Globetrotting Glam: A Guide to Maintaining Your Wig’s Beauty While Traveling

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Many people, including myself, have the desire to travel the world and personally encounter various cultures. Maintaining a faultless look when traveling provides some difficulties for someone who wears wigs to mask their hair loss. I’ve developed a number of methods for keeping my wigs glamorous across time zones after years of business and leisure travel.

Pack light

My wig maintenance packing philosophy is “less is more.” While still taking the necessities for simple maintenance, I try to pack as lightly as possible. I begin by selecting each item that will go in my carry-on with care. To keep the wig in place during flights and to reposition it if necessary, extra bobby pins, hair clips, and wig grips are a necessity. I also keep a tiny spray bottle in my toiletry bag that is mixed with water and conditioner. Between thorough washing, misting the wig with this solution helps the fibers rehydrate and regain their softness and luster. 

For complete wig versatility, I used to travel with full-size style tools like curling wands and flat irons, but I’ve come to realize that these are rarely needed. Any advantages are outweighed by the trouble of transporting large, heavy appliances and plugging them in at each location. Since my butterfly box braids won’t likely stay precisely curled throughout travel, I now leave larger styling tools behind and accept that it might go primarily straight or wavy instead.

Roll, don’t fold

I never fold my wig; instead, I always roll it up to keep its shape and condition when traveling.  The wig cap might become permanently wrinkled as a result of folding it, creating unsightly ridges underneath. I place the rolled wig inside a zippered pouch designed especially for cosmetics or lingerie to give it more security while in travel. The wig is cushioned and protected without tangling in these pouches thanks to their plush interior lining. The tight zipper guarantees that the wig won’t unroll inside my suitcase while I’m traveling. 

Be gentle

Even the gentlest brush strokes cause individual fibers and the wefts from which the wig is formed to be pulled. The linkages between strands and wefts become weaker with repeated manipulation, hastening tangling and shedding. When wigs are more frequently jostled in luggage and exposed to various temperatures and humidity levels at each new destination, this wear and tear builds up quickly throughout travel.

I make an effort to avoid completely combing or restyling my FANCIVIVI wig between stops unless it is absolutely required in order to reduce this kind of travel-related damage. Rather, I fluff the style with my fingers to provide volume and “reshape” the wig by merely moving the portion. I reach for a specialist wig vent brush when I do need to untangle any small knots that form.

Pick out low-upkeep design

I always pick wig designs that need little to no upkeep daily while traveling for a lengthy trip.  My wig stays generally intact between locations with only slight fluffing and readjusting by choosing protective styles like braided wigs, updo wigs, or Knotless Twist ones. My go-to for extended travel is a braided wig. After being fused together and bonded at the ends, the individual braids seldom ever require styling. The style can remain for days without losing its shape as long as I lightly mist the braids with water and conditioner to keep them flexible.  Braided wigs are also hard to tangle and snag on baggage or clothing due to their tightly woven design.

Let it breathe

Whenever possible, take your wig off at night and let your scalp have some air. Even a few hours without your wig on can give both your head and your wig a much-needed break. Your wig will become less oily and retain more of its shape.

While traveling, try using alternate chemicals you already have on hand to clean and refresh your wig in between washes since you won’t have access to all of your typical wig care products. Dry shampoo, coconut oil, and tea tree oil can all help give your wig new life until you get home.

Make time for self-care

You deserve some time alone to unwind and refuel, even when you’re in a new location. Just 15 or 20 minutes a day should be set aside in your hotel or Airbnb for self-care. Do whatever helps you relax, whether it’s to meditate, write in a notebook, or take a bath. While you’re away from home, a little me time will allow your wig to “breathe” and keep its integrity.


In conclusion, traveling with a wig doesn’t have to be a hassle. With these simple tricks, you’ll be on your way to donning dazzlingly delightful wigs no matter where in the world you roam. Therefore, gather your necessities, get your passport, and proceed to the airport; the world is waiting! Your wig will be there behind you, still lovely and dazzling after a little bit of travel maintenance.