How Companies Can Make Money with Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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With the popularity of electric cars, electric car ownership is rapidly increasing worldwide. Many businesses see the EV charger business opportunity and choose to turn into EV charging station operators, who partner with EV charger manufacturers to make money by setting up EV charging points. However, it is a challenge for EV charging point operators to succeed in the highly competitive EV charging point market. This article aims to help companies realise the full profit potential of EV charging stations in 2024.

Tips for earning revenue through electric vehicle charging stations

Attract Customers with Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

With the growing popularity and adoption of electric vehicles, the need for charging infrastructure for people is on the rise. Installing electric car charging stations can attract electric car owners, potentially increasing customer traffic and business revenue. Therefore, by installing electric vehicle charging stations, you can help a business or commercial property attract electric vehicle owners to increase foot traffic. 

Membership/Subscription System.

Depending on the charging rate, EVs can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours to charge. This provides an opportunity for businesses to attract customers who are waiting in the neighbourhood. They may explore the neighbourhood, use the on-site facilities, or make additional purchases, thereby increasing revenue. Therefore, EV charger providers can offer membership or subscription plans for EV charging, where users pay a regular fee to use the charging station. This model allows companies to secure a regular revenue stream and encourage customer loyalty. Offering EV charging services can attract a growing number of environmentally-conscious consumers to drive electric vehicles. By offering a convenient and reliable charging solution, you can increase customer loyalty and attract new customers.

Add additional services for extra revenue.

EV charger dealers can be equipped with additional services to enhance user experience and generate revenue. For example, companies can offer amenities such as dedicated parking spaces, wireless charging pads, vending machines or convenience stores. Offer superior customer support services. Offer a helpline or chat support to help with charging issues, account management and any problems users may be experiencing. These value-added services can attract more customers and increase revenue streams. Charging stations are designed with a focus on user convenience. Intuitive interfaces, easy-to-follow instructions, and well-designed physical layouts contribute to a positive user experience.

Demand Response Programmes:

EV owners actively seek out charging stations while travelling or during their daily activities. By offering charging services, companies can attract EV owners and potentially turn them into repeat customers. Providing a convenient and reliable charging experience can also foster customer loyalty. EV charging station solutions can participate in utility providers’ demand response programmes. In such a programme, companies can offer their charging stations as flexible loads, allowing grid operators to manage power demand during peak times. Offer exclusive benefits to those who choose your charging station. This could include discounts, priority access or special allowances for loyal customers. In return, businesses can receive financial incentives or discounts on electricity rates.

Partner with fleets or carpooling services.

For businesses looking to take advantage of the growing electric vehicle (EV) market, forming partnerships with fleets or carpooling services may be a strategic move. These partnerships offer a variety of benefits to businesses that provide EV charging services as well as fleet or carpool companies. Businesses can partner with fleet operators, taxi companies, or carpooling services to offer charging services based on their specific needs. These partnerships can ensure a steady stream of customers and revenue from frequent usage. By strategically partnering with fleets and carpooling services, companies in the EV charging industry can tap into new user bases, optimise charging infrastructure and contribute to the widespread adoption of EVs. Successful partnerships require clear communication, mutually beneficial terms, and a commitment to the shared goal of promoting sustainable mobility.

Use time-of-use tariffs to attract customers:

Implementing time-based discounts for electric vehicle (EV) charging is an effective strategy to encourage users to charge at specific times, optimise the use of charging stations and potentially increase revenue. Companies can generate a steady stream of revenue by offering EV charging services. Implementing time-based discounts allows users to receive discounts on off-peak hour charges. This can encourage users to choose your charging station at specific times of day.



Increasing revenue through electric vehicle charging cannot be separated from factors such as location, charging pricing, charging station availability, user convenience and partnership opportunities. In conclusion, incorporating electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure into your business strategy can provide many benefits and contribute to overall growth. You can choose to work with a reliable EV charging solution provider to help you better develop a commercial EV charging solution to meet your business needs.

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