Erectile Dysfunction Facts And Myths Plus Sildenafil Treatment

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Erectile Dysfunction

With erectile dysfunction being a much more common condition in men than many believe, there are myths that have been mixed with Scientific facts regarding what it really is. Before you come across any one of these untruths (if you haven’t already), here are facts and myths about ED and its causes, along with Sildenafil and how you can get it online

Myths About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction Is For The Elderly 

There’s a bit of a fact here. Erectile dysfunction becomes more prominent as men age. The average age wherein symptoms of ED begin to appear is somewhere around 40s to 50s, and over. 

On the contrary, those who are younger may also experience ED, especially because it’s already been evidenced that this condition can arise due to stressors in the environment. And the truth is that stressors are, most of the time, unavoidable. 

Think about your office alone, and how you spend most of a day’s hours working tediously and triggering a rise in Cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone that’s partly responsible for why you become edgy and anxious. You may think that high levels of cortisol are good because it causes that adrenaline rush which enables you to work and think faster. But such high levels of this hormone will also wear your body out, leading to lesser relaxed blood vessels, even around the penile area. 

Erectile Dysfunction Can Be “Cured” 

ED isn’t like any other disease that can be “cured”. What can be done is to lessen its impact during sexual intercourse. This is what occurs when you ingest medications such as Sildenafil, also called “Viagra”. 

It allows the process of erection to take place in an average-to-above-average rate so that you’re able to have coitus in a much more pleasurable and lengthier manner. Supplements will not be able to prevent ED from happening repeatedly. However, if erectile dysfunction emerges again during coitus, Sildenafil is the easy go-to that will simply help keep the penis erect for longer. 

Facts About ED

Erectile Dysfunction Is, For The Majority, Not A Serious Condition

Don’t worry yourself unnecessarily if you go through symptoms of erectile dysfunction. You’ll be surprised to know that close to half of the world’s male population experience ED on occasion. Whether elderly or younger.

What you can do is to trace back on ED and map out if it’s connected to anxiety and stress (which it often is). You’ll notice that it’s in days when you’re most fatigued and stressed that erectile dysfunction becomes apparent. 

In addition to that, there are studies which have shown the correlation of erectile dysfunction to too much alcohol intake, smoking, and drug use. These, plus unhealthy eating habits, and the absence of exercise in your regular routine are factors, too. 

So, again, it’s something you mustn’t be too apprehensive about. The more you distress yourself thinking about it, the more it’ll lead to anxiety, even regarding and during coitus itself. 

Serious Heart And Blood Ailments 

Only if erectile dysfunctions show up frequently and in the absence of the symptoms mentioned above should you consider the possibility that you’ve acquired cardiovascular ailments. Then again, see to it that you visit your physician before you begin taking Sildenafil for you to be correctly diagnosed early on.