5 Tips For Brewing Better Coffee At Home

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While it’s much easier to buy a fresh cup of coffee at your local cafe, nothing beats a hot cup of fresh coffee made at home. Better still, you don’t have to fork out $2 or $3 every time you make a cup of coffee. 

However, if you’re not used to brewing coffee, doing so can seem like a minefield. Don’t worry though, brewing coffee doesn’t have to be a challenge, and we’re here to help. 

With a bit of know-how and brewing knowledge, you can brew better coffee than the coffee served in your local cafe. To help you make the perfect coffee, I’ve put together a list that details 5 tips for brewing better coffee at home. 

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1.Fresh Whole Bean Coffee Is The Way To Go

We’ll start this list with our most important tip. In our opinion, the best thing you can do if you want to brew better coffee at home is start with fresh whole-bean coffee.   

One of the things that makes coffee taste and smell so good and complex is the aromatic compounds found in the coffee beans. However, after roasting, the compounds start to escape.  

They take all the delicious flavors with them, so you should only use fresh coffee and grind the beans just before your brew. This will maximize the flavor of your coffee, which is perfect. 

2.Store Your Coffee Correctly

Making a great cup of coffee isn’t just about choosing the best coffee. Choosing your favorite coffee is just one part of the equation. To make the best coffee time and time again, one thing you have to do is store your coffee correctly. 

Keeping your coffee safe will ensure it stays fresh and maintains its flavors. Luckily for us, storing coffee correctly is incredibly easy.  

To care for your coffee, store it in an airtight container. Then, keep the container in a cool, dark place. For example, don’t keep the container in a cupboard next to your stove. This simple step will ensure your coffee keeps that strong flavor we all love. 

3. Buy A Burr Grinder

To put it simply, you need a high-quality grinder if you want to brew the best coffee. When brewing coffee, the particle size of your ground determines how quickly the flavors are extracted. 

Smaller particles extract quicker than bigger particles. To make the best coffee, you need the coffee grounds to be the same size. This will ensure your coffee brews at the same rate. Therefore, you’ll need a grinder that lets you control the size of the coffee ground. 

A burr grinder can help you do just that. Burr grinders make it super easy to produce a specific coffee ground size. Some burr grinders even have more than 10 grind settings, making it even easier for you to produce the right ground size. 

4. Use Filtered Water To Make Your Coffee

There’s a good chance you’ve never thought about this tip before but it can make a huge difference to how your coffee tastes. It might surprise you but 98.5% of the coffee we drink is water.  

Therefore, the overall quality of the water we use to make our coffee is extremely important. With that in mind, we recommend using filtered water to make your coffee. This is particularly important if you know that your water tastes bad or has an odor. 

Generally speaking, tap water is pure enough for coffee brewing, but you might want to use water that’s been through filtration for the best-tasting coffee. You might even want to use bottled water. 

5. Always Weigh Out Your Coffee

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been in a rush before and quickly thrown two tablespoons of coffee into a cup and filled the cup with water. You can do this to make a nice coffee quickly but you should always try your best to avoid it. 

Instead, you should always weigh your coffee and water. Weighing out the correct measurements of coffee and water allows us to brew a cup of coffee with more precision. 

Measuring your coffee with more precision makes it much easier to make the perfect cup of coffee every time, no matter what type of coffee you use. 

Final Thoughts 

That concludes our list of tips for brewing better coffee at home. In this post, We’ve shown you 5 things you can do to brew better coffee.  

Now you have these tips, we recommend you take each one on board so that you can make the perfect coffee at home every time. 


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