How to promote your business on instagram

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There is no universal instruction and never will be. But there are general recommendations, they took shape as a result of long observations of market leaders and reading smart books. However, these recommendations are relevant for any advertising activity. Today you will learn how to promote your business if you don’t want to buy Instagram followers often.

Start with a goal

SMM does not require large financial costs, which is why many managers neglect meaningfulness. They create an account for the sake of being there and because everyone already has one. The lack of a clear goal will drag time and money into endless problems, they will disappear and bring nothing to you.

The purpose of the advertisement must be specific and realistic. But do not point out what you are unable to influence. The temptation to aim for abstract success is always strong. Just as great is the temptation to set a goal in the world of your business and forget about the problems, desires and emotions of the consumer.

If you don’t know why you are promoting your account, all you have to do is constantly buy real Instagram followers. This is certainly an effective way that guarantees you an increase in the audience, but it should not be used very often.

If you are, for example, the owner of a coffee shop, then you need to set the following goals:

  • show that your coffee is prepared by professional baristas;
  • tell that you deliver the goods in two hours;
  • thank everyone who chose your company;
  • show what cool drinks you are preparing.

The right goal will help you get the message across, making the ad lively and interesting.

People want to be taken care of. Show care and then you will receive the love and trust of the client. An increase in loyalty, an increase in the number of subscribers is a consequence of your actions and an indicator of whether you have set the right goal.

Think about user needs

This is about the right goal and the right advertising campaign in general. We are constantly shutting down our side of the business and forgetting to get out into the world of the client. Think about whether a person needs what you offer him? Ask a friend, ask your wife. Abstract and be honest.

If you offer coffee to go, then speed and quality are important for the consumer, not assortment. Show your barista at work or take a picture of the perfect cappuccino, sign that you will make such a cappuccino in 50 seconds and invite users to come and see for yourself.

If you produce clothes in a factory in Germany, then it is not enough for the client to just know about it. Show the sewing shop and explain how this affects the products.

Engage influencers

Instagram is a visual blog, you can show a product in person here not only in a corporate account. Involve popular bloggers in advertising and give product samples to ordinary people. Let customers talk about the product in their account.

Invite users to post a photo of your product and describe its qualities in a comment. Over time, you can automate the process of interaction between the advertiser and the performer. For each performer and for each advertising campaign, generate statistics or collaborate with specialists who will help you with this.

Entertain and be unforgettable

Instagram is great for competitions, relay races, and all photography-related activities. Come up with a funny hashtag and invite users to compete for a prize. Arrange a flash mob, tell us about how you produce a product, figure out how to cheer and please users. Don’t be too serious, leave an important tone and a guaranteed effective advertising slogan.

Pay attention to beauty

On this platform, everyone wants not only to see real life stories, but also to get aesthetic pleasure from the picture. No wonder you are given so many filters and settings, use them to the fullest.

Don’t try to fool the audience

This rule is violated most often. The worse the reality, the more filters advertisers impose. And the more obvious the falsehood becomes. Just don’t say you have the best if you don’t. Don’t promise if you can’t deliver.

A real photo of a real product with an honest description works better and makes you hold the bar high. Deception and falsehood are exposed at once and leave a bad reputation behind your product.

Even a like from a corporate account can be honest. Timberland can like a photo of a user who takes a photo of their pair of boots and puts a hashtag with the brand name. RedBull will like a photo with a branded hashtag if it shows energy, extreme and freedom. And these will be honest likes, which are very nice to receive.