Hard Folding vs Roll Up Tonneau Cover: How To Choose the Best Tonneau for Your Truck

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Tonneaus Cover

Pickup trucks can be some of the best vehicles on the market. They are practical, comfortable and they look great. They are even better when you have the right accessories. Truck bed covers called Tonneaus Cover are among the most popular accessories. There are many styles including hard, folding covers, and roll-up covers. Below is some information to help you choose the right one for your truck.

Hard Folding Covers

These covers have several sections that can be folded on top of each other to open the cover. They can be made of several different materials but aluminum with foam cores is the most common construction. Folding covers are often the best insulated truck bed cover options. So, if keeping things warm or cool is a priority, consider one of these.

They are also usually the best option for security. The hard construction means that no one can reach in easily. That includes both would-be thieves and any curious animals. By the same token, they tend to be useful for keeping rain and snow out. Some folding covers can support hundreds of pounds of snow on top of them.

Depending on the model, some folding covers prevent the tailgate from being used when the cover is shut. However, some have specially designed seals that allow free movement of the tailgate.

Roll Up Covers

Roll up covers are significantly simpler than folding covers. They are simply a soft material that can be rolled up like a rug towards the cab. There is a very wide range of quality between different roll-up covers. Some are designed to be as basic as possible, acting essentially like a tarp that stays connected to the bed. Others are designed to make a watertight seal with the sides of the bed.

For example, the TruXedo Lo Pro is a high-quality roll-up cover. It is made from a premium vinyl and has an automatic tension system that helps to keep a good seal in all weather conditions.

These covers are usually the easiest to operate and typically do not interrupt using the tailgate. However, they may have fewer features than some other options.

Choosing Between the Two

Deciding which type of Tonneaus Cover is right for you can be difficult. For many people, any cover that is waterproof will do the trick. So, the decision often comes down to styling and operation preference. Of course, budget is a big component too. Roll-up covers are usually the cheapest variety and folding covers are the most expensive.

If you like in an area with significant rainfall or snowfall, consider getting a hardcover. These usually can support more weight on them. Otherwise, just pick the option that works for your budget and has the features that work for your unique requirements.

Get a Tonneau Cover Today

Tonneaus Cover is a great accessory for your pickup truck. When you have the right cover for your truck, you can be sure that your belongings in the bed will be properly protected. Get a cover and some other accessories for your pickup today.

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