35 Eternal Yin Yang Tattoos

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Yin Yang tattoos are all about balance. If you think about it, everything we know has a counterpart, an opposite side. Life and death, light and darkness, sickness and health, male and female. Yin Yang tattoos are mainly consisted of a symbol also known as the Tai Chi. According to ancient Chinese philosophy, Yin Yang represents the belief that everything in this universe consists of two forces that are opposing, but complimentary.

Yin Yang tattoos normally feature a circle which is equally divided into black and white sections in a reverse S-like shape. The white section has a small black circle, and the black section a small white one. The outer circle represents everything in the Universe, including the Universe itself. The small circles show that nothing is unequivocal. Each opposing force contains a small part of the other. In every good, there is also evil. Nothing is simply black and white, and each needs the other to exist. Interesting stuff hey? What I also found amazing was that the Yin, the dark section, is related to shadows, stillness, and get this, femininity! The Yang part, the light section, stands for dominance, growth and amazingly, masculinity. I always knew us women had a darker side to us than our male counterparts. We can be terrifying!

Yin Yang tattoos are very especial, and are a reminder to many that everything in the Universe is in constant motion. As this movement progresses, these forces of energy slowly change to the other, Yin to Yang and Yang to Yin. Harmony and balance in perfect coexistence. Thanks for caring, thanks for sharing.

1. This captivating dark and light owl Yin Yang tattoo.


This Tattoo is drawn in a shape which is similar to Yin Yang Tattoo, a white and a black owl. Both owls represent evil and good. Black owl has a white outer eye and black pupil while the white one has a full black eye which is the exact way to show the Yin Yang symbol. 

Black owl represents darkness and its white eye is the light of hope whereas white owl is drawn to show still and calm life with a whole black eye which represents its mysterious and evil nature. Both owls are balancing the auras.

2. This beautiful sketch style Yin Yang tattoo.


This Yin Yang Tattoo shows two ancient legendary creatures which are known to exist in this world but some claim them as just fictional characters. The Dragon and the Unicorn both are balancing each other in this tattoo. You can easily guess which creature represents evil and which one is associated with goodness. Dragon Represents Yin, the darkness, wisdom and feminine gentleness. Due to introversion, Dragon is considered dangerous and mysterious while unicorn, which represents brightness, adventure and masculine courage, is associated with Yang. Eyes of both creatures contrasting to show balance of darkness in good and brightness in evil.

3. These breathtaking Koi fish Yin Yang tattoos.


Koi fish yin yang tattoo form are associated with two opposite forces coexisting together and balancing each other. It is a symbol of creating harmony between good and evil. Black Yin koi fish is feminine and dark while White Yang koi fish represents masculine strength. The eyes of Yin Yang are balancing their polar opposite nature. 

Koi fish pair shows an infinite flow of energy in circular motion in the Koi fish yin yang tattoo.

A woman always has a masculine strength and a feminine softness also found in man. When both meet each other, they create a balanced life.

4. This swirling Sun and Stars dotwork tattoo.


Apart from Koi fish yin yang tattoo, the pattern is also similar for other tattoos as well. Swirling pattern represents the co-existence of Sun and Stars. While the masculine nature of Sun establishes dominance which is associated with Yang, Yin is a feminine nature of persistence in Stars. 

Even though both exist at the same time, the brightness of the sun hides the stars and when it’s gone, the stars show up in infinite numbers. 

Sun being too bright creates darkness as you can’t see any other thing while looking at the sun but when we see stars in the dark sky, they twinkle to give light. 

Both have light and darkness in each other to maintain balance.

5. These brilliant sketch style Yin Yang tattoos.


Koi fish yin yang tattoo pairs coexist to maintain harmony. This tattoo is designed in sketch art style in which an ink brush is used to create this stiff cut effect drawing Yin Yang has been famous since ancient times in both China and Japan. Hence, inspiration for this tattoo art.

Now coming to the Koi fish yin yang tattoo pair, the black Yin has a white sign on its head which represents the existence of strength in dark persisting feminine nature and white koi fish which represents bright masculine dominance of Yang has black sign on its head to show dark nature existing. 

6. This small Yin Yang tattoo.


Yin is a dark sky full of Moon and stars while Yang represents a fire ball of sun and its light. Moon is calm and lives in peace with its stars representing Yin of femininity while Masculine extroverted nature of Sun is one and only Yang. The Sun can burn the world with its fire if we only have day, so to maintain a balance, this world got the gift of night from the Moon which gives low light but still shines with twinkling stars. Even in the dark, the Yin Moon has light while the Sun being too bright causes a darkness of not seeing anything except light. 

7. This mesmerising watercolor Yin Yang tattoos.


This Yin Yang tattoo is drawn in a mesmerising way. Two colours are shown which represent flow of two opposite energies. While the pink colour is drawn with Yin, blue colour is shown with Yang.

Pink is the colour of earth while blue itself is the ocean. 

Earth represents feminine Yin energy which is still and full of persistence. 

Ocean represents masculine Yang energy which is full of extroversion and dominance. Both energies balance each other in maintaining an infinite flow of harmony in nature.

8. This blackwork tree Yin Yang tattoo.


We can clearly observe two trees, one representing Yin and the other is Yang. Both of them have roots as well as branches but look closer. In the bright sky, the tree has black branches and it is grown near the tree which has roots under the darkness of earth. 

Trees have branches which always see the light while roots always hide in the mystery of earth. 

This Yin Yang balance between the branches and roots maintains the life of a tree.

9. These matching Yin Yang tattoos.


Yin being a feminine half and Yang having a masculine nature coexist and balance each other. A man and a woman creates harmony in their relationship  by supporting their partner. Helping one another to overcome any failure and motivating each other to grow together. As a couple, you should try having this Yin Yang tattoo to symbolise balance. When Yin and Yang energy combines, it results in a new beginning of softness in man and strength in woman. No individual should be extremely stiff or soft, there should always be a balance in their mind and body.

10. This simple neck tattoo.


Drawn on the back side of the neck, this Yin Yang symbol is not outlined completely leaving the Yang side merging with skin color. Yin side is black while Yang is white but here Yang  has no colour due to light skin colour which is close to white. Yin being an evil side is enclosed with black color and outline symbolising keeping this energy a secret to itself but Yang which is a Good side is open and spreading to the whole body representing the nature we show to other people. This tattoo shows Dual personality of an individual.