Rose Water Benefits for Skin, Hair, and Eyes

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Rose water benefits

Are you looking for remedial measures to banish the puffiness and ugly dark circles under your eyes? No reason to worry anymore, as you got the perfect solution to this problem right in your kitchen. Are you still wondering what it is? Well, it is simply a cotton pad dunked in ice-cold rose water. If you have to keep track of rose water benefits, then there are so many to consider!

Did you ever know about the rose water benefits for eyes? All these years you have been using rose water in foods either as a flavoring ingredient, or to undo makeup. Did it anytime cross your mind that you can actually use rose water to maintain healthy state of your eyes? Yes, you heard it right. Rose water can absolutely help you in relaxing your eyes, along with keeping your skin unbelievably radiant.

When you are plunged into office work, a maximum of the time you are sitting in front of the computer. Your eyes start to feel tired when you continuously gaze at the screen of the computer. It feels uncomfortable as your eyes begin to burn with fatigue. What do you think will work best at this moment? Can just a chilled cotton pad on your closed eyes can give you relief? It sounds better when you dip the cotton pad in ice-cold rose water and then put it on your eyes. That is where the trick lies.

There are amazing rose water benefits that you can look up to on the internet. Only after judging the results effectively, you can decide whether to include it in your daily beauty care routine.

Is rose water truly ideal for your eyes?

Before you learn about the rose water benefits for eyes, you need to first focus on the reasons behind them. In the tenth century, a Persian researcher invented rose water that is now trending in the beauty world. Initially, the only property for which rose water was popular as a beauty product was its fragrance. That is why you will find rose water as an active ingredient in most of the perfume bottles.

However, now you can come across so many rose water benefits apart from being just an aromatic liquid. In this editorial, you will get to know all about rose water benefits for eyes and hair along with precautions.

Thus are you sure, you can use rose water to take care of your eyes? Yes, you can absolutely. Although there is one thing to keep in mind. While using rose water for your eyes, do not choose the regular one that you get in the market or make at home. The type of rose of water that you use to relax your eyes is in the form of eye drops. Researchers have specifically designed eye drops containing rose water, by extracting it only for that purpose.

Remember not to try applying normal rose water in your eyes, as it can result in severe unpredictable damage. In fact, be careful about putting anything into your eyes without the supervision or guidance of a medical expert. Doctors even formulate casual teardrops for eyes so that you can administer them only under his suggestion.

Facts about rose water

You will find a lot of usage of rose water in dissolving a variety of health problems. Initially, people used rose water to cure conditions like inflammation, sore throat and constipation. Later on, a study came up where doctors could show that rose water benefits can go beyond the known properties. Researchers successfully proved how rose water could be beneficial to the eyes. Thus to manage issues related to eyes, rose water infused eye drops came up.

In another study, scientists created an eye drop containing herbal ingredients and named it Opthacare. This eye drop also had rose water as a major component. Researchers also studied the antihistaminic properties of Opthacare on the ileum lining of guinea pigs and anti-inflammatory properties on albino rabbits.

What they found out was that Opthacare actually exhibited very strong antihistaminic and anti-inflammatory effects. After this study, scientists proved that eye drops containing rose water could actually play a vital role in-

  • Managing degenerative eye conditions
  • Reduce inflammation in eyes
  • Protect eyes from any infections

Rose water benefits for eyes

Conjunctivitis is a very common eye disorder, which affects the outer lining ‘conjunctiva’ of your eyes. Since it is an inflammatory problem, you can easily opt for rose water containing eye drops to reduce the swelling.

Another condition called conjunctival xerosis causes drying of different membranes of the eye. Such a condition results from the deficiency of Vitamin A. To correct this disorder, you can use rose water to ease irritation and dryness.

Pertaining to the anti-inflammatory properties of rose water, it can also correct acute dacryocystitis. This is a condition causing infection of the tear gland, resulting in redness and swelling. Apart from taking anti-inflammatory medications to relieve the swelling, you can even take rose water eye drops under expert guidance.

Apart from the above-mentioned eye disorders, you can even prevent the formation of cataracts. Rose water can help in cleansing your eyes of dust and dryness during pterygium and pinguecula formations.

Popular benefits

  1. Rose petals contain an abundance of anthocyanins, terpenes, and flavonoids, which possess antidepressant and anti-inflammatory effects. Thus, you can use rose water extract to calm your eyes.
  2. Apart from anti-inflammatory effects, rose water also possesses analgesic properties that can help in pacifying various skin irritations.
  3. Rose water can help in lessening redness and improve the quality of your skin.
  4. Prevention of potential damage of cells surrounding your eyes, since rose water is rich in antioxidants.

Side effects of rose water on eyes

You can list rose water in the exclusive range of medically administered procedures; however, it is a natural remedy. To check for any signs of adverse effects, take a little sample of rose water and apply on your forearms. See if you have any allergic reactions or not.

The typical signs of allergy will include itchiness, redness, or a burning sensation. If you see high sensitivity towards rose water, do not use it for your eyes. Immediately visit an ophthalmologist if you experience slightest stinging, or irritation in your eyes because of rose water.

Rose water for hair

Rose water is more of a cosmetic product than a medical one. For thousands of years, people have used it for various purposes. Rose water can treat stomach and bowel issues, inflammation, or be a flavoring agent in foods and a beauty product. Species belonging to the family of Rosa damascena can do wonders for your skin, eyes and hair.

The extraction and high scale yield of rose water began in the plantations of Rosa damascena in the sixteenth century in Bulgaria. Rose water happens to exhibit an aromatic property, because of which it was present just in perfumes. However with passage of time, researchers concluded that there is more to just fragrance of rose water. Did you know there are amazing rose water benefits for hair, apart from eyes and skin?

Rose water has already proven its potential in relieving skin issues and soring eyes, for its naturally balanced pH levels. You can easily google the myriad range of rose water benefits, along with its using protocol and safety measures.  However, it is incredibly capable of retaining moisture content in your hair and keeping them hydrated all time. If you have skin problems like psoriasis or eczema, then applying rose water on your scalp can do wonders!

Scalp psoriasis and dermatitis (scalp eczema) can both result in redness, flaky, itchy patches on your scalp. To get relief from such skin disorders, try applying rose water benefits that include-

  • Reduced redness
  • Hydration of cells
  • Antibacterial effects
  • Healthy and shiny hair

How to use?

In case of using it for eyes, you need special assistance and cannot buy the normally available rose water bottles. However to use rose water for hair, there is no such rule. You can easily buy ready-to-use rose water from shops, or can make a little combo serum in your home.

If you are buying rose water from a marketplace, remember to look for the added preservatives in the bottle. For an effective rose water to yield the maximum benefits, it should not contain any additives like ethanol.

To apply rose water on your scalp, you can do it in the following ways-

  1. After you finish shampooing and conditioning your hair, pour a little amount of rose water onto your hair. You can either wash it off after a few hours, or keep it overnight for better results.
  2. You can even add rose water in your conditioner or shampoo bottles.
  3. Take a spray bottle. Pour some rose water along with proportionate normal water in it, and mix well. Now you can spray rose mist on your hair anytime to reduce frizz and give it a soft, shiny look.
  4. To apply rose water on your scalp directly, you can dip cotton swabs in it and put accordingly. You can get rid of persistent itching and dandruff by massaging your scalp gently with rose water. After the massage, shampoo your hair and condition it well.

List of other benefits

Mostly you are well acquainted with rose water benefits for skin and eyes like everyone. Not many know about the incredible rose water benefits for hair. This article is to help you understand the worth of rose water in nourishing your hair and keeping it healthy. If you add rose water to your regular hair care practice, you will definitely notice a significant change in the-

  • Volume
  • Luster
  • Texture
  • Overall quality of your hair

Therefore, how exactly can rose water help you build stronger and healthier hair?

  1. Rose water helps in moisturizing your scalp, thereby reducing the chances of dryness and itchiness. If you are unhappy with your frizzy hair, get hold of rose water immediately and treat your scalp with it.

Rose water helps in soothing undesired effects of pollution, dirt and other harsh environmental factors that easily damage your hair. If you can keep your scalp rehydrated at all times, there is nothing else to worry.

  1. Rose water can counterattack the disadvantages of an oily scalp. Sebaceous glands in your body generate oil that often clog the skin pores, if produced in excess. When the same happens on your scalp, it becomes oily and feels extremely greasy.

You already know by now that rose water has a very balanced pH level. So what else can work best here? To provide effective nourishment to your hair and scalp and keep away from oil and dirt, use rose water regularly.

  1. Rose water supports the growth of new hair. Thus if you are suffering from hair loss issues, rose water is your savior! Rose water is rich in vitamins like A, E, C and B3 that promotes hair growth.
  2. Rose water can help in repairing damage in your hair follicles. Frequently rinse your hair with rose water and massage your scalp properly to improve blood circulation. This will help in rejuvenating the deep follicles of hair, thereby making your hair stronger from the roots.

Rose water and fenugreek seeds

Have you ever seen the label on the bottles of anti-dandruff shampoos? There are so many chemicals involved. When you have a natural remedy to dandruff problems, why go for chemically treated products? Say goodbye to antidandruff shampoos. Catch hold of one rose water bottle today, and see the difference!

Rose water along with fenugreek seeds can give you remarkable results in removing dandruff from your scalp naturally. Take a little amount of rose water in a bowl, and soak few fenugreek seeds in it for around 5 hours. Grind the mixture and make an even paste. Apply the mixture on your scalp and keep it for 20 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water.

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