Can You Use Dr Bronners On Dogs

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Can You Use Dr Bronners On Dogs

Dr. Bronner’s soap is a mild castile soap, perfect for sensitive skin. It is also a vegan soap that has the goodness of plant oils and essential oils. Also, it is free from foaming agents, preservatives, and synthetic chemicals. Now you might think, Can you use Dr Bronners on dogs?

This plant-based soap is a great option for cleaning your dog. After one use, your dog’s fur will become soft and shiny, and you will adore your dog more than before.

Dr Bronners has both soap and body wash that are safe for dogs. Sometimes the effect can be adverse if you don’t use Dr. Bronner’s soap properly.

Let’s dig deeper into the compatibility of this soap with a dog’s skin.

What Is Dr. Bronner’s Soap?

Dr Bronners is one of the most popular US brands that sell soap. Dr. Bronner’s soap is fair-trade, vegan, and non-GMO verified. It is a pure castile soap that comes in liquid form or as a bar.

The ingredients of Dr. Bronner’s soap include vegetables, coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, walnut oil, avocado, etc. All its ingredients are free from animal fats and synthetics. Thus, the soap is biodegradable and non-toxic.

The best part about this soap is that it does not have any irritants, fillers, junk, or artificial fragrances. Along with plant-based oils, Dr Bronner’s soap has the goodness of essential oils too. You will find this soap in many food stores, pharmacies, and so on.

Can You Use Dr Bronners On Dogs?

Dr. Bronner’s castile soap has a blend of natural oils that makes a perfect formulation for dogs. This can leave your dog’s hair looking soft and shiny.

Dr Bronner’s soap smells amazing because of its essential oils and the absence of synthetic blends. Also, it can help wash off fleas and provide short-term prevention.

Can You Use Dr Bronners On Dogs

There are many flavour options you can reach for. Peppermint and eucalyptus are good options for a refreshing smell.

If your dog has sensitive skin, consider using the unscented, mild flavour. The lavender flavour can be great to give a calming effect.

How To Use Dr. Bronners On Dogs?

First, wet your dog thoroughly and squirt directly on the fur. You can skip diluting the soap as there is enough water on your dog’s body. Besides, how much soap you have to use depends on the fur type, thickness, amount of dirt, and size of your pooch.

Now massage the soap all over your dog’s body. Your pet is going to love this part. Make sure that soap doesn’t enter its eyes.

After scrubbing, rinse your dog thoroughly. Be careful with your ears; water shouldn’t get inside them. Also, you must wash your dog well enough so that it leaves no soap in its body. Or else, it can attract more dirt.

Now let your dog shake it off. This will remove the excess water from its fur. Then you can pat a dry towel on it, and you are done.

Benefits Of Using Dr. Bronners On Dogs

Most vets recommend using Dr. Bronner’s soap for dogs and other pets. It is because this soap suits sensitive skin and hardly leaves any side effects.

Soothes The Skin

Dr Bronners is a boon for dogs with itching or dryness. Its soap has moisturising ingredients that help relieve crusty skin and make it smooth and supple.

Removes Fleas

Because of excess dirt, fleas appear in a dog’s fur. In that case, we require a powerful cleaning agent, which may have side effects on the dog’s sensitive skin. Luckily, Dr. Bronner’s castile soap uses both its cleansing agent and moisturising agent to relieve fleas and maintain the skin’s pH at the same time.

Cleanses Thoroughly

Although Dr. Bronner’s castile soap contains limited ingredients, it cleanses the dogs’ skin effectively.

Safe To Use

A product can only be beneficial if it is safe to use. Thanks to Dr Bronner’s brand, which uses non-toxic ingredients in its castile soap. You won’t find any irritants or artificial chemicals in it; only plant-based oils.


Usually, dogs with sensitive skin get allergic reactions after using random soap. However, Dr Bronner’s soap causes no allergic reactions in dogs, as it has all the soothing ingredients.

How Often Can You Use Dr Bronners On Dogs?

Dr Bronner’s cruelty-free castile soap contains safe ingredients. Hence, you can stay tension-free after each appliance on your dog. But that doesn’t mean you can use this soap every day.

Dogs have sensitive skin with a neutral pH balance. Washing them regularly with castile soap will strip away their skin’s natural oils, which may lead to dryness. It is better not to wash your dog with Dr. Bronner’s soap after a certain time, like every 15 days or 1 month. Meanwhile, you can wash your dog with water alone to keep them clean.

Can You Use Dr Bronners On Dogs

For instance, if your pooch gets muddy when it is not bath day, you may use castile soap to clean him. But make sure you don’t use the soap for about half a month.

Risks Of Using Dr. Bronners On Dogs

Although Dr. Bronner’s castile soap is safe to use, it can be risky sometimes. Let’s see when you need to be alert.

Can Leave Residue

While bathing your dog with Dr. Bronner’s castile soap, you would probably use hard water to rinse. That can make the soap leave some residues in the dog’s skin, which may cause infection. It would be better to use uncontaminated water to rinse away this castile soap.

Hard On A Dog’s Skin

Dogs cannot withstand Dr. Bronner’s soap if you don’t dilute it. If your dog has allergic or sensitive skin, that could be more dangerous. To get best results, use this soap after diluting it with water.

Harsh For Colour-treated Hair

If your dog has dyed hair, Dr. Bronner’s castile soap may not be a good option. It will strip the colour after every wash.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can You Use Dr Bronners On Dogs?

How long does Dr Bronner’s soap last?

Dr. Bronner’s soap can last for three years. However, we recommend using this soap within 24 months after opening it.

Is Dr. Bronner’s soap antifungal?

Dr. Bronner’s soap is antifungal and antiseptic, because it has all-natural ingredients. You may not find it antibacterial.

What is the pH of Dr. Bronner’s soap?

The pH of Dr. Bronner’s soap is 9, which is not acidic at all. Besides, dogs have a neutral pH. Hence, this soap won’t dry out dogs’ skin.

Is castile soap better than shampoo?

Castile soap has a higher pH than normal shampoos. Also, it offers moisturising effects. To keep your dog’s skin safe, use castile soap instead of shampoo.

Final Thoughts

For those who don’t know whether can you use Dr Bronners on dogs, the answer is yes. Dr. Bronner’s has the safest soaps and body washes for pets.

Before using this castile soap on your dog, dilute it with water first. Like any soap, Dr Bronner’s can be hard on a dog’s skin if you don’t mix it with water. For better results, consider using this soap with water on your dog, making sure not to mix any acidic substances with it.

Some dogs may have reactions after applying castile soap. If your dog does the same, don’t use it. Ask your vet for assurance.

Can You Use Dr Bronners On DogsCan You Use Dr Bronners On DogsCan You Use Dr Bronners On Dogs