4 Interesting Things About Tattoo Festivals

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Tattoo festivals are an exciting event for anyone interested in tattoos and tattoo art, whether you’re simply a tattoo aficionado or a professional artist looking to expand your horizons. Tattoo festivals https://tattooawards.com/events offer a wide range of experiences and opportunities that you simply won’t find anywhere else. If you aren’t sure exactly why people flock to tattoo festivals every year, look at the following four interesting things about tattoo festivals. 

1. You get to see a wide variety of artwork styles

One of the best things about these events is that you get to see a wide variety of artwork styles from hundreds of different artists, as well as the many attendees of the actual festival. You’ll see everything from punk styles, to cute, to ultra-realism, and everything in between. If you’re the type of person who enjoys seeing tattoos live and in-person–there’s only so much you can get from a photo, after all–then you’ll love this experience. There are fewer places in the tattoo industry where you’ll be exposed to such a breadth of artistic styles. 

2. You can meet your favorite tattoo artists

Another exciting perk of tattoo festivals is the ability to meet your favorite tattoo artists. Many tattoo festivals will book popular artists for meet-and-greets, panels, group lessons, and even actual tattoo work; so, attending one of these guest-packed festivals is definitely your best shot at meeting a popular tattoo artist. Keep in mind that events related to these artists are often very popular, so arrive early to guarantee a spot at panels and similar events. 

3. Potential for booking spots with great artists

Most tattoo festivals aren’t just a simple celebration of all things tattoo: they’re an opportunity to get some work done. Artists will have open booking spots available, although you should note that these slots tend to fill up as soon as they are announced (which is often months in advance) for popular artists. Keep this in mind so that you don’t show up to the festival expecting to be able to walk in to a popular artist’s booth and get a spot. There may be walk-ins for less notable artists, but make sure you check with the festival to see whether or not reservations are required. 

4. You can see artists working up close

One of the major benefits of these events is the ability to see your favorite tattoo artists working up close. Most tattoo artists who open up slots at these types of festivals have open-style booths that allow and encourage spectators. In addition to simply being fun to watch your favorite artists at work, you’ll be able to see their various tricks of the trade and their overall tattooing process. This can be a great opportunity for fellow artists who want to improve their skills. 

Tattoo festivals are one of the most exciting events in the tattoo industry. The fact that they cater to everyone–from simple tattoo-lovers all the way to professional tattoo artists with decades in the business–makes them a diverse, fascinating event that should be on every tattoo-lover’s bucket list.

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