Is It Time for a Couples Tattoo?

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Johnny Depp has a tattoo that reads “Wino Forever.” And there’s the story behind that. A number of years ago, he was in a serious relationship with Winona Ryder – serious enough that he got a tattoo that said “Winona Forever.” You guessed it. The relationship ended, and he had the “na” at the end of her name removed.

Still, tattoos are a couple’s thing, if they believe they are in their relationship for the long term. And if that ink design is meaningful and the right tattoo artist is found, they can be a great way to show the world their love.

But just in case a breakup should come down the road, stick with a tattoo that will still have meaning to you. If you were to get on a dating app to meet singles, and the tattoo of your former love’s name is in clear view in your photo, it would not be cool.

Some Ideas for Couple Tattoos

You can go in many directions, but here are a few ideas.

Matching Tattoos

These are popular for a couple of reasons. They are symbolic of two people being the “perfect” match for one another. But, if you do break up, the ink you sport will not signify that there should be another half. Here’s a few ideas:

  • Matching diamonds: Diamonds are a precious gem and that’s what you two are to each other. And there are all sorts of options for placements, sizes, and even colors.
  • Matching Hearts: These are pretty popular too. But it could spark some questions if you are single again, especially if it’s half a heart.
  • Sun and Moon: These are also popular and come in all sizes, colors, and placements.
  • Matching feathers: Here’s a place where creativity can come in. How about vibrant colors? And the type of feather can be symbolic too – an eagle or a hawk to symbolize the strength of your relationship; a dove to symbolize love and comfort; an owl to symbolize the wisdom of your choice to be a couple.

Matching tattoos can also make statements about the couple. Hippies of the 60s might sport matching peace signs; power couples might have matching martini glasses.

Humorous and “Cute” Tattoos

Some couples put a lot of emphasis on the “fun” aspect of their relationship. And their couple tattoos can reflect this:

  • Pacman on one; one of his power “pills” on the other
  • A potato on one; a bag of French fries on the other
  • Puzzle pieces that “fit”

Think about things you do together and get a bit creative with your ideas. Once you have the right idea and get the ink, you’ll smile every time you look at them.

Niche Tattoos

This is a category related to fandom. These tattoos can relate to anything that you and your mate share related to movies, cartoons, anime, etc. – anything from Hello Kitty to Star Wars.

  • How about Pokémon? Espeon and Umbreon can be seen as the yin and yang of a love match. Or how about matching love balls?
  • Disney presents all sorts of possibilities – Beauty and the Beast or Mickey and Minnie, for example.
  • Star Wars may be a fav of both of you. How about matching light sabers or the two original robots? One thing to remember here: these tattoos may be quite complex and will not work on small spaces, like fingers or ankles.

Classic Tattoos

Yes, there are classics that never really go out of style. But with some creativity and thought, you can make them unique to you. Classic tattoos can be small – on a finger or wrist – or larger and more elaborate for arms, legs, etc.

  • King and Queen: These can be in the form of actual crowns, of course, but how about playing cards? 
  • Hearts with an infinity sign superimposed: a great symbol of eternal love. And they can work on fingers if you want an understated effect. Check out ideas on any of a number of online tattoo design sites.
  • Love birds: Each of you will sport one of these, maybe in a kissing position.
  • Nautical signs: An anchor and a wheelhouse wheel go well together. Again check out nautical tattoos for some ideas that may strike a nerve.
  • A Pinkie Promise: Each of you can get matching tattoos of your pinkie fingers entwined and even put a date of your marriage or commitment.

Start With the Notion That Tattoos are Permanent

Here’s the thing to remember. When you get a tattoo of any kind, you need to think about it being a permanent decoration on your body, even a couple’s tattoo.

Of course, if there’s a breakup, and your tattoo is too revealing of that relationship, you will have some explaining to do to any new squeeze you hook up with.

Of course, there is always laser removal – painful and pricey.

Then there are some other considerations. While societal norms have changed and tattoos are very commonplace now, if you sport ink that is too suggestive or a bit obscene and in a highly visible place, you could turn off a potential employer.

The bottom line? Think about how you want to express your love with ink, choose a couple’s tattoo that fits the two of you, and consider all of the possible consequences.

And above all? Choose your artist with great care.


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