114 Irresistible Tattoos For Women

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Tattoos for women are just like women themselves: they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They can be feminine, tom boyish, ferocious, delicate, ornamental, meaningful, bold, sexy, terrifying… the list goes on and on. For a long, ridiculous time, us women have been made to think there is this box we must all fit into, that there is this (unreal) list of rules we must all follow, and to hell with our own aspirations, to hell with our dreams.

Well, NO MORE! There is a movement going on, one where women of the world are coming together and loving each other, and helping each other, rather than bitching and competing with one another. Women are discovering that strength is in togetherness and beauty is in character. We must celebrate our differences, and not be afraid of being different.

What better way to start your rebellion than getting a tattoo that is true to you? It is all about going and doing exactly what you want, no matter what people say or think. It’s also all about not being judgemental, allowing women to express themselves how they see fit, and appreciating the beauty in each other. And we need to stop comparing ourselves to everyone else! You are imperfect, and that in itself, is perfection.

These tattoos for women will set you free from the ancient ways of the world. Wild, untamed and vibrant, tattoos for women are the ultimate freedom roar. Your skin, your life, your choice. Thanks for caring, thanks for sharing.

Table of Contents

1. This incredible puppet tattoo.

creative work by Inez Janiak puppet tattoos for women

The art of puppetry has been in existence for centuries, and so is the art of tattooing. When these two art forms get merged, the result is bound to be amazing. The proof of this statement is this incredible puppet tattoo. This womens leg sleeve tattoo shows a puppet that is in the form of a girl. The strings are attached to the wrists of the girl. Strings are used to control the movements of the puppets. A large hand is also shown in the tattoo. The hand is controlling the girl puppet with the help of strings. 

2. This lovely ribbon and flowers tattoos for women.

pretty arm sleeve tattoos for women

One of the most effective ways to win a woman’s heart is to give her flowers. Most women care about small gifts and gestures like flowers and cards. Hence, this ribbon and flowers tattoo is a favorite of many people. It just shows the real personality of a woman. The beauty of women is often compared to the beauty of flowers. This tattoo looks radiant due to the use of carefully chosen colors like red, green, and yellow. The placement of ribbons and flowers is so perfect that the tattoo becomes a visual treat. 

3. This incredible sketch style jellyfish tattoo.

jellyfish tattoos for women

If you like sketches, you must love this tattoo. It is made in the sketch style, which is a contemporary tattoo style. Sketch tattoos look like sketches or drawings an artist makes before completing his piece of art. Such tattoos look different from the usual tattoos. The design of this tattoo includes a jellyfish, a creature many people find amusing. If you are a marine life enthusiast, you can get this sketch style jellyfish tattoo. It’s not a womens leg sleeve tattoo, but still, it looks quite bold. You can look bold by getting this tattoo.

4. This delicate rose tattoo.

rose flower tattoo on back

If you are someone who does not like big or complex tattoos and tattoos with intricate designs, you can go for this simple rose tattoo. Similarly, if you are someone who does not like to get ink work done on their body but still wants to get a tattoo, this tattoo is ideal for you. This tattoo has only a rose with a long stem. You can get this tattoo on your back. If you wear backless dresses or tops after getting this tattoo, you will surely turn some heads around. This delicate rose tattoo will make you look even more charming. 

5. These awesome sleeve tattoos for women.

yellow and blue rose arm sleeves flower tattoo

Just like womens leg sleeve tattoos, women’s arm sleeve tattoos are also popular. Ladies get arm sleeve tattoos to make a bold fashion statement. The design of both the tattoos, i.e., the tattoo of the left arm and the right arm is similar. Many elements are the same with a difference in just color, for example, a bird and a flower. Some elements are just eye-catching, for example, the key in the design on the left arm. 

6. This neat Thieves of Tower feet tattoos for women.

Thieves of Tower feet tattoos for women

The term ‘Thieves of Tower’ is used to refer to the collaboration between Houston Patton and Dagny Fox. At times, it is also used to refer to merely Houston Patton, who is the blackwork tattooist. He is famous for creating tattoos whose designs include structures like towers, castles, etc. These thieves of tower tattoos are an example of his work. It feels as if the tattoos are narrating a story. Getting these tattoos is like carrying a spectacular piece of art everywhere you go. 

7. This gorgeous leg portrait tattoo.

watercolor leg tattoos for women

Though it’s easy to guess, let us tell you that portrait tattoos are those tattoos that look like a portrait. Both real and fictional people can be used as the subject of a portrait tattoo. Portrait tattoos look classy, and so, they add to the beauty appeal of people who get them. This leg portrait tattoo includes the face of a girl. 

The girl appears to be a modern city girl from her expressions. However, her flower hair band and necklace make her appear otherwise. They make her seem like a simple rural girl. Nonetheless, irrespective of the contradictory elements, the tattoo looks complete in itself. 

8. This amazing sketch style tattoo.

sketched girl and wolf tattoos for women

Just like a portrait tattoo, a sketch tattoo is also a tattoo style. Sketch tattoos resemble sketches made by an artist while creating any piece of art. This sketch style tattoo can make the heads of people spin because of its optical illusion. The effect generated by this tattoo is so splendid that others would feel as if they are looking at a valuable painting in a museum. 

The tattoo shows a wild beast’s face over the head of a young person. The person appears to be a boy by facial features and a girl because of the long braids. It seems as if a message is hidden inside a tattoo. If you are someone who likes mysterious or cryptic stuff, you should go for this tattoo. 

9. This fabulous tribal half leg sleeve tattoo.

sexy polynesian thigh tribal tattoo

If you are unsure whether you should get a womens leg sleeve tattoo or not, you should check your comfort level by getting a half leg sleeve tattoo. This is a tribal half leg sleeve tattoo. A tribal tattoo is a tattoo that depicts the culture, heritage, achievements, and more related to the wearer. So, when it comes to a tribal tattoo, there is no specific design. The design will vary depending on the wearer. This tattoo includes lovely patterns and different shapes. 

10. This budding tulip tattoo.

tulip tattoos for women

A tulip is the favorite flower of many people, especially girls. If you are one of them, you must get this tattoo. The design of this tattoo includes a budding tulip flower, i.e., a tulip that is about to grow. The word ‘bud’ refers to that part of a plant that is almost ready to become a flower or unfurl new leaves. 

The tattoo of a budding flower says a lot about the wearer. It indicates that the wearer is on the way to becoming mature and better. You can show that you will shine in a new light soon by wearing this tattoo. Not to mention, a budding tulip tattoo will make your back look even more beautiful.