53 Cat Tattoos That Are Purrfect

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

If you like cats, and you like tattoos, you have come to the right place my friend. It’s no secret that cat tattoos are a dime a dozen. Cat tattoos are, after all, the most common form of animal tattoo in the world! Us pet enthusiasts love having tributes to our furry friends set in ink, and we have compiled a bunch of the best cat tattoos ever made.

Here is a little fun fact about cats: our history with these furry little “living room beasts” goes back around 4000 years, and there are currently close to half a billion domesticated cats in the world today, with about 75 different breeds to choose from. These mystical creatures often carry meanings that revolve around the balance of opposites such as action and rest, darkness and light. Generally, cat tattoos may represent patience, independence, courage, spirite of adventure and curiosity.

Charles Dickens once said “What greater gift than the love of a cat.” It is said that dogs love us unconditionally,  cats on the other hand choose to stay with us if they find us fit to treat them with the greatness they deserve. Have a look at the most purrfect cat tattoos out there, thanks for caring, thanks for sharing.

Table of Contents

1. This midnight beauty cat tattoo.

Shaded black cat tattoo

If you like something majestic and focus on the gazing look of the cat, then midnight beauty is the right pick! Pick out a dark color of your choice, work around it, and build something that settles down with the outline. You can go with it as displayed or choose a different pattern. Please select all the hues, shadows, and tones that make it an excellent addition to the choice of your selection. You can further experiment with the same by placing the tattoo upside down or at an inclined angle.

2. This skeleton cat.

Cat skeleton tattoo

If you believe in death and live life to the whole with no regrets, then the skeleton cat tattoo is for you! Usually, a skeleton represents death and symbolizes that death is inevitable. Alternatively, if you believe that you are creative and apart from others, then pick this design to boldly show off your other side. The simplistic design is attractive, making it a fit for design on any part of your body. You can add dark colors or those that represent your nature and like to make it more appealing and meaningful to what you believe in!

3. This feline beauty cat tattoo.

Cat tattoo arm piece

The relationship with cats is more than love and affection. It is hard for all cat lovers to give a name to the relationship. The feline beauty cat tattoo and cat paw tattoo focuses on the beautiful and crafted appearance of their beloved feline. The tattoo could mean that you are becoming a proud parent or tell that you are missing your feline that just passed away. Likewise, it could show your love towards these animals and want a tattoo. The symbolic representation of the tattoo makes it hypnotic! Choose a design and color that fits your liking, or go straight with the same design!

4. This amazing cat portrait tattoo.

Cat portrait tattoo

A portrait of your loved feline on your body represents how much you love it! Many cat lovers like to get a tattoo of their pet engraved on their body, and this fantastic cat portrait is one such design. The blend of the design with the colors makes it an attractive piece of art on your favorite body part. It fits anywhere, and you can customize it as per your need. What makes it fascinating about the tattoo and its design is the striking resemblance to a portrait you would not expect from a tattoo. The finishing and coloring make it rich and desirable for others!

5. This awesome ear tattoo.

Cat tattoo ear piece

There are different reasons for tattooing your feline on your ear. If you love tattoos and wearing earrings, this tattoo is for you! The design is intriguing and makes it an elegant addition to your ear. The design is small, and you can choose the right spot on your left or right ear. If you are interested in colors, make sure you have the options available. You can change the design to suit your requirements and pick bold colors.

6. This cool Cheshire cat tattoo.

Cheshire cat tattoo

The Cheshire cat is a metaphorical genius, magical, and mystical. He is capable of turning words into poetry. Such a tattoo on your body will represent your ability, and sometimes absurd, to make the most out of meaningless situations. There is also the other meaning of it being a stroke of good luck or bad luck. You can also interpret it as a happy-go-lucky person with optimistic views. The two eyes shaped like cherries with the enigmatic smile will grab the attention of any onlooker. You can choose the design straightaway or add rainbows, colors, extensions, and more to make it more appealing to your taste.

7. This black cat with roses tattoo.

Classy cat and rose tattoo

Black cats are often misunderstood as a sign of a bad omen. But they are not! They have myriad meanings ranging from positive to negative. Therefore, the actual meaning of the tattoo comes down to the owner and what it means. Nonetheless, this black cat with roses reflects an admiration for the feline rather than the mystical. The roses paint a positive outlook towards the cat, adding an attractive element to the image. It could also mean that you are a night owl and love dark nights! How you design the cat or a cat paw tattoo depends on your requirement but adopting a cartoonish style will reduce the superstitious qualities.

8. This really cute cat tattoo.

Cute dot work cat tattoo

Cuteness overloaded! If that is what you want from your tattoo, then add this cute cat tattoo to your favorite spot. Nonetheless, the tattoo also speaks volumes about your personality. For one, it could mean that you are deeply involved with the spiritual world and love exploring the side. It also means that you are exotic and dramatic in nature. You can turn this cute cat tattoo into a masterpiece with the exact design and color palette. Therefore, spend some time figuring out what elements work with your ideology and liking, along with the message you are trying to give through the tattoo.

9. This funny cat tattoo.

Funny cat tattoo

With the right pet, you will have never-ending fun at home and a whole lot more than you can imagine. A playful kitten is all you need to relieve stress when you feel low and tired after work. You could never forget those memories with this funny cat tattoo. It stands out from the rest and will always remind you of your childhood. You can always pick a design of your choice that would make you smile and be happy. The design brings together the love towards the feline and their funny actions.

10. This geometric wonder kitty.

Geometric cat tattoo

In ancient times, geometric tattoos were tied to spiritual and religious practices. However, they symbolize symmetry, balance, intelligence, stability, and mystery today. The geometric wonder kitty tattoo helps you tell a story or represent something you love the most. Most geometric shapes are visual in nature and termed platonic solids, symbolizing fire, air, earth, water, and spirit. This geometric wonder kitty on the side of your body could mean independence, intellect, wisdom, and femininity. Choose a design of your choice and pick colors if you love to make a statement!