Top 10 Tattoo Cover up Ideas and Designs

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Tattoo Cover up Ideas

Covering tattoos is a tattoo removal procedure that has gained popularity in recent years. It can be performed on both amateur and professional tattoos, as well as old or new ones.

If you wonder how to cover a tattoo – this article will provide you with all the information you need! In this article you will know about Top 10 Tattoo Cover up Ideas and Designs.

What is a cover-up tattoo?

A tattoo cover-up is a process where someone’s old and faded tattoos are covered with new ink. It can also cover an unwanted or unplanned tattoo, such as one done by a drunk friend!  It can also be a scar cover up tattoo, from a surgery done in the past or some injury that left marks on your body. 

In percentage ratio, around 40% of adults in America are estimated to have at least one tattoo. This number is much higher for people between 18 and 29 years old, where almost 60% percent of them reported having a tattoo. According to statistics, more than half of people with tattoos have at least one tattoo they want to cover up.

How does cover-up work?

A tattoo cover-up works by covering up part of a previous tattoo with another design. It is usually done using black ink to make the finished result look like one solid piece. This process can be very difficult and time-consuming, making it more expensive than having an original tattoo inked in the first place.

Colors used to conceal a tattoo

The best color for concealing a tattoo is usually green, followed by purple and then blue. These colors work better than others, such as yellow or orange, because they are opposite to the original design’s redness and darkness. 

However, it should be noted that tattoos may also appear distorted using some colors, so this needs to be factored in when choosing the best color to use.

Tattoo cover-up ideas 

A tattoo cover-up is exactly as it sounds. And if you haven’t found a design, idea, or pattern that you love for your new tattoo, this may be the best option available to you, especially when traditional tattoos aren’t an option anymore. The only problem with doing a cover-up is choosing which one will work great and look amazing on your skin. And if you want to make sure that’s exactly what happens we have a list of the top ten tattoo cover ideas and designs out there for your consideration.However, there is another viable solution, such as doing a complete tattoo removal. Checking out some examples of tattoo removal before and after can help you decide if this would be something suitable for you.

Colorful cover-up tattoos

Colorful cover-up tattoos are becoming very popular. They give the wearer a chance to change their look without getting re-inked and maintain the meaning behind your original tattoo idea.

Colorful cover-up tattoos can be done with a clean, new tattoo or on top of your old cover-up for cool color contrast. The best part about colorful cover-up tattoos is that can mix up shades of colors to create beautiful tattoo designs. 

Great ideas for blackout tattoos

Blackout tattoos are a great way to cover up your old tattoo with something new. They’re just solid black ink, which makes them the best option for covering an older design that needs completely camouflaging or if you have lots of different ideas but don’t want anything too colorful on your skin. 

They’re easier to maintain than a traditional tattoo because there’s no color. Plus, they don’t look too out of place with regular clothes on top of your solid black area, unlike brightly colored tattoos.

Arm sleeve

Arm sleeve cover-up tattoo

Many people want to cover up their tattoos with a sleeve. It is one of the most popular ways because it can give you great results and, at the same time, it’s not expensive.

But before you decide to do it, there are some things you must know. First of all, think about what kind of design do you want for your tattoo cover-up sleeve. You can have an arm with a whole different design or just have it filled in with the color that suits best the one on top of it. Keep in mind that the more detailed the design is, the harder it will be to get it right.

Cover-up tattoo for back

Cover-up tattoos for the back require a good amount of experience in drawing and painting to come up with something better than what you originally have. 

Cover-up tattoo for legs

A cover-up tattoo on the leg is also frequently used for cover-up tattoos. Many people with tattoos even get them off the same size. 

Cover-up tattoos in the case of legs are usually made with black ink and they serve as a good replacement for the old tattoo.

Tribal designs

Tribal designs are a classic choice for a tattoo cover-up. 

They are bold and can be designed to fit your arm or leg, which is why we see tribal tattoos often used as tattoo cover-ups. 

Tribal designs look great in black and grey tones, but you could also use color if you like too.

animal design tattoo

Animal designs 

Animal designs are a great idea for tattoo cover-ups because they allow you to get a unique design while still covering the previous one. They can also be very edgy and cool, especially in black and white or with more abstract shapes. In addition, animal tattoos often come in color, which adds a nice pop as well.

Floral designs for cover-up tattoos

These look like traditional tattoos. The advantage of these is that they are very delicate and will not overshadow the design underneath them but instead be an alternative to it. These can also work to ease into more colorful designs because they seem familiar at first glance.

Traditional cover-up tattoo ideas

Traditional cover-up tattoo ideas are done by matching the old color of a traditional style tattoo with black ink. This gives the tattoo more of a traditional look.

Some more popular traditional cover-up ideas are portrait tattoos, small writing tattoos, and tribal designs that can be covered with any color but black.

Ideas for a small cover-up tattoo

A small cover-up design will require something simple and not too intricate. Here are some ideas to try:

  • A single flower;
  • Small amounts of flowers or plants like ivy;
  • Tribal designs (not the entire tattoo);
  • Scriptwriting with your favorite quote inside it (this can be placed anywhere on the body);
  • A person’s name is done in scriptwriting (this can be placed anywhere on the body).

person name tattoo

Tips to maintain your cover-up tattoo

Listen to your tattoo artist

Your tattoo artist is the best person to tell you how exactly your tattoo should look. If you want your cover-up tattoo to look like the real thing, make sure you do as he says.

Avoid wiping your tattoo

Paper products tend to be too abrasive and may cause your tattoo to scab prematurely. Instead, opt for a soft washcloth that has not been breached to avoid irritation of the fresh tattoos’ pigment colors.

If you notice scabbing on your tattoo, do not try to pick or peel it away. This may cause the ink to fade and result in a poor quality cover-up and an unsightly scar. Instead, apply tea tree oil directly onto the affected area for five minutes before rinsing with soap and water.

Use only antibacterial soap 

It is very important to keep your tattoo as clean as possible after you get it covered. Use only antibacterial soap for washing, and moisturize daily with a good cream. 

Avoid excess water

Avoid excess water during the healing process. This includes showering, hot tubs, and swimming pools.

Water will not only delay the healing process but can also distort your final tattoo design if it is applied too soon or for an extended time. 

Avoid sunlight

You should avoid being in bright sunshine or exposing your covered tattoo to sunlight for at least two weeks. Sunlight can cause your skin to fade, and you want your tattoo cover-up to look its best.

Be patient with the healing process

Your new tattoo will be slightly different than the old one, especially with heavy coverage. The more time you can spend letting your new cover-up heal without any stress or tension on it, the better result you’ll get in the long run.


What is a tattoo сover up? Anyone who has had to cover up an old, unwanted tattoo knows that it can be one of the most frustrating and difficult tasks. A good tattoo cover-up might not only help you forget about your past mistakes, but it could even end up looking better than the original artwork! No matter what type of design you are considering for your new ink – here are 10 great ideas to get started with.

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