Broaden The Mind: 5 Life Lessons Travelling To Thailand Will Teach You

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When some people hear the phrase “travel broadens the mind”, they scoff and write it off as some pretentious nonsense that woke teenagers get tattooed on their foreheads after a year or two of backpacking around South-East Asia. 

Sure, at a glance it does sound rather pretentious, but like it or not, the phrase is rooted in fact. It is impossible to travel to new countries and immerse yourself in unfamiliar cultures without coming home a different person. 

Travel changes people – for the better. 

In this article, we’re going to share 5 life lessons that travelling to Thailand will teach you – and why we’d wholeheartedly recommend you check it out for yourself. 

The fact that you can afford to travel to the other side of the world means that you are incredibly fortunate. The average person in Thailand can’t afford to travel the world, and yet they are always so positive and content with what they have. 

Learn from them. 

  • Never take yourself too seriously 

“Mai pen rai” is the most beautiful Thai phrase; it means “no worries” and is very much synonymous with the Thai people’s attitude towards life. They try not to take themselves or their troubles too seriously. Life will throw many challenges at you, and if you let “Mai pen rai” be your mantra, you’ll have an easier time pulling through. 

  • Family is important 

One of the biggest lessons I learned from my time in Thailand is just how much we could learn from the Thai people in terms of family dynamics. In most western countries (particularly in the UK), when your parents reach a certain age you simply ship them off to an old people’s home and let someone else take care of them. 

Would it shock you to learn that in Thailand, old people’s homes are practically unheard of? They don’t believe in passing their familial responsibilities onto other. 

They don’t outsource their care. Instead, you’ll often have three or four generations living under one roof, each caring for one another. 

So, if you’re thinking about moving to Thailand and looking for houses for sales from DDProperty, you might one to keep an eye out for a spare bedroom for your dear old mother when the time comes. 

  • We don’t take care of our bodies 

From diet and napping to exercise and a daily dose of sunshine, the average westerner is terrible at taking care of themselves compared to the average Thai. 

One thing that really surprised me was their connection with their bodies – especially their joints and muscles. The fact that there are massage parlours on the corner of every street is not just for foreigners, but because massage and self-care is a part of everyday life. 

Can you imagine going to a taxi rank in the UK and seeing a bunch of old English blokes giving each other a rub down in public? Because in Thailand, it’s the most natural thing in the world. 

  • Sometimes, the grass is greener 

From a young age we are warned of thinking “the grass is greener on the other side” – and whilst this is a great lesson for being content with what you have and not being jealous of others, it can also talk us out of working toward a better life. 

The fact is, once you spend time in a beautiful country like Thailand, you start to wonder if your home is really where your heart is – or if your life would be better spent elsewhere. 

It’s a big world…so get those bags packed and start exploring! 

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