Hottest accessories trends in 2020

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Hottest accessories

Do you have these accessories in your closet yet? If not, you’d better hurry up to go shopping to be in style for the rest of 2020. 

We get it, this year wasn’t exactly the year to show off all your gorgeous outfits since you could do literally anything in your pajama. But, we assure you that the ongoing global Coronavirus pandemic made your closet miss you. 

Now, despite being tempted to have “pajama day” every day during the lockdown, dressing up to work or study from home, even from your bed, is actually great for staying productive and motivated. 

Good! Now that we’ve convinced you that spending most of your time at home doesn’t mean that you should put fashion on pause, it’s time you throw in some accessories too Recycled Shirts For Women. 

Here are the hottest accessories trends for this year. Spoiler alert: some of them are long-expected comebacks. 

Chunky boots

Shoe trends have changed a lot over the years, especially over the past several seasons. Casual sneakers transformed into ladylike pumps. And now, us ladies have all sorts of shoes in our closet. 

This year, as the sweater weather approaches, designers have prepared the chunky boots for us. What to expect? Boots that feature a low heel and rubber platform. 

The good news is that they are perfect for any type of outfit, be it for a night out or a walk through the park. Your feet will be warm and dry, and your outfit will get a grunge twist. 

Holy veils

Yes, you’ve read that right: veils are no longer for brides to wear only. 

Holy veils are a new fall trend in terms of accessories. If you are shopping for a bridal look, check out Tom Ford’s veils. If you are looking for a more clerical style, Richard Quinn has it. As for a vixenish look, you can find it at Anna Sui. What’s more, Paco Rabanne can help you achieve an extremely hardcore style with its chain-mail head wraps. 

Whatever style you’re after, these veils will certainly make your video calls more exciting. 

Color sunglasses frames

Whether it’s cold or warm outside, sunglasses are a must-have accessory. This year, designers are encouraging us to get bold with our sunglasses frames and go for vibrant color frames to add drama to our outfits. 

Look for the top fashionable sunglasses of 2020 and choose the ones that match best with what’s inside your closet. 

Snuggly scarves

Since we have been in lockdown for a long time now, and no one knows exactly when we’ll be able to leave our homes and show off with our outfits downtown, comfort has become paramount in our sedate lifestyles

Michael Kors, Jil Sander’s Luke, and Lucie Meier are only a few of the designers who are bringing comfort in style this autumn. We’ll be able to wear wraps, blankets, stoles, and soft scarves to wrap ourselves in for warmth and, well, comfort. 

Think of these comfort pieces as accessories that you can wear both while working or studying from home or later in the cold months if we’ll soon be able to leave our homes. 

Bucket bags

Over the past seasons, bags have become more and more stylish. Handbags are no longer just an accessory that holds all your goods. They are now the accessory that can complete your look. 

Now, bucket bags aren’t necessarily a new trend, and they have never really out of style. Yet, this year, they are making a strong comeback with various stunning options from designers. Louis Vuitton is bringing the soft silhouette bucket bag, while Channel is giving us the Barbie-esque design. 

What’s more, this season, you can give up the plain traditional shades such as black, grey, or white, because there are so many other color options out there, including pink, blue, or marigold. 

Elbow-length gloves

Elbow-length gloves, also known as opera gloves, is a trend that has been around since at least the late 18th century. They scream “elegance” out loud, and since they’ve been around, they have been associated with luxury (because not everyone afforded to go to the opera back in the 18th century). 

Now, in today’s modern world, when we all have our smartphones in our hands all day long, the opera gloves may be out of this context. However, it seems like they are making a massive comeback as celebrities like Rihanna, Margot Robbie, and Zoe Kravitz show. 

You can find knit options at The Row or highlighted glamour of debutante-worthy gauntlets at Moschino or Marc Jacobs. 

Square toe strappy sandals

When it comes to shoes, trends come and go. But there’s one trend that will always remain in style: a sleek pair of sandals. 

This year, designers have given us the square toe strappy sandals. A flattering design and a strappy finish that will make any elegant or casual outfit have a unique silhouette. 

The square toe strappy sandals are better worn during the warm months. You can also add a pair of sheer tights or socks and wear them during colder months too. 

Soft clutches

Put the large bags aside because this year is all about soft clutches. 

This oversized and plush accessory can be worn for any occasion and with any outfit, just like designer Bottega Veneta has shown us all. 

But, the best part is that they are easy to carry and they have a lot of room inside for everything you want to take with you when going out. 

Padded Headbands

Watch out, Upper East Siders! Blair Waldorf’s padded headbands are back in style. But, let’s be honest, they can do wonders in case you’re having a bad hair day. 

Prada made the padded headbands hot again in 2020, so this accessory is making a comeback to challenge our inner Blair Waldorfs. 

What’s great about these padded headbands is that they can easily be incorporated into everyday outfits and transform them into something a lot more extravagant.  

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