How to Wear Golf Sunglasses- 3 Tips for The Trendy Golfer

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Sporting sunglasses are must-have accessories for all sports and golf isn’t an exception. They offer multiple benefits and will protect your eyes and enhance your sporting performance. Can I tell you more? How you wear your golf sunglasses matters a lot, and you should choose the best pair to accentuate your looks and style.

 Are golf sunglasses worth it?

We are all aware that superior quality sports sunglasses come with a price tag. And many golfers avoid acquiring high-quality sunglasses due to the associated cost. But, buying a good pair of sunglasses is the best decision that you can make. These devices will guard your eyes against harmful UV rays, which can affect your eye health.

That’s not all! They improve your vision during sports and minimize the risk of injuries from slips and falls. If sporting in reflective surfaces, you can still go for polarized sunglasses. These protect your eyes from glare which can hurt your vision. They also offer the right color

 contrast and has a wide collection of lens colors.

 How can I achieve a stylish look with golf sunglasses?

  1. Consider the weather

 The weather determines your choice of sunglasses. UV rays from direct sunlight can affect your vision. For this reason, you should invest in polarized sunglasses for enhanced vision and protection from glare. This way, you’ll minimize distractions and improve your comfort levels.

  1. Choose the right frame for your face.

 Your facial features determine the most suitable sunglasses for you. Although we all have unique preferences, they shouldn’t hinder you from choosing what suits your facial shape. For instance, rimless golf sunglasses work well for most face shapes. Similarly, round-framed sunglasses are best suited for angular-shaped faces. For oval and round faces, rectangular frames would be ideal.

  1. Get smart with the color!

Sports sunglasses come in different color hues. Choose one to improve your vision on the golf course and still help you achieve that stylish look. For instance, if playing on a sunny day, choose a dark brown shade. It will guard your eyes against the sun’s rays and give you a clearer vision. For the frame color, choose one that accentuates your outfit and style. This way, you’ll look good and more confident.

Which lens color will enhance my performance?

 Contrast matters a lot for both beginners and pro golfers. With good contrast, you’ll achieve a better depth perception and color enhancement. This will allow you to read the greens clearly. Each color provides a certain amount of contrast based on the playing environment.

 Examples of great tint lenses for golfers are;

  • Brown
  • Amber
  • Rose copper

Avoid green and gray; they don’t enhance or attract the golf ball. Also, they offer a more natural color perception, blocks excess light, which can affect your performance.

Wrapping up

Quality sunglasses are essential accessories for all gofers. Choose a pair from reputed brands to complement your facial structures and outfit. You can now get shape filleting frames for both men and women. For the colors, seek help from the team at the store, and consider the functionality of your glasses.