Pick Your Next Tattoo From a Historial Black and White Image

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Pick Your Next Tattoo

Getting a tattoo should not be like playing a game with your Intertops casino bonus. There should be no Online Cricket Betting ID involved. The tattoo you get today should be just as great in 20 years as it is the first day that you get it.

The first step in guaranteeing a great tattoo is to go to a professional who is known for doing excellent work and has a solid reputation for using sterile equipment. Getting an infection is not the way to begin your tattoo experience.

The second major decision is if you should go with a black and white tattoo or a color tattoo. In reading about the pros and cons of colors tattoos, I favor a black and white tattoo. With a black and white tattoo is much less chance of the tattoo fading. Black and white tattoos don’t hurt as much as color tattoos. This is because color tattoos need to cover more surface area. Black and white tattoos experience less damage from the sun due to fading. Black and white tattoos also create a stronger contrast even with darker skin color. Finally, black and white tattoos are vivid and dynamic.

But where do you choose your tattoo design from to pick your next tattoo?  

Scott Foresman’s images

One option is to go to a tattoo store and just look through the designer’s portfolio. With this option, you will definitely get some original ideas. But there are other places that you might not have considered.

Did you know that Scott Foresman releases all of these images into the public domain? You may be thinking, “Who cares?” but you should care. Scott Foresman is well known for his accurate pictures of animals and plants. If you are interested in an image of plants, animals, or nature, this is the image set to look into. All of Scott Foresman’s pictures were created at a time when printing plates were used. In other words, single color ink.    

Scott Foresman could not rely on colors or shading of colors to create his images. Everything was done with only lines, but it is done with such detail that the images have depth. They come alive.  

In other words, these images are exactly the type of images that would be an excellent choice for a tattoo being done in black and white (or even shades of gray).  

You can see what we mean in the Scotts Foresman category on Wikimedia.

Dover Publication

Dover Publication, also known as Dover Books, is an American book publisher founded in 1941. It primarily publishes reissues, books no longer published by their original publishers. These books are often in the public domain.  

One of Dover Publication’s categories is historical images from the 18th and 19th centuries and early 20th century. These images are all in the public domain.  

Dover Publications has a wide variety of clipart categories: 

  1. Abstract, Geometric
  2. Angels, Fantasy Creatures
  3. Animals, Birds, Sea Life
  4. Art Nouveau, Art Deco
  5. Celtic, Norse
  6. Design Tools, Brushes, Backgrounds
  7. Display Fonts (Lettering)
  8. Embroidery Designs
  9. Fashion, Costume
  10. Fine Art, Advertising, More
  11. Flowers, Floral Designs, Plants
  12. Historical Design
  13. Holidays
  14. Japanese, Chinese, Egyptian, African, More
  15. Men, Women, Children
  16. Native American, Mexican
  17. Nautical, Music, More
  18. Ornaments, Borders, Letters
  19. Photographs
  20. Religious Art and Illustrations
  21. Vector Designs
  22. Victorian

In other words, there is a category for everybody.

You can check out the available clipart on Dover Publications website.

Convert Photos and Painting to Line Drawings

Are you still undecided? Then covert one of your favorite paintings or photos into a line drawing. Many companies produce software that will do the conversion for you. One free one online is “Pictures to People.” 

Check out the “Pictures to People” website to convert Photos to Paintings and Line Drawings. 

Classical Paintings

Do you still want more ideas that come from traditional sources? Check out one of the many well-known paintings and photos from the Core Knowledge Sequence. Most of these images are in the public domain and can be found on the Wikimedia website.

At the Core Knowledge site you can find their overall approach spelled out and can also buy their materials online


No matter what image you choose, remember that this image is going to become a permanent part of you. Although it is not impossible, doing a “do-over” with a tattoo is very difficult. Take your time. Think about it. Pick your design. Then wait a week or two to see if you still love the image in two weeks as you did on the first day.  

And most of all, don’t get a tattoo while intoxicated or high on drugs. That is the quickest way to have tattoo remorse.

Your life. Your choice. But do it smart.


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