3 Tips for Getting Your Frozen Food Brand the Recognition It Deserves

by in Tattoo

Whether you are a new frozen food entrepreneur or have multiple years of experience in the industry, you know that freshness matters for your food product. That represents the starting point when it comes to packaging savvy. However, you can go far beyond that with your packaging choices and accomplish multiple goals such as environmental sustainability, cost savings, clever marketing and more. The solution? Digital printing technology.

Consider a Custom Branded Packaging

No matter what food product you sell, you deserve packaging that tells your story and that attracts new customers. A system that allows for lower costs and enables you to flex your creative muscles and showcase your passion for your product is a necessity in this competitive business. These 3 strategies can help you succeed:

  1. Bright graphics that stand out from your competitors
  2. Lower costs that leave room for creative marketing campaigns
  3. Printed mylar bags that lock in freshness while looking great

With mylar, you get a durable packaging material that protects your product from extreme temperatures as well as oxygen and humidity. It also allows for the smart use of custom packaging by incorporating features such as resealable options, high-barrier films, and if necessary child-resistant packaging. In the realm of sustainability, you can choose post-consumer recycling options that cut down on landfill waste.  

Combined with digital printing capabilities, your mylar packaging can use high-color graphics that look fantastic on the shelf or on the computer screen. With the look of premium packaging, customers will feel a sense of pride and brand identification when they choose your product. Digital printing also gives you the ability to do short initial runs without the burden of high expenses, and you can also change course quickly to take advantage of emerging market trends. All of this makes for desirable frozen food packaging for small business owners.

Try Smart Packaging

The sky is the limit with custom packaging options that increase your connection with your customers. For example, you can add a QR code to each package that allows customers to learn more about your product and verify its authenticity. Smart packaging lets you create nimble loyalty programs and to create rewards programs that have real meaning for your clients. It gives you another opportunity to differentiate your company from the competition.

This interactive approach works well with many products, including for custom coffee packaging.  An upgrade in your coffee packaging will ensure the freshness necessary to compete with all of the brands out there, while still offering you the ability to use quality graphics and the other features of flexible packaging. Digital printing also allows you to tell the story of your brand, indicating where the coffee beans were grown and under what conditions. More and more, customers want to connect with a responsible company and feel good about their purchases.

Flexible packaging with digital printing capabilities can help your company grow. The ability to build brand awareness while keeping costs low lets you more than hold your own in this competitive industry.