10 Best Adult Games For Your Next Game Night In 2021

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Game Night In 2021

Whether you’re the kind of person whose conversations center around online gaming strategies, or if it’s just a Friday night and you’re looking to have some fun, crack open a bottle of wine, invite some friends over, and get ready to indulge in the spiciest game nights this year. In this article you will know about 10 Best Adult Games For Your Next Game Night In 2021.

Check out our list of the 10 best adult games your next game night in 2021 simply can’t go without.

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Cards Against Humanity

Although not a new game, it sure is one of the most recognizable – though the dark humor fest is not one for the easily offended. Known as the card game for horrible people, after playing a round or two it isn’t hard to see why. Each round begins with a judge, known as the “Card Czar”, who then selects a black question or fill-in-the-blank card from the top of the deck and shows it to all players.

The players are given ten white answer cards at the beginning of each round and are instructed to pass, face down, or give a card (or two) to the Card Czar to represent their answer to the question on the card. Card czars determine which answer cards are the funniest in relation to the question. The player who submitted the chosen card(s) receives the question card to represent an “Awesome Point,” and the player to the left of the new Card Czar becomes the next Czar. The game continues until the players agree to stop, at which point the winner is the one with the most Awesome Points. The catch is all the questions and answers are extremely offensive, making for some of the funniest dark humor scenarios.

Draw What?!

Warning: This is NOT an off-brand Pictionary! Imagine if Pictionary and Cards Against Humanity had a love child with Charades. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Each team of two plays this game by acting out or drawing the phrases on each card. They add some spice to it by making it a first-to-the-finish-board game with things like punishment squares to keep the not-safe-for-work fun going till the early morning. This is definitely not a game for the prude.

Do or drink

Are you prepared to win at all costs? Get ready to either win or blackout in this insane but simple drinking game. It’s played with a group of people who take turns picking a card up from the deck; just follow the prompts or swig your drink. Do you see where this is going? Eventually, the drink will outweigh the do, and you will prefer to drink than strip down in front of your friends. Lightweight drinkers may want to consider taking an easy-on-the-body drink for this one.

Family Feud Late Night Edition

Embarrass Steve Harvey himself with this one! Family Feud is a household name, but have you heard of the Late Night Edition? It’s classic Family Feud with a small twist. All the questions are inappropriate, with even more inappropriate answers needed for you to win! Be prepared to answer some intimate ones here!

We’re Not Really Strangers

Recently releasing the couples edition, this game is the perfect game for two people to get to know each other. Of course, the couples game is slightly different but the same premise applies. This is a far more serious game, but can still be useful and entertaining, especially if you’re strangers in the beginning, like in the case of a blind date. The game works by both players taking turns to pick up a card and asking the question on the card to the other player. Personal questions like “Do you think I have been in love?” amongst other things make for an interesting experience, no matter the setting.

One Gotta Go

Adults who love a little debate will love this argumentative card game. On each card, there are four different things the group has to decide which they will give up collectively. A single card can pair together with your phone, streaming platforms, social media, and hot showers. Is it worth losing one of these things? Well, you don’t have a choice because One Gotta Go, but everyone needs to agree, so whose preferences will reign supreme and why?

Dungeons and Dragons

This game is for anyone who enjoys the roleplaying space but wants to enjoy it in the form of a board game with their friends. The essence of Dungeons & Dragons is storytelling. Play with your friends in a story that takes your heroes on quests for treasure, fighting deadly foes, rescuing hostages, and more. If any of this is interesting to you, you should definitely look into the master guide.

Among Us

Online multiplayer, killing your friends, mass manipulation, what more could you want? This online game pits four to fifteen players against each other in a nerve-wracking survival game. You cannot trust anyone while you attempt to complete your tasks as you try to survive the terror that the designated killer or killers have to unleash upon the crew (the ones who have to do tasks and cannot kill others or use vents). They put a fantastic twist on it all by having a system in which an emergency meeting is called when a body is found, where everyone can voice their opinions and choose to vote out someone they think is the killer.

Guess Who?

High school reunions are back! The Guess Who? High School Reunion game for adults is a laugh-out-loud party game that’s great for game night. Using yes or no questions, players attempt to guess their opponent’s mystery person in this parody of the classic Guess Who? game. Cards feature wacky questions like “Have you ever owned a fake ID?” or “Have you ever left the prom with someone else’s date?” Others let you choose your own questions to make the game even more personal. Perfect for the next reunion.


No, the name is not an error; it actually is the entire point of the game. Basically, your goal is to be able to read an incoherent phrase. There is one player designated judge to pick a card and see the phrase. Everyone else reads the front of the card, which holds the broken phrase aloud. Whoever deciphers the phrase the fastest wins. It’s a simple game but with some NSFW rules or some alcohol, it can be a spicy addition to your next game night.

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