43 Face Tattoos That Are Surprisingly Awesome

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Face tattoos are just…  wow! It takes a lot of guts and self sureness to express yourself so visibly. We know facial tattoos are often frowned upon, but that’s just because the “frowners” have yet to see this selection of incredible face tattoos.

Sure there are some real stinkers out there, I mean if you are going to get your face inked, try not to get something ridiculous or offensive done. And yes, it’s your face, the one part of your body most on display. Not to mention how bloody painful it must be. Still, we absolutely love the dedication, confidence and balls some people have to bring to us, and show us how positively stylish, trendy and awesome looking facial tattoos can be. After seeing what we have found, even YOU would consider getting some of these if your circumstances allowed it.

Our faces are just masques to our inner selves, we aren’t what we look like. Getting a tattoo done on your face is a way of showing people who you really are, a way of defying nature by saying “This is Me” and a way of rebelling against the confinements of stereotypes. Have look and prepare yourself to be blown away. Thanks for caring, thanks for sharing

1. This ship’s wheel face tattoo.

A ship's wheel face tattoo

The ship’s wheel continues to be one of the most well-known maritime emblems. Since many years ago, sailors and fishermen have been drawn to ship’s-wheel tattoos, which are currently worn by both men and women from many walks of life. They may be merely ornamental or symbolic and motivating. Ship’s wheels can be inked almost anywhere on the body because they can be drawn huge or small. But in my opinion, a large ship’s wheel tattoo is far more attractive than a small one.

2. This simple anchor face tattoo.

Anchor face tattoo

Anchors have been important for a very long time. They are closely related to early Christianity as well. Christians were persecuted for their faith by the Roman Empire. During this time, the anchor, which resembles a crucifix in shape, came to represent hope. We even have this hope as a firm and secure anchor for the soul, according to the Book of Hebrews in the Bible. The Mariner’s Cross is another name for the anchor symbol. This simple face tattoo ideas is a very popular one. 

3. This cool axe face tattoo.

axe face tattoo

One of the oldest and most basic weapons used by men was the axe. In the past, these tools served a variety of purposes, but as civilization developed, they eventually lost their utility. The meaning of an axe tattoo is very similar to that of a dagger tattoo because both of these designs can stand for both the good and the bad in your life. These face tattoo ideas will undoubtedly show the world your unwavering spirit!

4. This chilled cat tattoo.

Bantik Boy face tattoo

The cat is the epitome of a mythical creature, always shrouded in mystery.

It was revered as a goddess in ancient Egypt before becoming a Christian symbol of demonic evil. The Enlightenment restored its honour. However, the cat is a creature with enigmatic traits, and people who choose to adopt one or get a tattoo of one may have extremely unique experiences. The grieving family members shaved their eyebrows in honour of the deceased pet.

5. These butterfly face tattoos.

Buterfly face tattoo

The butterfly is a feminine tattoo that might signify liberation, rebirth, or transition. Butterfly tattoos evoke the idea of metamorphosis since the caterpillar transforms into a lovely butterfly. In many cultures, butterflies are used to represent love or even the souls of deceased loved ones, making them a symbol of rebirth. A butterfly can represent a variety of things, making it a flexible tattoo symbol. Tattoos of butterflies are frequently inked on supple and soft body parts like the wrists and the neck.

6. This delicate faith tattoo.

Faith face tattoo

Although faith-related tattoos have a straightforward text, for the people who wear them, they can hold a lot of significance. Faith, by definition, is total trust in someone or something. Faith also denotes a firm belief in God or a particular religion, one that is grounded more in spirituality than in empirical evidence. Faith tattoos can actually stand for a wide range of things and be worn for a wide range of reasons.

7. These incredible tribal face tattoos.

Geometric face tattoo 1

Tribal face tattoos is a representation of force, energy, and mysticism. A butterfly, which represents change, is a good animal to incorporate to accent the Aztec tattoo. It will symbolise your personal evolution toward better health. A frog stands for joy, and a monkey signifies dancing in other symbols. The best thing about these tattoos is that you can create the ideal fusion of various elements with a powerful meaning.

8. This Mike Tyson tattoo, had to be included!

Mike Tyson face tattoo

Tyson was hoping to show everyone that he still had what it takes to be the best as he entered the ring to face Holyfield for the second time following his initial loss. Strangely, Holyfield continued to headbutt Tyson, and the fight was stopped in the third round after Tyson tore a piece of Holyfield’s ear off. The boxer had originally intended for a different design to be permanently inked onto his cheek and temple. speaking during a Graham In Depth interview.

9. This number tattoo.

Number face tattoo

Numerology allows you to combine your love of astrology and numbers to create something that is entirely unique to you. Different numbers have different meanings. Numerology takes into account the day, year, and month of your birth in addition to the fact that some numbers are more significant than others. For instance, perfection is associated with the number seven in the Bible. Simply inking the date that a loved one passed away works well, and memorial tattoos can be adorned with angels, wings, or a gravestone.

10. This floral face tattoo.

Awesome face tattoo

The fact that flower tattoos can have such distinct and specific meanings depending on the sort of blossom one gets inked is one of their most distinctive features. And there are a lot of alternatives, with almost 400,000 species of flowering plants currently recognised by science. We provide a thorough list of all the various floral tattoo meanings below. The 19th-century Australian convict population is another fascinating historical example of flower tattooing.