Café Dekat Sini: 10 Cafes In Siena That Are A Must-Visit

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Café Dekat Sini

Timeless art, delectable cuisine, marvelous museums, medieval cityscape, and quaint cafes such as Café Dekat Sini – Siena is a city of many wonders. Often referred to as Italy’s loveliest medieval city, Siena is a must-see if you visit Tuscany. But no trip to Siena is complete without a taste of the best coffee in the world.

So whether you are willing to taste cappuccino in the place it was invented or try espresso so strong that nothing else even comes close, Siena is just the place to be. The city is home to cafes of all kinds – from modern concept stores to traditional Italian eateries. So do not miss to take a break from all your touristy endeavors and stop by a pretty café dekat sini.

List Of The Best Cafes In Siena

Here are our picks of unmissable cafes during your vacation to Siena:

Café Dekat Sini List


1: Treat your taste buds to authentic Italian coffee at Torrefazione Fiorella.

No listicle on café dekat sini can ever start without this name. Wondering what is so special about this café? Well, the answer lies in the aroma that one can smell all around this café. 

This no-fuss café is all about minimalism and authentic Italian coffee. And hence, the bar itself is small and cozy in design without tables and limited seating to prevent overcrowding. It is just the place to start your day in this picturesque town by sipping one of the best cups of coffee in Italy. And if you want to take back the taste, you can buy some of their finest coffee beans on offer.

2: Dig into pastries with your coffee at Café Nannini.

Loved by tourists and locals alike, this café will not let your taste buds down. Located in the heart of Siena, this is one of the most popular shops in town. If you have a sweet tooth to satiate along with your coffee craving, then this is the place to visit.

This café is famous for its wide variety and range of pastries and baked goods. On weekends you will find a long queue, but this cafe is worth the wait. Step in for a piping hot cup of aromatic Italian coffee and a biscotti, take back home some baked goods with you.

3: Enjoy your beverages as you unwind at the Tea Room Café Dekat Sini.

If cozy and aesthetic are what you are looking for in your café dekat sini, then Tea Room is the place for you. This café has the cutest interiors with vaulted ceilings, soft lighting, charmingly kitsch vintage décor, and a fireplace.

Besides, you can relax with your friends and enjoy live music as you dig into desserts to die for with a cup of one of their novel tea blends. A variety of teapots occupy the shelves of the cafe. They serve tea in ornate teapots and cups. Besides warm beverages, they serve hot chocolates, wine, beer, cocktails, cakes, desserts, treats, and more.

4: Enjoy a mesmerizing view from the Bar II Palio.

Have you ever heard of the Palio? It is a horse race that takes place two times a year at the town’s central point, Piazza del Campo. The race and its setting are quintessential Siena tourist attractions. To experience this setting at the heart of the Tuscan town, you can visit Bar II Palio.

Sit back, order a coffee or a cocktail and admire the beauty of this spectacular piazza. If you want to experience this square in the most breathtaking way possible, then visit it during the sunset. This café has the perfect terrace for sundowners. So grab a bite of delicious appetizers and sip into your drinks while you take in the view of Campo.

5: Find some groovy vibes at this café dekat sini: Soul Caffe.

The Soul Caffe, located at the heart of Sienna, is in the Piazza di Campo. This place is great for grabbing a meal any time of day with ample sitting and free wifi. At night the cafe turns into a cozy pub with live gigs and local craft beer. 

While cafes in Siena are usually cozy with less seating space and some antique elements, this café offers a spacious and chic atmosphere, which will remind you of your favorite cafes from around the world. The decor has guitars and images of various musicians adorning the walls. Drop by during the weekend to lose yourself to some live music. Jazz performances are one of their specialties.

6: Indulge your inner Instagrammer at Bruscello Concept Store.

Are you looking for a picture-perfect afternoon at a café that satisfies your taste buds and your Insta feed? Then check out Bruscello, a brand new entry on this list of café dekat sini. It is an elegant concept store in Siena, located on Via Paolo Frajese.

Here you can shop from an eclectic collection of clothing, grab some coffee or lunch, or even attend special events. You can also grab a beer or cocktail in the evening hours. The café is dedicated to the very Instagram-friendly generation and has spacious, bright, and minimalist interiors. This café is all about its youthful energy and is the best spot for travelers looking for like-minded people, great food, and good times.

7: Bury your nose in a book at Cartazucchero.

Tired of sightseeing around the country? Take a step back in time and reconnect with your reading habit in this café. Our last entry on the café dekat sini list is Cartazucchero. This one is a cute bookshop combined with a cafe located on Via Camollia.

If you are a bibliophile, then this cafe is just the place for you. This café offers a quiet atmosphere for reading with its stacks of books on every wall. However, their collection is almost entirely Italian. So if you are not familiar with the language, feel free to bring along your book and enjoy the pleasantly old-fashioned ambiance and cuisine. The café offers a delectable menu and provides the perfect opportunity to unwind under the comfortable Tuscan sun.

Final Words about Café Dekat Sini! 

The list of the Cafe Decan Sini can be helpful for you if you are a real coffee lover. For more hunger-evoking posts, you can visit to our blog section. 


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