Hairstyle and Mood

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Hairstyle and Mood

Feeling good about yourself has always been a must for self-esteem. And in that sense, hair plays a fundamental role, as it is a strong feature of each other’s identity and, depending on how it is found, the mood will be greater or lesser. Thus, according to a study by the UK Institute of Trichology, 95% of women and more than 81% of men admit that hair health affects their Hairstyle and Mood. A factor, for many, decisive in showing others confidence and security.

Deleted: Healthy hair can only be achieved with the utmost care and the right tools and materials. Many people employ a stylist to take care of their hair but if you have the rights tools you can do it by yourself. If you plan to run a hair salon, there are hair salons available for sale at if you are interested in running your own hair salon business.

Normally, healthy hair is considered when it has shine, soft texture, care, and clean residue. That’s when self-esteem rises. But when you have weak, strong hair, there’s a big physical and psychological impact, and people are more aware of their image and how they feel, with doubt, insecurities, and self-criticism. During the autumn and spring seasons, this panorama multiplies, because in these times people usually suffer a greater capillary fall.

Hair and its relationship to happiness

The hair has a close relationship with happiness, but conversely, the same thing happens. The latest estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO) indicate that depression is the leading cause of health problems worldwide, such as hair loss. In fact, as indicated by the UK Institute of Trichology, there are about 50 different reasons behind weakening or falling hair.

Low mood, stress or disorders such as anxiety or depression, have a negative impact on the scalp and are therefore intimately linked to hair loss over a certain period of time. When a person experiences these episodes, their body releases corticosteroids, resulting in increased sebum or fat and a decrease in oxygen in the hair follicle, causing hair to weaken and subsequent fall. These effects are usually temporary, but if they are not caught in time, they could lead to a more serious problem of alopecia.

Hairstyle and Mood haircut are not determined not only by the spirit of the time, or fashion, or by social pressures, but also by the level of the experiences of the moment and the emotions of a person.

Hair often responds to our expressive movements. So worry, agitation, joy, fear, actually, all emotions can be read about or our hair.

Naturally there is no hairstyle for a certain mood. As it is as personal as feelings, they manifest themselves in each person in a completely individual way.

Women who wear long hair highlight their hair with ornaments of all kinds especially when participating in a festive occasion. If this occasion has an emotional meaning, the woman with long hair spends the necessary time and invests a lot of fantasy in the creation of her hairstyle. Through these transformations she further highlights her feminine side, as her hair already does.

By spreading her hair on the left side, the woman highlights her feminine side. Our eyes go automatically to the left, to contemplate the feminine side, because there is more information that transmits our hair. The left side represents sensitivity, creativity and femininity.

On the contrary, if the woman combs her hair to the right side, she reveals her masculine side. The right side also represents the warrior.

Most women experience a lack of confidence or feel depressed when their hair is dirty and clipped. And almost all claim that they find it easier to plan details of their professional activity or their private life with clean and groomed hair.

A look for every mood

While women like Jennifer Aniston adopt a Hairstyle and Mood to turn it into a kind of copyright, others use mane as a form of expression, which changes depending on the moment or mood. Some celebrities like Rihanna, Kate Perry or Lady Gaga herself are good examples of that!

Without reaching any of those extremes, the rest of the women usually vary from cut, color or Hairstyle and Mood depending on the occasion.

But why do we feel the need to change our look more or less radically?

The reasons are very varied:


One day, all of a sudden, you look in the mirror and discover that you’re sick of seeing that image you no longer identify with.


We all love following trends! However, looking for what gets along isn’t always right for your face type. Are you sure you haven’t ever regretted getting carried away by impulses?

Strengthen your personality and find your own self

Sometimes you don’t feel comfortable with your appearance but you’re afraid of the change because of what “is worth the bad known…” However, once the decision was made, your true self came afloat!

After a breakup or a love disappointment

One of the most common reasons for a change of look is the need to forget someone. Starting from scratch means leaving the past behind and moving firmly into the future. In every way!

To start the course with renewed spirit.

After the summer, a radical twist helps to say goodbye definitively to the holidays and return to work with renewed energies.

To disguise the gray hairs

The passage of time is inevitable. However, nothing needs to be depressed than feeling young and looking gray hair. Youth is in the attitude, no doubt, but seeing you favored and without graying also great help.

To increase self-confidence

If you’re a shy person, a radical and daring change will give you the confidence you need to believe in yourself again. The results can be amazing!

Tips for a change of look without regret

Choose cuts and styles that favor you. Run away from what suits celebrities or the craziest trend of the moment and find your own style. The change of look is positive as long as it suits your features and your tastes. It’s about feeling better, not adding a problem. Before making a radical change, seek advice from your trusted stylist. And remember, in case of disaster…the hair grows back!

In Conclusion:

A frequent visit to a hairstylist costs money but if you have the rights tools, doing your hair by yourself is highly recommended so you can do a lot of trials and errors while in front of the mirror. Look for the right tools at and start working with your hair.


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