Easy Tattoo Designs for Beginners That Look Good

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Easy Tattoo Designs for Beginners That Look Good

Do you know that the art of tattooing dates back to 3370 and 3100 BC? Well, of course, it is in trends now, and almost everyone has one tattoo. However, not many know that is has evolved over the centuries. Here, we will give you an idea about some easy tattoo designs to introduce you to the world of imprinting your body. These permanent works of art have a lot to convey, and you must explore it all.

Easy tattoos for beginners

There are various kinds of tattoos people make. Some like to make more prominent tattoos on their body as they want to make a tattoo cover for them. Decades ago, more prominent symbols were prevalent in criminals or gang members, so some people still avoid getting them. But there is nothing to worry about it, as there are several options for you.

There are straightforward designs or symbols with deep meanings that you can use for your idea of a tattoo. Moreover, small and simple techniques will not give you so much pain. The best thing about getting small tattoos is that you can hide them from the world. Thus, it will not create professional issues, if any.

Easy tattoo designs

Here are some easy tattoo designs for you

Roman Numbers

If there is a date very close to your heart, it can be your birthday or anniversary. You can get a tattoo of that date in roman numbers. It will be a simple yet meaningful mark on your body.

Roman Number tattoos make for an exciting addition on one’s bodies as they look unconventional and cool.


It is one of the most common tattoos in the easy tattoo designs category. The term ‘Belief’ makes a person fight all the obstacles and move forward in the life path.


This little tattoo of ‘faith’ on your body will always remind you to have confidence in yourself and the universe. No matter what comes in front of you, you will overcome it. It is also one of the most common easy tattoo designs. Yet, it symbolizes something that brings all of us together in this world.

Flower Tattoo

A flower represents a blooming soul. You will always have a positive vibe around you, and it will remind you that every time you smile, you look like a flower spreading good vibes.

Flower tattoos are simple designs that make for a cute addition to one’s body. You can keep the flower minimalistic or add intricate details to make it complicated and exciting.

easy tattoo designs


It is best for animal lovers. If you love your little friend and want to do something that will always remind you of them, you can get tiny paw tattoos. They are cute, small, and will always tell you of your baby.

Getting a paw tattoo will show that you have your pet or a specific animal always in your heart, and it could also mean that they follow you around. To make the tattoo more attractive, you could make the paw very specific to a particular animal’s feet so that the tattoo signifies your spirit animal on your body.

Feather Tattoo

A feather tattoo is a symbol of freedom. The tattoo is a sign that you are independent; you have your freedom. You can do everything that makes you happy.

Feather tattoos are chic and cool for most women. They add a touch of softness to the tattoo, given the properties and the symbolic importance of a feather.


The lifeline tattoo is the cutest yet the most meaningful one. It symbolizes the lines of ongoing life. Heartbeat tattoos are quite common. Having one of these tattoos could find you similar tattoo friends, too, if you think of it that way.

Dream Catcher

People often hang dream catchers in their house, and it says that the dream catcher is symbolic of a catcher that catches pleasant dreams and sends them to you. Getting a dream catcher tattoo means that you are the one who will capture their dreams and make them come true.


A rose tattoo is one of the simple tattoo designs for girl that represents a lot more than we can think. Rose is not only a symbol of beauty, but it has a deep meaning behind it. The thorns mean that you have to go through a lot before reaching something precious. Nothing comes for free.


A sunflower blooms every morning when the sunray reaches it. This tattoo means that a new day brings new opportunities and happiness in your life, making you shine. A sunflower on your arm or any other body part brings a certain amount of freshness to wherever you go.


An infinity tattoo resembles endless opportunities. It means that you will find love and blessings forever. Infinity tattoos are very fashionable. Besides, the tattoo can be your inspiration for all the times ahead.


A butterfly tattoo makes you feel and understand the changes you go through. It represents transformation, pain, and struggle to get that transformation that will blow everyone’s minds. A butterfly tattoo makes one believe in faith. These easy tattoo designs are popular as they establish a strong connection between love and strength.

easy tattoo designs


Doing a cross on your body means Jesus is always there with you. You have guards of blessings around you. Jesus will protect you from all the wrongs. Mostly Catholics and Christians get such tattoos to keep God close to themselves.

Name Tattoo

Several people feel happy when they see that one name of a loved one could be themselves or someone they love. Carrying their name in your body makes you feel like they are always with you, and they mean everything to you.


The crown of a queen symbolizes that there is nothing that can rule over you. You are the queen of your world. Many people do half a crown and make their partners do the other half. While many make couple tattoos by doing king and queen crowns both.

 King or Queen

It is the same as the queen tattoo, but males represent the pride and self-confidence, ruler of their life. It denotes that the person is the king for his wife or lover as a couple of tattoos. The King or Queen tattoos show superiority over others. It represents power, leadership, and command over one’s life, if not other beings.


Getting a moon tattoo represents new beginnings, beauty, and light. Moon tattoos have a lot of variation that includes a waxing moon or a waning moon.

A waxing moon shows growth, success, and progress. However, a waning moon symbolizes the act of letting go and reflection on oneself. On the other hand, a moon in its crescent shape shows that the transition is forever. Some people tend to get the entire transition tattooed on their bodies to remind one and the others that the change is constant.


A star tattoo represents that you can shine bright like the star with your charm. There is nothing that can stop you from shining. Stars are supposed to bring good luck. They provide reassurance during tough times. Stars are a reminder of one to create their way towards their goal. As long as you have a star tattoo, one may not face too many troubles navigating through life as the tattoo works as an inspiration.


A little heart tattoo looks very pretty on the skin and makes you feel the love you have within your heart. You can spread your love to everybody around you. Love is a universal feeling, and it never too bad to remind ourselves to act out of love.

Architectural Tattoos

Several architectures in this world are worth anything, a small version of such monuments looks fantastic as tattoos. These tattoos are for the souls who are adventurous, creative, visually strong, and headstrong. Architectural tattoos can be minimalistic designs, or they can be full-fledged geometric designs that depict landscapes, cityscapes, or panoramas.

Abstract Tattoo

Abstract art is where uncertain things make a beautiful appearance; any random line or shape that has a unique twist. Abstract tattoos are the new cool thing in the world. It can abstractly represent anything. The design can be that of an animal, bird, geometric sign, or other ideas. The tattoo is what you make of it.

Abstract Tattoo

Sun Tattoo

Sun tattoo is an example of tattoos that symbolize something. It could be the meaning of your name or a reflection of your personality. Sun, in this case, is a trendy and one of the easy tattoo designs. Moreover, the sun symbolizes a fresh start.

Religious Tattoo

There are several ways to show your faith in God, and this is why many people get a tattoo of God or goddess that they’re devoted to them. It can also be a sign instead of actual figures.

Bird Tattoo

Bird tattoos are not only easy to draw, but they look super cute once appropriately inked. Another reason why people get birds inked is that it represents freedom. Get a bird inked on you too if they are your spirit animal.

Ring Tattoo

Some people get a name or a design inked around their fingers like a ring. It is a lifetime commitment to them, a ring they will never loose.

Letter Tattoo

Letter tattoo is a common and easy tattoo to get. People get the first letter of their name or the name of someone they love inked on themselves. It stays with them forever, making them feel proud of the person.

Best Friends Tattoo

Friends often get the same tattoos as a sign of their strong bonding. You can make a tattoo of your friend’s picture or their name. The most popular trend in this category is to get matching tattoos with your friends to tell the world about your story of friendship.

Assortment of objects

Do you not have anything in mind to get tattooed on you but wish to get a tattoo anyway? It is unnecessary to get one tattoo as you can get many in the form of an assortment if you want to. You can combine many cute designs to symbolize a lot of things. The collection of objects could be a collection of symbols that you deem essential for your life.

Tribal tattoo

Tribal designs are pretty cool for both men and women. However, men tend to make them more often. The Aztec prints add an aesthetic appeal to the tattoo and the area it comes from. They need not necessarily symbolize something. You can dig a bit deeper and find out a little about a tribe’s history and the designs they make to add a short story to your tattoo.


These tattoos are widespread among travelers and wandering souls. If you have a knack for traveling or discovering new places, this is the tattoo for you.

You can map the whole world or the map of a specific place on yourself. Map tattoos have clean lines and a very minimalistic approach, which is why they make for a big favorite among people.

Copyright tattoo

You can tattoo a particular year using the copyright sign to show that you have owned that specific year in some way or the other. It could be your birth year or a year that is dear to you. A small copyright symbol in front of the year and an exciting print font could make this sort of tattoos look very cool.

Skull tattoos

Skull tattoos are people who love the dark side of life. A skull tattoo is an ultimate classic. These easy tattoo designs have been reinvented over the years with various additional elements to it, which make the entire tattoo seem more personalized in its nature. Skull tattoos symbolize the character of a rebel soul. It is not always that skulls represent death. It can also indicate the protection of memories or winning over significant challenges.


Quotes are another popular tattoo design that imprints a memorable saying by someone famous on someone’s body. The quote could your mantra in life or something you aspire to live by.

Either way, quotes are a great way to tattoo something on you to have a small story of your life and struggles.


A tattoo somehow reflects your personality, no matter big or small, and you will get what makes you feel happier.

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