discreet and comfortable look, perfect for any office or formal occasion. The jacket and trousers’ casual shape and muted shades allow you to add your personal touch to the ensemble, with jewelry or other items from your wardrobe – such as a pencil skirt, classic trousers, or a soft cashmere pullover.

Dresses on

source: Sleeper’s official Pinterest

At Sleeper com, women from the US who are fashion-forward and stylish will discover a wide range of dresses for those who want to show off their femininity, as well as luxury loungewear, party outfits, and shoes.

Exploring the brand Sleeper catalog may lead to discovering an Atlanta-style garment with fashionable details like puffy sleeves, midi length, ruffles, and a fitted bodice. 

Those desiring a casual-chic look can find their perfect dress with the Loungewear Dress. This maxi-length style comes with small ruffles at the hem, long loose sleeves, comfortable cuffs, and a ruffled elastic band for added comfort.

Create a fashionable look with luxurious loungewear and enjoy wearing it.


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