How to Pull Off a Floor Plan Remodel That Moves the Kitchen

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How to Pull Off a Floor Plan Remodel That Moves the Kitchen.

In Need of an Update

How to Pull Off a Floor Plan Remodel That Moves the Kitchen. With a little ingenuity and creativity, any room can be redesigned to better suit the needs of a family.

After the 1960s ranch home was updated, the kitchen felt closed off and uninspiring because it was located at the back of the home and had no connection between it and other areas. A remodeling improved not only this area, but also other parts of the home: such as the living room/dining room.

Floor Plan Details

Repositioning the kitchen near the front door allows family members to bring in groceries or pack up their gear quickly. Custom upper and lower cabinets line three walls of the room, designated for storage of cookware, small appliances, and dry ingredients; a bar-height counter along the fourth wall facilitates casual meals and homework sessions.

A desk in the nearby built-ins is an accessible work station for paying bills or sending emails — and the centrally located computer is convenient for everyone to use and helps parents keep an eye on children’s online activity.

Snack Time

Open shelving creates an easy-to-reach snack central. Clear jars with rubber-gasket lids allow the contents to show and stay fresh longer.

Organize with Open Shelves

Discover how to use open shelving in your kitchen to maximize food storage.

Essential Drop Zone

A wall just inside the front door creates a clutter-stopping entrance. It has two narrow closets: One near the door collects coats and footwear, while the other is 9 inches deep and collects bags and wallets off of counters. There are hooks for hanging up backpacks, jackets, and outerwear; as well as shelves to keep bags and wallets off of countertops in the kitchen. The entry also has charging stations for electronic devices.

Recycling Center

Underneath the peninsula, there are two recycle bins with a simple pullout. It’s located in the perfect spot so that you can easily access it without having to go in the work zone.

Pullout Storage

A pullout lower cabinet is perfect for storage. The divide can be set up to separate baking pans of different sizes and types for ease of use.

Boost Kitchen Storage

Is it time to give your kitchen a makeover? These smart upgrades could transform it from cramped and cluttered to spacious and streamlined.

Built-In Bliss

The built-in desk spans the length of the room, incorporating bench seating, display space, and a work area. To the left of the workstation sits an hutch-style cabinet with a counter-height section that holds a printer and electronics; drawers below are reserved for school supplies and backpacks/ coats.

Get Low

Toe-kick drawers are perfect for storing placemats, serving dishes, trays, and other less-used items. Since they’re out of the way, you can put them in the easiest-to-access spot: below your cabinets.

Below the Banquette

Stacked tablecloths, decorations, and dishes can be stored underneath the banquette bench. Drawers act as dividers to stabilize the stacked items.

Entertainment Zone

Shiplap walls connect the dining room and the living area. A vaulted ceiling and exposed beams are found in both rooms, which makes it easy for people to pass from one zone to the next. Three bookcases near the living area can contain mementos and electronics, which will encourage friends or family members in other zones to enjoy movies and music. A tray also lets the ottoman double as a coffee table, so it doesn’t have to be shoved into a tiny corner of your living room space.

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