59 Glorious Autumn Tattoos

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

We love all seasons here on TattooMagz, but Autumn has to be a favorite. That’s why we have gone out and found some of the most heart warming Autumn tattoos out there.

There is something very romantic about Autumn, it’s a magical kind of season. Deep and warm colors turn forests in to breathtaking oil paintings, the rain starts to fall and smells oh so special. You can finally break out all your comfy knit sweats, fully duvets and get that home fire glowing. There is pumpkin and spice, and all things nice available in the shops again. And it’s also time to bring out the old witch costume and get pumpkin carving. Of course don’t forget about playing in the Autumn leaves, and eating a freshly picked juicy apple.

Yes, Autumn is a beautiful, golden and sweet season, as are the Autumn tattoos you are about to fall in love with. If you really love this gusty, colorful season, what better way to show it than getting some glorious Autumn tattoos! Keep scrolling, and thanks for caring, thanks for sharing.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” Albert Camus.

Table of Contents

1. This awesome stormy could.



2. This brilliant skull Autumn inspired tattoo.



3. This gorgeous Autumn tattoo.



4. This lovely linework Autumn tattoo.



5. This vivid stained glass Autumn leaf tattoo.



6. This amazing Autumn inspired Santa Muerte tattoo.



7. This black and grey Autumn tattoo.



8. This delicate Maple leaf tattoo.



9. This cool sternum acorn tattoo.



10. This colorful umbrella tattoo.