10 Modern Trouser Styles All Men Should Know

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Trouser Styles All Men

Men’s trousers are unlikely to be that part of the dress that you think of as very stylish. It is easy to just stick with plain suit trousers, with some jeans and chinos and think that that’s all there is to male trousers. It would not be surprising to find that many men just cycle around these three trouser types. If you are already feeling triggered, well, maybe it will help you to know that you are not alone. However, something else that you should know is that you can wear these three pairs of trousers in completely different styles. The constant evolution and ever-changing fashion trend mean that there are now plenty of options for you to choose from. Irrespective of your size, taste, budget, or the occasion. There is a style for everything. In case you are still in doubt, here are 10 modern men’s trouser styles you should know. 

Slim Jeans 

If the discussion is casual wear, then slim jeans have to be at the top of that discussion. Short people would appear to be drowning in their fabric if they wear loose-cut trousers. While bigger men would appear heavy at the top if they wear skinny-fit jeans. If you want a balance of both, you have it with slim jeans. 

The best quality of this style is that it appears good for anybody. What’s more? It goes with any kind of outfit. You can also wear this trouser style at any time of the year, depending on how you choose to combine your outfit. 

Straight-Leg Jeans 

This is another classic style for men’s trousers. According to the essay writing service, this style is not even a new style. It is one that has been around for a while now but is not going away any time soon. Although fashion trends come and go, this style has shown season after season that it will withstand the test of time, and be around for much longer. 

The fact that this style is easy to create is probably another reason why it has been around for so long and will continue to thrive.

Pleated Trousers 

Only men that were above the age of 70 had pleats on their trousers. But that trend has changed in recent times. With pleated trousers, men have more freedom to move. The loose cut allows you to be more comfortable, unlike the rest of them, he was only trying to get better swimming lessons. 

As good as pleated trousers are, they can also be hard to combine. This style works better when combined with something more relaxed. So, you can try out light-colored pleated jeans with an Oxford shirt, and an unstructured blazer for a start. Do not forget your footwear – black derby shoes might do the trick. 

Wool Trousers

Winter seasons can be a tough time for men as they struggle with how to keep their legs warm amidst a very limited option. However, wool trousers work well enough in a situation like that. 

Although wool trousers are technically classified under tailoring, they can be worn along with a pair of dress shoes and a blazer. So, why can’t it be a style of its own? This style is in fact, very versatile and can be worn to fit any occasion. For a weekend getaway, you can wear a pair of wool trousers with a tucked in long sleeve tee and a pair of trainers or canvas. 

Wide leg Chinos

Not everyone would love this style, at least not at first glance, but if you are able to bring yourself into giving wide-leg chinos a chance, you would see its benefits and might fall in love soon enough. This style has a relaxed cut that is very comfortable and allows you to give something contemporary to your outfit. These chinos particularly work well during the summer periods with an overall casual appearance. This style is cuffed just over the ankle. They can be paired with other clothes that are loosely fit such as hoodies, chore jackets, and boxy t-shirts with low-top trainers. 

Slim Chinos

If you are looking for a trouser style that is very accessible, then your preferred choice should be slim chinos. This style is very versatile and offers you something timeless and classic. Slim chinos have a flattering shape that makes it work very well for either formal or casual outfit. This pair of trousers are built to offer some comfort levels that you can’t get with denim. 

If you are looking for a smart-casual appearance, then slim chinos should be your first choice. You can wear it over a shirt and blazer or as a part of your business casual outfit. All you need to ensure is that you get the right fit. 

Jersey Joggers

Joggers are a very comfortable pair of trousers and are versatile enough to be worn during weekend errands, long haul flights, and everywhere around the house and the neighborhood. Although they can’t be considered an option for a corporate setting or as an office dress, they are comfortable enough for almost every other thing.

As athleisure continues to gain more prominence, there are different styles being developed to give you even more options for wearing the jersey joggers. You would even look smarter with a crew-neck sweatshirt and a pair of sneakers.

Technical Joggers

Technical joggers are very much like the traditional jersey joggers except that they are teched-out trousers and are not as versatile as well. When it comes to incorporating a trouser style into your wardrobe as part of your options for day-to-day clothing, technical joggers will fail you. But if you need a trouser style that is fitting to hit the gym or for using the track, then nothing comes close to technical joggers. 

When choosing a pair of technical joggers, you should look at the construction of the trouser and its material. Consider your comfort, breathability, and ability to wick moisture. 

Smart Joggers

As important as business outfits are, you would not want to pay less attention to casual wear as they are equally as important. The thing is, there is now a crossover between both types of outfit. These days, many people even turn up at dates and meetings putting on some joggers, as long as they are smart.

You can easily get tailored joggers that are comfortable and smart as part of your wardrobe. With smart joggers, you have a trouser style that you can wear with tailoring but it is free and comfortable for you to complete a full split. You can combine this style with a bomber jacket, Breton top, and white leather trainers. 

Dress Trousers

It would be impossible for any man to claim that they have a complete wardrobe without some sets of dress trousers. They are the commonest type of trousers and are most fitting for occasions such as a dinner or wedding. It also works well as a business outfit for office work too. 

If you are buying these trousers, you should consider the fit, color, and fabric. The latter two can be subjective but not the trouser fit. You also want to consider the leg length. Its hem should be just over your shoe, no longer or shorter than that. 


Who says a man can’t rock his suit trousers, jeans, and chinos in style? There are different modern styles and these are just a few. Irrespective of your size, taste, budget, or the occasion. There is a style for everything.



Trouser Styles All Men