Is a Travel Credit Card Worth It?

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Travel Credit Card Worth

Travel credit cards are one of the ways you might be able to save some extra money on your travels. Typically, when you use a travel credit card to book with the company that issued the card, you’ll earn points that you can spend on future trips for discounts. However, many people wonder whether it’s worth it to invest in a travel credit card. Here are the four things you need to ask yourself before you apply for a travel credit card. Let’s see about is a travel credit card worth it.

How Often Do You Travel?

Of course, this is one of the most important questions to ask. If you only travel once every year or less, you almost certainly won’t get very much use out of your travel credit card. That means any points you end up receiving probably won’t do much for you, and with some cards, your points may even expire before you can use them. Travel credit cards are best for people who prefer to travel multiple times per year.

Do You Have a Preferred Travel Company?

If you’re the type of person who prefers to use one travel company over another, you’re likely going to get more use out of a travel credit card than someone who just prefers to use whatever travel company is the cheapest for a given method of travel. If you do have a preferred travel company, a travel credit card for that company may help you save more.

What Are the Fees and Requirements Associated With the Card?

Fees and requirements are an important part of any credit card. Some credit cards come with a yearly fee, and in the case of travel credit cards, this is very common. That yearly fee may pay for itself with the benefits you receive, but you have to be sure you’ll use it enough to justify the fee, which is often anywhere from $99 to $199, depending on the card and the benefits.

Are There Any Special Bonuses for the Card?

Special bonuses can be a great reason to apply for a specific travel credit card, especially if you’re currently looking for ways to make travel more affordable. Introductory bonuses, which typically kick in if you spend more than a certain dollar amount within a few months of opening the account, can give you a huge refund boost. You can take advantage of the Southwest credit card bonuses and earn 40,000 points with of free flights.

A travel credit card can absolutely be worth it, but you need to make sure that you’re using the right credit card for the way you travel. If you apply for the wrong credit card, you may be stuck paying a yearly fee that’s too high for a card you barely use. However, if you use Slickdeals coupons to find the card with the best introductory bonuses and overall deals, you can significantly reduce the price you’re paying for your various travels.

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