5 Reasons To Have a Weekly Team Meeting

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Team Meeting

Although meetings sometimes get a bad rap, there are several reasons why having a weekly team meeting is important to your company’s overall success and your credibility as a leader. Here are five meeting functions to consider before striking a weekly gathering off your office calendar.

Connect With Everyone on a Personal Level

In an era in which so many people are working from home offices all over the world, it’s important to build relationships through personal connection. Team meetings allow you the opportunity to do that. Once you’ve mastered how to add virtual background in Teams, you can personalize your online meeting space to make everyone feel more connected to you and to each other. This adds to the overall team environment and lends a sense of personal responsibility to the work your employees do.

Make Sure Everyone on the Team Is Aligned

Excessive meetings are often said to harm productivity or serve as a time suck that takes away from the work at hand. However, a well-placed weekly meeting can actually serve to move the team forward toward a common goal, as it’s a time and place to make sure everyone is aligned and on the same page. Eliminating the team meeting will likely cost your company more time in the long run as 10 individual team members are likely to pursue 10 different goals rather than the one goal you want to reach as a group. If you are conducting your meetings virtually, you can further promote team cohesion by using Zoom immersive view backgrounds that position teammates in one room.

Share Important Information

One of the top complaints employees working on teams have is a lack of communication. With a weekly team meeting, you can lay a foundation of regular and effective communication in which every member of the team is alerted to crucial information at the same time. This ensures that no one feels left out or in the dark and builds team cohesion. Use free Zoom backgrounds office to display key announcements and get across your branded message for good meeting consistency and flow.

Ensure the Flow of Quality Feedback

Aim to start and end each of your weekly meetings with positive feedback. This encourages your workers and opens the door to providing constructive feedback on a consistent basis without it seeming too negative or forced. Further, it models how to open up about team strengths and weaknesses, which can make for more effective teamwork and lead to employees opening up to one another as well. When communication is open and honest, work often improves across the board.

Highlight Leadership Skills

Far from “showing them who’s boss,” a weekly meeting is an opportunity to establish and display effective leadership. This can and should be your own; employees feel more secure in their work when they know there is a clear leader and a defined direction. However, it can also be a chance to showcase the skill of individual team members as you give people a chance to own specific portions of the meeting. With this sense of ownership, team members often feel more engaged and invested in the work your team produces.

Making meetings work for you is well worth the effort, and you should see enhanced productivity as a result. 

Team Meeting