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Ever experienced the awe-inspiring Pune horse race? Pune racecourse is a fun-filled place where people from all corners gather to enjoy the exhilarating horse racing experience. If you have never been there, this post will help you to get a glimpse of how it works at the Pune racecourse. It is one of the most favorite spots of the horse owners, jockeys, and trainers who are active during the racing period. It was not properly functioning due to the covid outbreak hindrances. However, with the normalization of the situations, it is open with specific strict guidelines. Read this post until the end to learn more about the Pune horse race. 

Pune Race Course: An Overview

Pune Race Course came into existence in 1930. The racecourse covers a total area of 118.5 acres. The racing events mainly occur from July to October. Some of the main events of the place include The Pune Derby, Independence Cup, The RWITC Gold Cup, and several others. It is located at a distance of 12-13 km from Pune airport, so you can reach out to the court in an estimated time of half an hour from the airport. The land of the court is controlled by the Indian Army. This place is known for its breathtaking adventure, and people from all corners of the country and outside gather here every year to enjoy the show. Additionally, people also bet a big fat sum of money on these races. 

pune race course


Major Pune Horse Race Events

Now that you have the idea about the Pune racecourse, below are some of the prominent racing events that this place hosts as a part of its yearly calendar: 

1: The Pune Derby

Derby is basically an annual racing event for three-year-old horses. This term was firstly introduced in 1780. Horse racing is one of the oldest games, which is being played worldwide. At Pune racecourse also, this day is one of the most memorable days on the calendar. It happened for the first time on the racecourse of Pune on 7 October 1984. However, it is one of the most awaited days of the racing season to date, and you can see the crowd cheering for their favorite racers on this day. The inaugural running winner is recorded as the “Prudential Camp.” 

The Pune Derby


2: The RWITC Gold Cup

RWITC stands for the Royal Western India Turf Club. The RWITC Gold Cup is also one of the most exciting races that you may enjoy in the Pune racecourse. The full name of this cup is the Ramniwas Ramnarain Ruia Gold Cup, which is named after the former chairman of the RWITC. Ltd. It first took place in 1952. In this race, the three-year-old horses run for a mile, and “Bay Of Treasure” won this content bagging the price money of Rs. 12,372. This is one of the most famous Pune horse races, which is also perceived as the preparatory race for the Indian Derby. The participating horses get really fancy names, and the racing event also attracts on a large scale. 

The RWITC Gold Cup


3: Independence Cup

Independence Cup is no small event than the Indian Derby when it comes to the crowd gathering. This annual Pune horse race takes place on 15-August, every year. As the name itself indicates that, this race is organized to celebrate Indian independence, which is why it was conducted on 15 August. Besides, the area is controlled by army men, and people from different corners of the country amalgamates here with a spirit of patriotism. It also gives tribute to the freedom fighters whom this place has cradled. You can sense the moment when India snatched its freedom and became an independent country. The spirit of freedom and celebration makes this race more exciting. 

Independence Cup


4: Southern Command Cup 

When the racing season arrives in the Pune racecourse, the public already gets excited to see their favorite horses racing in the Southern Command cup. A large crowd of racing enthusiasts and military personnel make their presence to watch the race. It is one of the significant ticketing events at the Pune racecourse. It has multitudinous unique features that set it apart from other racing events the place has to offer. In addition to the race, it also depicts the traditional combat skills of the Southern Army. Furthermore, the list of the events also includes mock drills carried out by the tanks and helicopters. The military band evokes a feeling of patriotism among the audience with its mesmerizing tunes. 

Southern Command Cup 


Other Activities On Pune Race Course

In addition to the horse racing events, the place offers the fun and frolic of several other activities as described below: 

1: Long Jogging Track

The racecourse has a 2.8 KM long jogging track that attracts people from all over the city. It remains open for three hours in the morning and three hours in the evening so that people can come here and harvest the health benefits that this lush green place offers them. Besides, you can also enjoy juices and healthy drinks to facilitate your morning health regime. 

2: Octoberfest

The Octoberfest is one of the most exciting events that occur every year. If you want to enjoy some exotic foods and drinks, then this event has got you covered. Here, you can have a beer, German food, pleasant music, and everything that can make your evening with your loved ones memorable for a lifetime. 

3: Lease Out Facility

The green manicured lawns from the Turf Club are also given on ease for the special events and activities. The list may include weddings, tombola nights, and other fun-filled activities. You can find the escape from the monotony of life and spend some good time with your friend and family members.

Final Words! 

Reading this post until the end, you can get to know about the major Pune horse race events. Besides, you can get familiar with this amazing place and its magnificent gifts. All these things together make it a must-visit place. Besides, you should definitely enjoy a horse race on your visit to the city. However, it will be better if you visit between July-October. If you like reading this post, then visit our blog section to find more. 


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