65 Mind Bending 3D & Optical Illusion Tattoos

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

3D & optical illusion tattoos are real proof of craftsmanship. To draw illusions on paper is one thing, but to get them inked on skin, and still blow us in to a different realm of possibilities, that is entirely a different story.

As with everything on this planet, things evolve. People, technology, food, and of course, tattoos. From tribal hand poked tattoos to westernised techniques, it’s safe to say that tattooing is an ever changing form of body art. 3D & optical illusion tattoos are considered by some to be the most entertaining and challenging form of tattoo. They are incredible to look at and give tattoo artists the chance to create the most convincing, photo-realistic and mind bending tattoos we have ever seen.

If you are looking for something unique, original and visually stimulant there is no better form of tattoo. Just make sure you find a professional who knows what he/she is doing, and don’t go for cheap deals either. In order to make proper 3D & optical illusion tattoos you have to pay up, or end up with something half baked you will regret for the rest of you life.

From 3D bugs, to mesterious worlds, to mind-f*cking optical tricks, these 3D & optical illusion tattoos are bound to stupefy you in the best of ways. Keep scrolling to find some of the most unforgettable optical illusion and 3D tattoos out there.Thanks for caring, thanks for sharing.

Table of Contents

1. This incredible chest tattoo.

3D chest tattoo

Are you a fan of illusory tattoos? Just imagine looking at one while it gazes right back at you! That’s what this is about!! The old man takes a peek into the outside world, almost as a reflection of your heart, trying to look out of the windows, searching for that tranquility that you perhaps need. Else, it could be a snippet that you wish to share with the world – an extension of your thoughts!! Bold and aesthetic illusion tattoos- this portrays abstract expressionism at its best! Want to give it a try? A back tattoo would be a great idea.

2. This mystic eyeball vortex tattoo.

3D eyeball vortex

Who doesn’t like a tattoo with mystical inklings? Also, every time there’s an eye in a tattoo – primarily Egyptian and Eastern arenas are concerned – there is a sense of divinity and benevolence added to it! If you wish to experiment with the mystical and yet keep yourself protected from the ‘evil eye’ there’s nothing better than an eyeball vortex tattoo calligraphed on your body. Almost giving an illusory effect – this tries to coax your mind into checking the ‘inner you’ amidst this world full of din and drama! 

4. This phenomenal man to machine tattoo.

3D man to machine tattoo on arm

If you’ve heard of biomechanical tattoos – then it is time to check them out via the man-to-machine version! A delicate blend of realism and illusion tattoos – this imitates a honeycomb style and is done in deep black. The fringes of the tattoo are enlarged while the other edge is kept within. Every time you take a look at it – it’s almost like you are drawn into the enlarged mass. Inked purely with black, you can try this either on your hand or your back – and if you enjoy, splash some hues to escalate the drama. 

5. There is a superhero in each and every one of us, which one are you?

3D batman effect on chest

Superhero tattoos are perennial favorites; which one is yours? The one that’s inked here is a batman based tattoo. An illusory format with a ‘changing into batman’ phase – this tattoo calligraphed into your body gives a big kick to one’s powers! We all are human, and it takes a lot to allow the superhero in us to emerge. With a tattoo embossed on your chest, in your little solitude – you could be the perfect hero in your eyes. Pick out any of the other superheroes illusion tattoos to match your style. 

6. This superman tattoo.

3D superman tattoo

Do you wish to unveil Superman before the world of Clark Kents’ that you live in? What’s a better way than tattooing your front and presenting before the world? Based on the blue-red costume format and portrayed in the opening up of the chest manner, this multicolor tattoo provides an illusory effect. This logo could cover the whole chest and surely would be time-consuming. Additionally – go for it if your pocket permits, and be prepared to add on some pain time while the tattoo heals up.

7. This Spider Man tattoo.

3D spiderman on chest tattoo

The millennium started with the Peter Parker craze, and confess it – we all love to be spiderman to many a Mary Jane Watson!! Are your childhood fantasies still intact? There’s no better way than embossing the ‘a spider-bit-me’ and ‘changed-to-spiderman’ illusion tattoos on your chest. 

Curated to ensure that your inner superhero is charged up always – this is carved out of an illusory range of tattoos. Primarily suitable for the chest area, this works well for your back as well. Very much in trend – do make it a point to check this print. 

8. This badass superhero leg tattoo.

3D superhero leg tattoo

How badass are you? Show it in your kicks!! This is one for the brave-hearts. Pick out your choicest superhero logos and get them inked on your leg. Just to spice up the illusion tattoos – you could insert some twiners or a firm quote that depicts your persona. 

 Do not forget to add the dash of shades to the logos or the twiners while you let your imagination fly high. If you are a little experimental, you can always pick up your hand for the body decor or try it out on both legs! 

9. This embedded speedometer tattoo.

3D speedometer on arm tattoo

Another type from the biomechanical category – this embedded speedometer tattoo is for the ones obsessed with their cars!! If you too fall into this category, this is the one body ink you want! Mostly carved out in fringes and shaded in red or any other deep hue, this speedometer tattoo feels real vis-a-vis the illusory ones. 

If you like to explore a little more, instead of a speedometer tattoo, you could ink out a car engine or other parts. Additionally to this tattoo – you could print a firm quote or a note about speeding life to heighten the impact. 

10. This gorgeous butterfly tattoo.

3D butterfly on shoulder tattoo

For a lady, there’s nothing more dainty than having a butterfly adore their shoulder. Prominently symbolizing grace and youth of beauty – orange with a black-bordered butterfly spreads positivity and romance everywhere it spreads its wings. For the unversed – these little beauties of summer are emblematic of youth and immortality, bringing a sense of joy and warmth to one and all! 

If you are someone with a sense of freedom – there’s nothing more symbiotic to your nature than the butterfly. As it flies off to far-off places to spread its color but stays in none, so is your heart – reaching out for more but never staying restricted.