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China Express

If you have ever ordered food from China Express, this post will explain all the essential aspects of the popular restaurant. It is mainly popular for offering an authentic Chinese taste, including a mouth-watering menu of food and beverages. The restaurant has a huge fan base in the Brandon community, and it delivers the food to a radius of 7 miles. If you are a true-hearted customer of the China Express, then this post can help you to know your restaurant more intimately. Let’s start!

About China Express

China Express Restaurant is an eminent name for offering lip-smacking authentic Chinese cuisine in Brandon, Florida. Its prime location and cost-effective prices make the restaurant one of the most preferred choices for food zealots. The Brandon community has a huge fan base for this restaurant that eats food at restaurants. Besides, it also enables the customers to order food online without leaving their couch. China Express offers a wide variety in the menu, and the food items contain high-quality fresh ingredients. If you are a true foodie, then it is a must-visit place for you in Brandon. 

China Express

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How To Order Food Online From The Restaurant? 

If you want to get the food at your home, you need to ensure that you reside within a 7-mile radius of the restaurant. You can visit the legit website of the restaurant and select the items from the menu. Your food selection will show in the cart. Checkout once you are done and your order is placed at the restaurant. You can get your food with the least waiting. 

Guest Checkout

The guest checkout option enables you to check out the site immediately.

Create a New Account

You can sign up for free with the China express to get its amazing benefits as stated in the below-given list: 

  • You can save your contact details for fast repeat ordering.
  • It can enable you to view your order history and reorder with the utmost ease. 
  • You can get special coupons and promotional discounts from time to time. 

Cart To Add Your Order

The Cart button is located in the top-right corner of the screen. Clicking on the tab, you can check your orders before you finally place them. At the end of the Cart section, you can see the total value of the food you have ordered. 

China Express

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Menu Of China Express

The restaurant offers a comprehensive menu for the customers that have well-organized categories so that you can find your favorite food with the utmost ease. Below is the list of the main categories of the China Express Restaurant menu: 

Seafood Boil

In this section of the China Express menu, you can place a minimum of 1LB per delivery order. You can combine different items to complete the order. Your every order will come with corn and potatoes. You can also jump to the Seafood Combo Special section to get some of the best combo offers on seafood. 


This section of the menu has some delicious veg and non-veg dishes made of chicken, beef, pork, shrimp, and several others. 


You can place an order for soup and can pair it with the noodles. Some of the main soups on the list are Wonton soup, egg-drop soup, chicken rice soup, and several others. 

Fried Rice 

You can either order plain fried rice from the China Express or get it paired with shrimp, chicken, beef, vegetable, and pork. 


The tenderly cooked chicken from the restaurant can be enjoyed with white rice and comes with several options you can choose from the menu. 


The main specialty of this section is Flank steak that you can have with white rice. Besides, there are several other options you can choose from. 


The vegetable delights of the restaurant are prepared with fresh and hygienic green vegetables you can have with white rice. 

Lo Mein

Lo Mein is an authentic Chinese dish that is made from noodles. It is prepared by tossing the noodles that makes it different from the chow mein. 

Mei Fun

Mei fun is also known as rice noodles or rice vermicelli, which is made of grounded rice and water. They are often thin noodles you can order from China Express. 

Chef Specialties 

The Chef’s Specialties section of the menu has some really delicious dishes you can order along with the choice of the rice and the spice level. If you want to include extra eggs, it will cost you $1 per egg. 

Health Food Selection

If you are a health-conscious person, then this section is for you. It has mainly steamed vegetables and other non-veg items. You can place your order with the choice of sauce and white rice. 

Family Pack

In the family pack of the menu, there are mainly two options. You can either choose for 2-3 people or for 4-6 people. You can also specify your choices of soup, side choices, and rice or lo mein choices when placing the order. 

Side Orders

Inside order, you can get white rice, soda, homemade ice tea, and crispy noodles. 

Combination Platters

The next section of the menu is combination platters that are served with pork fried rice and egg roll. You can make your choice of the soup when placing the order, and it will cost you $1.25 extra. 

China Express

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Delivery Of The Food

China Express Restaurant delivers food within a radius of 7 miles. You will be told about the estimated time of the food delivery while you are placing your order. The restaurant tries its best to ensure the timely delivery of the food. However, if the food is not delivered on time, you can reach out to the restaurant by dialing its customer support number. 

China Express

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If you plan to cancel the order, you need to notify the restaurant as soon as possible. Once the food is prepared, you may not be able to get your order canceled from the restaurant’s end. Moreover, once the food is ready and the delivery executive is already left, you may not be able to cancel the order or claim any refund. 


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