How To Take Care Of Curly Hair Wig In Simple Ways?

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Curly Hair Wig

Every human being is born with different features. Some have brown skin tone, while the others have a fair skin tone. Similarly, we all possess different hair type that becomes our identity. Indeed, no one of us is satisfied with the blessings we are born with. Hence, we prefer to choose different accessories to satisfy our fashion needs. For instance, taking care of curly hair wig is something that girls with straight hair would want.

Do you know how much difficult it is to handle curly hair? One can tell the real challenges if it possesses curly hair. However, others get into trouble when they prefer the transformation to curly hair.

The curly hair wig has a different texture. It has weaves, which seems tangled and rough. Perhaps, it is one of the hair types that gives a chic look when adorned with stylish jewelry and beautiful outfit.

But have you ever think of the ways to make your curly hair wig last for a longer time? It is a big-time hassle to manage curly hair along with other accessories. But when it comes to a natural wig, the struggle doubles itself.

So here is everything you need to know to manage your curly hair wig that would stay for a longer time.

Simplest Ways To Take Care Of Curly Hair Wig

These steps are the best to follow in restoring the style you want to carry. Keep in mind that curly hair is not easy to manage and maintain. Instead, you have to go through different steps and purchasing to bring back life in it.

The following are some of the most important steps that you would love to practice. These will not take your much time and resources. Just stick to the proper techniques to get proper results without putting in extra efforts.

So, let us get started guys!

1.    Step  1 – Make partition in a wig

Before you put in many efforts to improve the quality of your wig, you need to follow the first step. In this step, you have to make sections to achieve quality maintenance.

You should create small sections in your wig if it has tight and small ringlets. However, you can go for large sections if the wig has larger and looser curls.

It all depends on your wig type. Just the rule is to create sections to proceed further.

2.    Step  2 – Use a detangling mist

Next is to invest in an effective detangling mist. Make sure your mist is from a reliable brand that doesn’t affect the wig quality at all.

In this step, you have to spray the detangling mist lightly in each section. Also, a synthetic mist must be used in case you own a synthetic curly wig. It will not ruin the quality of your wig and keep it as it is.

3.    Step  3 – brush the hair with a gentle hand

The third step shouldn’t be ruled out. Curly hair tangles a lot. It becomes really challenging to manage curly hair wig that tangles easily.

Hence, you need to brush your wig gently to untangle the hair. You are recommended to use a wide-toothed comb that is effective in removing the knots in the hair.

Mostly, girls prefer to use regular combs and hairbrushes. The major drawback of using these in your hair is running the curls. It leaves your wig frizzy while hair sheds in large quantity.

4.    Step  4 – It is time to restore the curls

Removing knots or tangles from the wig means affecting the curls. It may lose the health of the curls, which will not give the particular look that you want to achieve.

The next step is to bring back the life in your wig. This means you have to pay attention to the practice that will simply restore the curls. With this step, you will notice how the curls are formed again in the original style.

Again, this step is only possible if you know are aware of your curl type. Depending on the curl type, separate your hair into sections again. For instance, smaller sections for tighter curls and larger sections for looser curls.

It is time to curl your hair wig again. At this moment, you have to use your finger to bring it back to the original style. Twist each curl gently and make it fall back into the original form. If you see your curls are not bouncing back; you have to repeat the same step in the opposite direction.

This is it. Your wig will get the real curls the way you want to flaunt in the next style.

Other than this, you can also use a curling iron for best human hair wigs online. But, be careful with the steps you follow.

5.    Step  5 – Store your wig

Finally, we have to reach the last step. You have to really vigilant in taking care of curly hair wig. It means when you store the wig, you have to make sure that it is not tangled easily.

Hence, you have to store the wig in an appropriate place. Cover the wig with gentle hands. You have to wrap a hair net around the wig to keep the curls in place. It will also prevent tangling of the wig further.

Once you are done with covering, you should carefully place the wig in a flat bag or box. The wig often comes in a bag or box so you can store in it. However, you can also buy it to keep the wig safely.

Other than this, you can also store your wig in a plastic or sealed box. It will prevent dust from affecting the wig.

These were some really simple hacks that will make your investment work for a longer time. Remember that every item needs complete care so that it can be reused without spending too much.

Washing Is A Must

There is one more thing that can be added in these steps, but you can follow it separately.

Washing a wig is as important as giving a bath to yourself. This is because it can catch dust and other chemicals applied to it, which can ruin its quality.

Perhaps, you should not wash your wig often. It can be even damaging to the quality, which may result in further breakages.

If you think your curly hair wig is greasy and dusty, only then bath it. You are required to follow the essential steps to prevent damages. This will retain the texture and make it look fresh and silky again.

Try Your Luck!

Were you worried to restore your wig in a normal and better condition? We knew that most of the girls today have little to no knowledge of storing the curly hair wig in a better way. This post is definitely for all the newbies out there who are interested to know the effective hacks in securing the wig that would last for more time. If you feel like your wig’s quality is ruined, you better change it immediately. However, follow all of these steps when you buy a new wig and want to keep using it on different occasions. There is nothing a great idea than keeping your wig safe and secure by applying tried and tested techniques.


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