Crystals You Can Use as a Beginner

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Crystals You Can Use as a Beginner

Many people still associate healing crystals like the black obsidian with the world’s meditation communities and family members who regularly visit yoga retreats in different countries. However, there is absolutely no denial about the increasing popularity of these stones in today’s stressful world. Crystal powers have been praised by numerous people, ranging from Wall Street millionaires to celebrities such as Kim Kardashian West. Read on to find details about using a healing crystals for beginners.

What exactly is crystal healing?

Crystal healing is the name given to a technique in alternative medicine where a number of ailments are cured by placing gems on the body or in nearby areas in order to get rid of negative energies. Crystals are essentially tools which work with a person’s energy field to focus, absorb, and redirect energies for physical or mental betterment. 

Top crystals to buy as a beginner

A huge number of crystals with different properties are available. However, it would be best with the following types of crystals as a beginner to this field:

  1. Amethyst– This abundant and beautiful stone is able to keep disruptive behaviors and addictions at bay while increasing spirituality and intuitions 
  2. Aventurine– This is a common stone used for improving luck. It helps to enhance mental powers, peace, and the arrival of money into life. Several people have claimed that spontaneously lucky opportunities suddenly arrive when they get these healing crystals online.
  3. Clear quartz– Get positivity, clarity, balance, and focus with the help of this stone. Rose quartz, also known as the love stone, is a great hit amongst women. It helps an individual enhance self love before making himself or herself open for love in the world. Quartz is recognized as the most powerful stone in the world of minerals, and can work on any condition.
  4. Citrine– Citrine is able to bring forward energies of personal power. Also regarded as the stone of success, it is an excellent stone for people in very demanding careers, such as films and sports.

How does crystal energy feel?

As mentioned earlier, every stone has varying characteristics. While some are good for energy, others are better for focus. Those with clear quartz and citrines in their offices have felt the focus from them. In most cases, using a healing crystals are able to bring about knowingness and calm. They certainly do not cause any form of anxiety or result in frantic feelings. 

With a crystal in your hand, your energy will be heightened and you will feel in flow with the universe. Over a period of time, with the crystal around, you will get a sense of the arrival of the things you want to happen. 

Can crystals cause problems by conflicting each other?

Every crystal is simply an extension of nature’s intrinsic balance. Therefore, they are able to always work in perfect harmony with each other. However, if you are looking for something specific to bear fruit in your life, different crystals have the potential to make a lot happen. If their energies start aligning together, they can get overwhelming at times, and so ensure that you are a little careful.

Is the size of a healing crystal important?

Yes, the energy of a crystal does depend on its size, but you will always be able to absorb the energy irrespective of its size. In general, a bigger crystal will have greater energy properties than a smaller one. You may even come across crystals that are as tall as you! If this happens, be prepared to be floored by the amount of energy it radiates.  

Getting drawn to a crystal

You may either be attracted towards a crystal or vice versa. In case you find something that is necessary in life and is not being addressed, for example, you might be able to find a crystal. While searching for crystals, the best way to know about their attractive properties is to hold each one in your hands, close your eyes, and see which feels right. 

How to use the healing crystals

Once you have purchased a crystal online, the next step is to set an intention on it. Hold it in your hand and visualize a white light going through it. An example of the intention is to think about enhancing the career and hoping that better opportunities open up at the workplace, by holding citrine.   

An intention could be set at any time, though many of the experienced healers advise individuals to keep crystals in sun for a few hours, to recharge them with solar energies. Another option is to keep them in a salt bath, which is helpful in getting rid of bad energies which may have been gathered in time.  Once the cleanliness has been completed, remember to reset your intention on it. 

For the intentions to work well, remember to keep the crystals close while using a healing crystals. Having them next to the bed or on the office desk would be idea.

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