70 Majestic Wolf Tattoos For True Free Spirits

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Table of Contents

41. This fierce full sleeve tattoo.


You want it firm and prominent – you get your sleeve inked!! This is one of those usual wolf tattoos done in black that cover your sleeve and depict the animal in all its monstrosity. Wolf is synonymous with ferocity, and this is a double wolf tattoo – where the face’s upper part is prominent while the whole body is prominent on the lower part. 

Shading is used in this tattoo, and when you decide to imprint it – you could also resort to the black format or choose a darker shade. Deep red, blue, or even brownish – reddish shades are a hit! 

42. This ornamental arm band tattoo.


Are you someone who likes to ornament your body – but with natural art? Then this ornamental arm band-painted tattoo on your body, meticulously curated to include traditional, floral, and tribal art, is just the perfect one. Done artistically in black, you may also choose any other color – it shows a calm and collected wolf with its loyalty and brotherhood aspects portrayed correctly. 

The surrounding is done in the crown-like or jewel format – with the intricacies depicted ideally. The cross-art or the dangling jewels bring in the sense of feminine beauty quite contrary to a wolf’s ferocity.

43. This dotwork wolf tattoo.


It is no secret that a wolf is a pack animal – leading in the values of loyalty and brotherhood. This tattoo, though it has its base in the American totemic symbols – is done in the Neo-traditional style in this case. Also, certain elements of tribal art are incorporated by the mixing of faces of other animals. 

The wolf depicted here is the face of determination. It also may be interpreted as one having very strong familial, filial and friendly ties. If you stand for these virtues – you can always ink this on your arm, calves, or even the thigh! 

44. This geometric wolf tattoo.


For the record – geometric tattoos have been trending recently thanks to their timelessness. If done correctly – the sharp edges contested with the body’s curves make for an incredible sight. Do you wish to add a punch to it? A ferocious wolf depicting its monstrosity and sense of loyalty is a great imprint. 

Best if done in black, or you could go in for another solid color or even a combination format – this geometric tattoo is perfect for the arms or the calves area. Also, this is one of the few wolf tattoos that suit both genders. 

45. This inspiring green watercolor tattoo.


Ever thought of trying a sketch and watercolor combo while imprinting a tattoo? This inspiring green watercolor tattoo of a wolf with its tongue wagging – perfectly represents a hunting wolf, an oft-chosen imprint for most. Initially, the basic sketching is done on the skin, and then the green color is used on it! 

If you want something different from the rest – you could very well change the shade of watercolor or even change the polka style to opt for another. Another option is – splashing the green watercolor and then sketching the wolf on it.

46. This wicked hand tattoo.


Say it upfront – you want something wicked!! What better than a wolf tattoo? Specifically portraying determination, loyalty, ferocity, strength, and also a sense of spirituality – this wolf tattoo printed following the realistic format with two blooms is one of the most chosen. 

This is best done in black, and to keep up to the wicked standards – do emboss it in black. The hand is the best place to imprint this tattoo, and you can scare the wits out of your friends by placing some fake light tattoos to enhance the effect. 

47. This wolf and moon tattoo.


The wolf and moon combination is one of the most chosen wolf tattoos – either in sketching, jet black painting, or even in watercolor. This one is done in light shades from the watercolor pack – mostly traditional blue-black. You could always change the shades! 

Standing for the unfettered wild spirit of the wolf – this wolf-moon combo tattoo may be done up in the upper arm, chest area, or back. You could try adding a minimal forest backdrop to this tattoo to escalate the effect. 

48. This pretty howling wolf tattoo.


Who said wolf tattoos had to be ferocious always? A howling wolf tattoo could be pretty as well!! This one, following the New-School type of art – is done in black, and shows a howling wolf apparently but in a comparatively pretty set-up. The tone of monstrosity is reduced, and the wolf is rather painted in a very good mood, looking up lazily. The circle that has been placed around it – stands as a resting position for the wolf. You could add some other geometric figure in its place to bring a difference. 

49. This Indian wolf tattoo.



The Indian wolf tattoo with prominent amber eyes and Red Indian feathers – make for a tremendous tribal representation. The tiny little artistic feature done at the lower end of the tattoo simply embellishes the tribal concept to a higher extent. 

If you look at the tattoo – the wolf tattoo is inscribed into a traditional feather crown mostly worn by the tribal chiefs. The shading is done in black, while the prominent areas are highlighted to add a punch to this tattoo. Keep the backdrop in black, and try imprinting this for some fantastic reactions! 

50. These impressive wolf tattoos.


Wolf tattoos, if done in contrasting shades and that, too, representing both genders, can be a fantastic combo presentation! This tattoo is painted in a black-light blue combination and depicts the male gender in black and the female in blue. Also, if you look at the female wolf, the embellishment is done by placing a tiara and reducing the level of ferocity. While the male is done in black and represents the monstrosity in a subdued manner. 

The painted floral decor simply adds to the artistic standards and helps escalate this tattoo’s charm.