101 Everlasting Couple Tattoos

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41. These heart warming “Harry Potter” couple tattoos.

Harry Potter couple tattoo

Miniature water colour flower tattoo is one of the best tattoos that you can ever have if you are looking for something small and neat. Small is big is still in fashion. You can have this tattoo or flower tattoo in various colours. One of the best colours is the light orange colour flower with a combination of white and transparent borders. A small minute bead in the centre in black colour makes this flowery tattoo look sui generis, decent, sober and beautiful. You can also have some verses written below it or above it, like a bible verse or quote or something unique. 

42. These wicked “Harry Potter” tattoos.

Harry Potter couple tattoo1

Floral arrangement watercolour tattoo is one of the most flowery tattoos that you can ever have. It comprises of unique designs, like the make of this tattoo is very intricate because of the rose flowers in it and the petals that gives a real look and also dark coloured borders which makes this tattoo or gives it a live look. The stems on the other hands with buds and flowers with a sui generis curve or slight bend and other stems spreading in V-shape looks like it is growing out somewhere from the skin. So, if you want to have an original looking flowery tattoo then choose this intricate design which is beautiful.

43. This teeny heart tattoo.

heart couples tattoos

Script watercolour flower tattoo is one of the most unique kinds of tattoo. In this beautiful tattoo there is a beauteous flower that is drawn. The flower is light in color. The color combination of the flower is orange, yellow, redish brown in the center. The leaves are beautiful olive green. And, one of the best parts that you will know about this tattoo is that, in that there is a scripture. You can wear this tattoo in your wrist. Also, you can get a scripture or verse written beneath the tattoo, which will look amazingly beautiful. The language in which the scripture is written, such as the style of writing is so unique that this tattoo will look very beautiful.

44. These matching heart tattoos.

heart on wrist couples tattoos

Pretty little watercolour flower tattoo is another sui generis tattoo which looks very cute. One of the best parts that you will know about this tattoo is that it, it is small, cute, simple and sober. In this tattoo there are 3 different flowers or the same flowers in the colour of red, pink and orange. Then, in the center instead of there being some colours, there is little tiny brown beads, like pollen which looks very beautiful. This is what makes the tattoo altogether beauteous and worth having. You can have this tattoo in your arms, or you can have it in your wrist, then you can also have it on your collarbone. One of the reasons why this tattoo is so popular is because of the simplicity and beauty that it carries. For the people who would love to keep it simple can choose this tattoo.

45. These heart beat tattoos.

heartbeat couples tattoos

 Pretty water color flower tattoo. It is an amazing tattoo that you can have on your collarbone or beneath it. You can also choose to have this tattoo imprinted on your arms and the neck or nape. Again here the tattoo looks very beautiful is simple and sober. But the pivotal beauty of this tattoo lies in it looking damn original or real. The brown colour stems and the pink cherry blossom flowers, which altogether make it, look very real. When you wear this tattoo and go out it looks like you are giving a spring season vibes. Also, since getting a verse imprinted beneath the tattoo or your name is in fad, you can even do that, to make it look even more stylish. Plus, don’t forget to add a dash style line beneath your name to make the tattoo look more suave.

46. These heart and spade couple tattoos.

hearts and spades couples tattoos

Dainty script watercolor flower tattoo is another super unique kind of tattoo in which there is a beautiful, simple flower that is drawn. Now, you must be wondering what’s so special or super unique about this tattoo? Well, the super uniqueness is the stem of the flower which is actually a verse or a scripture written or imprinted. But again, the unique part is that it looks exactly like a stem of the flower and there is nothing different in it except that it is a verse written. So, you can get this beautiful pink color flower with your name written in continuation in the stem. It looks very slender, sleek and beautiful. So, check out this tattoo. Also, the flower in the tattoo looks very real and original.

47. These romantic tattoos.

Her guardian His angel couple tattoo

Meaningful watercolor tattoo is another beautiful tattoo that you can get for yourself. Again here, its unique because the stem or instead of drawing a straight line, there will be some meaningful verse written or drawn in the shape of the flower stem and it looks amazing. A flower holds a meaningful verse. For instance, you can get a verse like- feel this moment, or time is money, or time is precious, and so on. You can get such verse inscribed and one of the best part is that the tattoo artist is so expert that even an inch the flower tattoo will not like its without a stem. It’s a double look kind of tattoo where there is stem and verse both written and drawn in a unique way. From far it will look like a stem of the flower but when one takes a closer look, and then it will look like a verse. Check out!

48. These exquisite couple tattoos.

hers and hers matching couple tattoo

Garter style floral water colour tattoo is another amazing kind of tattoo that you can get if love floral tattoos and flowers and the beauty of it. The best part about the tattoo is that, there are various kinds of flowers that are drawn. One is in pinkish red color, another in yellowish orange color, and then next is in lavender color and after that you can find the beautiful blue colour flowers. Then, there is a dash of change in it, i.e. the leaves, the leaves of different sizes and colour, ranging from murky green to olive green and there are buds aslo in the flower. So, if you like this multi-color

Flowers floral tattoo then you should get one in your arms, or near the collarbone or the nape. It looks very real and amazing. Also, it has originality.

49. These funny couple tattoos.

hip couples tattoos

Brilliant lotus watercolor flower tattoo. If you are a bloke, and after reading so many descriptions about the girlish tattoos, you are wondering, whether there is any tattoo for you? then, let me tell you that, the brilliant lotus watercolor tattoo is the one which even the guys can wear on their wrists. This tattoo is amazing, because it has a beautiful bluish colour hue and then comes purple beneath in the other petals. But it is only because of its bluish color the tattoo looks cool, and stylish for even blokes to wear. Next it also has a tint of yellow color, which makes it look lively. So, the combination of all of these 3 colours that is blue, lavender, and yellow makes this tattoo look out of the box, which you can wear confidently. Try this tattoo in your front wrist or beneath the wrist or arms or you can even wear it on cheeks.

50. These beautiful crown tattoos.

His and Her crown couple tattoos

Stunning water color flower tattoo is another amazing tattoo which can be easily worn by any cool musician or trendy chap, as the tattoo is meant for both boys and girls. One of the best parts that you will know about this tattoo is that it has rose red color. It is actually a copy of the red velvet rose, which you can have imprinted. The beautiful rose which has a original look has red color and along with that, it has a black color, in the centre and the corners surrounding. If you had seen a velvet maroonish color rose, then you can understand. Thankfully, there are no thorns in it, but just two leaves of green color and the remaining surrounding is in black shade. So, it is a perfect tattoo for the guitarist, or for the pop singers or for happy-go-lucky chap. Just try this.