70 Majestic Wolf Tattoos For True Free Spirits

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Wolf tattoos are a powerful totem. If you are lost and do not know where to go, your wolf tattoo will help guide you. Wolf tattoos will protect you as you make your journey on your new, unexplored path. You will gain inner sight, wisdom, experience and confidence. The more you venture in to the unknown, the greater your bond will be with your spirit guide, shape shifter and path finder. With this strong connection, you shall face your deepest fears, and you shall fear nothing no more. Wolf tattoos help you attain supreme confidence to walk the “dark forest” unafraid. If you are looking for the best tattoos click here.

The wolf spirit brings the gifts of self reliance, endurance, freedom, and companionship. Wolves are a true spiritual guide, one we may call upon by simply gazing at the magnificent Moon.

Here you will find the most majestic wolf tattoos in the world. May your pathfinder guide you on your way to your greatest power. Thanks for caring, thanks for sharing.

Table of Contents

1. This abstract wolf tattoo.


Inked in black – this classic American style is one of the most common amongst wolf tattoos. Done up in an abstract format, the wolf tattoo signifies the North American interpretation of courage, strength, loyalty, and spirit. Primarily used as a tribal protective figurine, tribal soldiers used this as a protective guard during their fights with other tribes. 

This is done in the stick-and-poke format, which you can customize by adding shades or, perhaps, mandala art. Try inking the same on your body. 

2. This lovely wolf tattoo.


Are you someone with a dash of courage and even confident about portraying the same – but all with a smile? This tattoo is just for you! The wolf figurine comes with all its courage and virility – but also a tinge of smile that shades the show of strength that the wolf depicts. 

Done in black and grey, this tattoo has a slightly menacing feature and goes well with every skin tone. If you wish to experiment with your body art – extend your creativity with a touch of a mandala or a realistic art piece around it. 

3. This impressive blackwork wolf tattoo.


Blackwork tattoos are making waves in the market thanks to their realistic concept and utmost artistry. If you want to have a slice of the same on your body – there’s nothing better than a blackwork wolf tattoo!! Done in a base of navy blue – mostly adding to the darker edges, this wolf tattoo with the forest as a backdrop looks as courageous and menacing as ever. 

Depicting the nightlife of the forest – this tattoo, mostly inked on the arm, portrays you to be one with strength and fierce loyalty. 

4. This friendly rose holding wolf tattoo.


Wolf may be your spirit animal and might signify loyalty, courage, and virility – but a friendly wolf extending a rose gives a portrait of a perfectly nourishing and nurturing animal. Part of the range of realistic tattoos – this one, mostly painted in females is one that shows the wolf to be nourishing. 

If you, too, wish to depict the other side of the wolf – you can print a quote beside the rose-holding wolf and add some hues to this black-on-skin painting. 

5. This cool finger tattoo.


You like it fierce – but you like it small!! That’s exactly what this small finger wolf tattoo will give you. An imprint on your index finger, or any finger you choose – this one categorically made for females – shows the nourishing side of the wolf. 

Done neatly in black, or you may choose any base color to ink it; this symbolizes spirit, divinity, and a sense of loyalty. You can customize this by adding a twig or a floral print around the finger. Try this small and sweet imprint to enhance your feminine grace. 

6. This fantastic full sleeve wolf tattoo.


Are you an anime fan? Then there’s no stopping your heart from imprinting this full-sleeve ferocious wolf tattoo on your arm! Sticking true to the notion of Japanese wolf tattoos – this one signifies ferocity, loyalty, brotherhood, and courage – the values that a wolf stands for. 

Depicted dramatically, this wolf tattoo in pitch black is placed against the forest. The wolf is portrayed in its prowling mode hunting down the prey. The feathery additionals create a frightening mirage on the tattoo. Do you wish to portray the same on your arm? Here’s the one to ink!  

7. This geometrically shaded wolf tattoo.


Geometric tattoos are a rage, and one with a shaded sulky wolf is an ideal way to tell the world about your duality. If you check out this tattoo – this, on the one hand, looks ferocious while on the other, it hides an ocean of emotion. Just like you – who might have a very sensitive heart inside, but the world is challenging, so you have to portray the ferociousness for the world. This tattoo similarly is a replica of your mental scenario. 

You may choose random or contrasting shades to fill the geometric areas as per your taste!

8. These gorgeous wolf tattoos.


Etched out in watercolor – this blue-black shaded pair of wolf tattoos makes a remarkable imprint on the body. Symbolizing the forces of nature – and taking into account the peace and nourishing aspect that a she-wolf stands for, this image is for the one who likes to keep it firm but with a dash of sincerity. 

If you are opting for the watercolor base, you may choose any other shades to combine. Else, you can follow the same in black sketch format. 

9. This pretty wolf tattoo.


Sticking true to the totemic significance of a wolf, this watercolor-based Japanese-styled realistic wolf tattoo hued in multiple shades is a great one to try! If you are not a fan of the black sketches and the menacing nature of the wolf – this traditional tattoo will fulfill your needs. 

Imprinted to justify the divinity, spirit, and cycle of life – this wolf tattoo can be done on any part of the body. Whether it is the hand or the back, or even the calves, the look remains as fascinating as ever. 

10. These cool heartbeat and wolf tattoos.


Adding perfectly to the range of New School tattoos – this wolf and heartbeat tattoo makes quite a combo. Presenting the thought as if – one’s heart beats as much as the wolf’s fast-paced moves – this is one for the brave-hearted. The beats are in tandem with the wolf’s moves and show how an intense heart races like the bravery of the wolf. 

Prominently placed at the chest – this tattoo can be ornamented with a quote or some artistic design. How about trying this tattoo with some intense shades – a red heartbeat and multicolour wolf running?