What Is a Good RTP for Slots?

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RTP for Slots

Every slot game has an RTP%, which stands for “Return To Player”. This number is used as a percentage to indicate how much on average a player will win back based on what they have wagered. For example, if a slot has an RTP of 97.6%, a gambler that bets $100 in wagers is likely to win back $97.60. 

When it comes to slot games, your outcome is always based on luck. However, knowing which games have a good RTP means that you give yourself a more fair shot at winning. Now that you understand what an RTP is, you might be wondering what a good RTP for slots is.

Today, we’re going to discuss what a good RTP is for slots and what gamblers who like to play free slots no downloads should know about them. Read on to learn more.

Determining a Good RTP Slot

Most gamblers want to only play high RTP slots. After all, you likely want to see more wins than losses. For that reason, it’s recommended to choose real money slots with an RTP of 96% or higher. The average RTP for modern slot games is between 96% and 97%. Older slots are known to have lower RTPs.

Of course, every rule comes with an exception. A progressive jackpot slot will feature an RTP that’s lower than 90%. While initially, this may seem too low, there’s a very good reason for it. Gamblers that play progressive jackpots are more interested in winning the grand prize. These slots take a percentage of every gambler’s wager to add to the grand prize pot. To make up for it, fewer wins are hit during the jackpot slot spins. Also, after gambling players should relax by reading something interesting, for example, how colleges and sports-betting companies ‘caesarized’ campus life.

Knowing Your RTP Slots

Now, there’s one common misconception new gamblers have about theoretical RTP. The number given is actually an average for the game. This average was determined through millions of test spins. A lot of players assume that by betting $100, they are guaranteed to win the slot RTP amount. This isn’t exactly how it works. 

You see, the outcome of every slot game at a legitimate casino will be random. One player that puts $100 in bets towards a slot game with a 96% RTP may only walk away with $40 when they’re finished. On the other hand, another gambler playing the exact same game could walk away with $2000 in winnings. 

This is very logical when you think about it. People wouldn’t be interested in placing $100 worth of bets on a 96% RTP slot if they knew they were only walking away with $96 and losing $4 every time they played. 

That being said, gamblers can still benefit from paying attention to the slot RTP and choosing the highest RTP slots. This is because slots with high RTPs offer more payouts to players over time than slots with low RTPs.

Where to Find the Highest RTP Slots

One question we get asked a lot is “where can I find the best RTP slots?”. Gamblers will have the best luck finding the highest RTP slots through online casinos. Online slots always have higher RTPs than a slot machine at a land-based casino does. The average slot RTP at land-based casinos is 75%.

There’s a very valid reason why the land-based casino RTP is so much lower than what you will find at an online casino. Land-based casinos cost more to operate than online casinos. The casino will take a larger portion of the wagers placed in slots to cover the costs of operation. Since online casinos have fewer costs to cover, they can afford to provide higher RTP slots. 

RTP vs Volatility

RTP and volatility both play a role in what type of winnings a gambler could receive when they play slots. A slot’s RTP value is a theoretical rate that helps them make sense of how much they are likely to win while playing the game. The volatility gives players more insight into how they could get paid.

Slots will have volatility levels that range from low to high. This describes the frequency of wins and how high the profits are. A low volatility slot will have more frequent payouts. However, these payouts are generally on the low side. By playing one of these slots, you may notice you win often, but the amount is typically lower than what you bet.

On the other hand, there are also high volatility slots. These slots feature less frequent wins with higher payouts. While this may seem more risky, players that intend to play multiple rounds at once could see winnings that are worth it. 

A slot’s volatility is something that a lot of players don’t think about when choosing a game to play. This information typically isn’t stated by the casino. If you want to find out the volatility of a specific slot game, you will need to research reviews.

How to Find a Slot’s RTP%

Online slots will typically feature the RTP% in the paytable. This information can be found when you choose the slot from the online casino you are playing from. When you research reviews for different slot games, you may notice the RTP amount varies. This can even happen with the best RTP slots. Why is this?

Many providers allow casino operators to adjust a game’s RTP to benefit the casino. This allows the operator to have control and adjust the RTP based on the market. While minor changes in RTPs are normal, players do need to keep an eye out for unfair casinos. Legitimate casinos will provide real high RTP slots, while unfair casinos are known to fix slots at the lowest RTP possible.

Top RTP Slots

Not all slots are created equally. Some slots have a much higher RTP than others. If you want to skip the chase and get down to the cut, this is the section for you. We’re going to cover the highest RTP slots you can play online. Here’s our list of the best RTP slots. 

Book of 99 99% RTP High volatility
Gold Digger Mines 98.88% RTP Medium volatility
Aztec Gold Mines 98.88% RTP Adjustable volatility
Jackpot 6000 98.8% RTP High volatility
Hero Clash 98.1% RTP High volatility
Fa Cai Shen 98.05% RTP High volatility
Christmas Tree 2 98.03% RTP Medium volatility
98 Bounty Hot 1 98.01% RTP Medium volatility
Jokerizer 98% RTP High volatility
Money Cart 2  98% RTP Very high volatility

Book of 99- 99% RTP

Book of 99 has the highest RTP calculated throughout all online casinos. This game was released by Relax Gaming. It’s a high-volatility slot with 5 reels and 10 fixed paylines. On top of having a high RTP, this game also features an attractive free spins feature. When 3 or more scatter symbols are revealed the free spins feature will be activated. As people play the game, they can also collect wilds. Once 99 wilds are collected, another set of free spins will be triggered.

Gold Digger Mines- 98.88% RTP

Gold Digger Mines is a high RTP game from iSoftBet. If the RTP value wasn’t enough to sell you on this game, the maximum win players could receive is 28,821x their wager. With a low $1 bet, you could have the potential to win $28,821! The bonus round features a free spins round where gamblers could win additional bonuses. This includes multipliers, bonus money, larger reels, and more. 

Aztec Gold Mines- 98.88% RTP

Aztec Gold Mines is another high RTP slot from iSoftBet. When the word “gold” is in the title, players know there’s a good prize at stake. This thrilling game has a unique design that’s inspired by the original Aztec Gold game. Gamblers can reveal several multipliers in a game for a chance to win big.

Jackpot 6000- 98.8%

Jackpot 6000 from NetEnt feels like a game that came straight from a casino lobby. It’s one of the best RTP slots offering a nostalgic casino vibe. This game is easy to play, and the high RTP means more potential winnings. There are extra bonus rounds in this game that are worth getting excited over, like heads or tails and the supermeter (extra spins for a mystery prize). This is one of the few jackpot slots with a high RTP.

What Beginners Should Know

We’ve covered nearly everything players should know about choosing a good RTP slot online. However, there are a few more things we want to cover before we let you go. 

Let’s start with how you find the RTP. When you choose a slot game to play, you will find information about how much you could win under the paytable. This section also contains the RTP amount. 

We advise all gamblers to approach higher RTP slots with responsible gambling in mind. Never bet more than you can afford to lose. A lot of gamblers make the mistake of chasing their losses on higher RTP under the impression that they will get their money back. This isn’t always going to happen. Every bet you place is a risk, so never play with the mindset that you will win. This is how recreational gambling can turn into problem gambling.

Another thing that new players should be cautious of is the casino they play from. Gamblers should always make sure they are playing at a safe casino. Make sure the casino has a license to operate, security settings, and good customer support. The license to operate should be on the main page or under “about”. The best casinos will feature a live chat to connect with customer support. Besides, if you like to gamble at crypto casinos it can be useful for you to know what well-known cryptocurrencies casino players can deposit.

Final Words on Good Slot RTPs

Modern online slots typically have a high RTP. A good average RTP is 96%. Most online slot games feature an RTP that’s between 96 and 97%. Unfortunately, older slot games still have lower RTPs, with an average under 95%. Since the RTP represents how much money the gambler could win back, it’s a smart move to choose games with a higher RTP.

If you only want to play games with high RTPs, you should stick to online casinos. Land-based casinos feature slots with lower RTPs. These slots don’t pay out as often because they take a higher percentage of the money from wagers to cover the costs of operating the casino. These costs are a lot lower with online casinos, which is why the RTPs are higher. 


RTP for Slots