List Of The Torrent Z Proxy Sites You Can Access In 2020

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Torrent Z Proxy

Torrent Z Proxy sites can help you to get your favorite torrent media if you are not able to access the Torrentz website. The proxy or mirror websites of the original Torrentz site is a reliable way to access all the available contents. The user-interface, features, and functions of the proxy websites remain the same as the original website. You can get Torrent z proxy sites unblocked using a reliable VPN. Reading this post until the end can help you to get several ways to access the content of the Torrentz website. Let’s start! 

About Torrent Z

When the torrent sites started to launch globally, users found it difficult to find on search engines like Google and others. There was a dire need for a search engine where users can browse all the available torrent files. It is not necessary that all the torrent trackers available on the Internet have relevant data for you. This is why it can take some time to find the right torrent source. The inception of Torrentz made it easy to index all those torrent files available online. 

Torrentz is also referred to as the Google of the torrent search. You can find the most relevant results for your search on this torrent search engine. Yet, it is difficult to access Torrentz these days. After the lawsuit, it has changed its name to Torrentz2. You can access the website through Torrent z proxy. 

How Does Torrentz Work?

Torrentz is a search engine where you can browse through torrent files. The search engine accesses the torrent websites by using their hash table value. All the Torrent z proxy and mirror websites can help you to get info from all torrent websites from the world. The proxy websites check seeders and peers using different torrent trackers so that you can get accurate info on the health and availability of the torrent. Once you know the status of the torrent, you can download it on your device. 

How Is It Useful For The Users? 

Torrent z proxy can be helpful for you as you can get high-quality torrents from across the Internet. With the use of the Torrentz2 proxy, you can access the comment section of the site. Here, you can see the user’s feedback regarding the quality of the downloaded torrent content. 

List Of The Torrent Z Proxy Websites

Now that you are aware of the use of Torrent z proxy, you can access them using the below-listed links: 


Use Of VPN To Unblock The Torrentz Proxy 

Accessing the torrentz proxy website, you can reap its multifaceted benefits. However, it has its own sets of downsides. Lack of sufficient protection stands on the top of its demerits. However, using a VPN to access the Torrent z proxy can help you to overcome this major shortcoming of the site. VPN is a private network that can be used as a public network. It enables the site users to send and receive data, making it look like a public network. 

Using a reliable VPN to access the Torrentz proxy websites, you can hide your browsing from any other entities. Besides, everything you do on a proxy network remains safe. However, you should not conclude that you can do whatever you want when using a VPN. When a VPN service has so much to offer, select a high-quality VPN provider to access the proxy websites of the original website with the utmost safety. 

Best Alternatives Of Torrentz 

Apart from using a VPN to access the original site’s proxy, you can also use the alternative websites of Torrentz. These websites can help you to get all your torrent media such as movies, TV shows, games, applications, and much more. Below is the list of some of the best Torrentz alternatives sites that can offer the same functions as the primary website: 

1: The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is among the best alternatives for Torrentz proxy you can use. It is one of the most popular public torrent databases you may find on the Internet. If torrentz2 proxy being like Google for torrents, then The Pirate Bay can take it to the next level. Furthermore, the look of the website is very much similar to Google’s search engine result page. Moreover, it also offers an intelligible category of torrents so that you can find suitable content with the utmost ease. 

2: Kickass Torrents

If you don’t want a Torrent z proxy, then Kickass Torrents is the next alternative for this torrent search engine. Kickass Torrents came into existence in 2008 and is one of the leading torrent websites on the Internet. The huge database of the website offers more than 10 million torrents that are trying to shout out loud on the Internet. Also, it has an API and efficient indexing system with more than nine categories. Besides, there is a community to decide the quality of torrents by voting on their health and relevance. Above all, you can use its request section to request your favourite torrents. 

3: ExtraTorrent

The next Torrentz alternative is Extratorrent that has several mirror websites. The users of the site can download and upload torrents here. The website has a friendly user interface where you can easily search for high-quality torrents with absolute ease. Besides, the website has a vibrant community that devices the health of the torrents available on the site.


Lastly, we have EZTV as the Torrent z proxy alternative that can provide similar features and functions. You can use the mirror websites of the EZTV to get tons of torrent content. The user-friendly interface helps the users to easily navigate through the site. Moreover, you can also find the website’s suggested content to get some really cool movies and shows. However, if you are looking for some particular torrent media, then the search function available on the homepage can be helpful for you. 


If you are unable to access the Torrentz, then we have covered several ways to access the Torrent z proxy. Besides, you can also find the use of a VPN to access the torrents with the utmost safety. The Torrentz alternatives can also help you to get the features of the original site we have listed for you in this post. If you like more awe-inspiring posts from us, pay a visit to our blog section. 

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