The App Economy has Transformed Everything

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App Economy

With the introduction of the iPhone, the app economy was born. App, which is short for application, allows users to download programmes onto their device without having to go on a web browser. A relatively simple invention, but a pioneering one that has seen billion dollar ideas come to life in the past decade. 

You can get apps for everything, from photography to games, and with push notifications you are always updated with what is happening. Some of the most popular apps are Facebook, Netflix and TikTok, with individuals spending hours per day enjoying content. Nonetheless, where do they go from here? What is the next step for apps, and how do they evolve to keep aiding us day to day? 

One major industry that has totally changed because of apps is transportation as written about in Tattoomagz. How Uber, Lyft and Bolt have revolutionized the taxi industry has brought transport costs down dramatically has been massively beneficial. The convenience after a night out to just go on your smartphone and request a vehicle home, at a reasonable price is nothing short of marvelous. Albeit there are losers in the situation, such as Yellow Cabs in New York or Black Cabs in London. Nevertheless, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, as not only are app services cheaper, but also provide more safety to individuals. 

The COVID pandemic was excellent news for delivery apps, especially food ones. Before, to order your favourite takeaway, you would have to call and collect or it would be delivered. However, there were issues with this system. Firstly, if the person heard your order incorrectly, you would end up with the wrong meal, which is very disappointing. And secondly, you need to know which restaurant you want to order from first. Apps such as Uber Eats and JustEat collate all different types of cuisine in one place, all with reviews and even have loyalty programmes. So if you are hungry, and do not know what to order, the platform will help you decide. A truly mesmerizing invention, that allows you to order food from the comfort of your own home, pay for it and someone will deliver it to you. It would only make our ancestors jealous! 

In the app space, gaming has been radically changed, with mobile gaming being the fastest growing space in the industry. You can play games on your smartphone in a whole host of categories, ranging from puzzles, board games and even games. Before you would have to go to a land based or load up the computer. But now, you can play all your favourite slots on the go from reputable brands such as VSO. The platform allows you to play for free and gives comprehensive reviews of each slot. Also, when you are ready to play, there are many generous welcome and no deposit bonuses available on their recommended operators, along with detailed reviews of each one listing their pros and cons to help you decide. 

App Economy have even covered the most important aspects of our lives such as healthcare. Nowadays, you can use them to contact a doctor and book an appointment. As many are very simple to use, everyone – of all ages can utilise them saving money and time, and quickly diagnosing medical issues. 

Prior to App Economy, to contact one another we needed to have minutes and texts which could be very high cost. But by using the internet, apps such as WhatsApp were created, to provide communications to anywhere in the world for free. It doesn’t stop there, most social media platforms allow instant communications as well as location services, making our lives way easier. 

The smartphone is one of the most important inventions ever, allowing us to do whatever our imagination allows us to. You can run a business on a phone, and order anything you want to be delivered to your door. The future of apps is most probably in the Metaverse, as apps are not just exclusive to smartphones. All our devices use them to optimise our experience. Apps will become more immersive in the 3D realm as opposed to today’s 2D screens. But whatever happens, apps are here to stay and will continue to be an even more important part of our everyday lives. 


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