Are You A Victim Of Traffic Intersection Accident?

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Intersection Accident

It’s no surprise that intersection accidents are common and by far the most dangerous across the United States. Most of these accidents occur due to negligent drivers who don’t pay attention or drive under the influence. Others are unclear about the right of way to the traffic rules, when and who should yield the right of way. These accidents mostly happen due to high speed, and as such, the injuries suffered are incredibly severe. If you have been involved in an intersection accident and believe the other driver could be at fault, you have the right to fight for your justice and get the compensation you deserve.

Alaska Right -Of -Way Laws

In Alaska, these accidents normally happen due to failure to yield the right of way. Sometimes it becomes so hard to determine who was at fault. If involved in a car accident at intersections, the best thing would be to look for a  top personal injury lawyer for car accident. When one is driving at an uncontrolled street or highway where there are no traffic signs, it’s better to know how to control a vehicle. One should slow down and make sure to have a reasonable rate when approaching an intersection. The driver on the left is supposed to yield to the driver on the right side. Unfortunately, the driver from the right may assume to have the right of way when the other driver has not given it. As such, one may hit another vehicle crossing the road at high speed. 

This may lead to a serious accident that could result in fatal injuries. Other rules to be followed include:

  • In an uncontrolled intersection where there is more than one vehicle, the vehicle on the right has the right of way. If there is a car intersection, one should give way.
  • For controlled intersections, always ensure to obey traffic lights or any other yield sign
  • You must yield to a pedestrian crossing the roadway
  • You must yield to the vehicles already at the intersection especially when entering an intersection on a green arrow

 Drivers who always think they have the right of way don’t reduce the risk of collision at intersections. This may lead to serious accidents, which can lead to hefty penalties. If another driver may have acted negligently and caused an accident where you suffered injuries and property damage, you need an aggressive car accident lawyer to represent you.

 Common Factors Influencing Traffic Intersection Accidents

There are so many factors that may contribute to the intersection crashes. However, the two common factors that influence Alaska motorists may include:

  1. Driver characteristics: This may include the age or gender of the driver. For instance, teens always cause distracted driving as they text or talk while driving. Other drivers make illegal turns, fails to yield a right of way while others drive under the influence. This may cause terrible intersection accidents.
  2. Traffic control measures: Properly organized traffic rules have a major influence when it comes to road accidents. Where there are traffic signal controls at intersections, this can improve traffic flow while minimizing crashes. However, some drivers ignore these measures by driving too fast or even racing.  

Though these accidents are common, there is a way you can avoid them. Some of these ways include:

  • Even if you have the right of the way never assume the other driver will stop
  • Watch for pedestrians or cyclists who may be using sidewalks or lanes.
  • Don’t change lanes at intersections; another driver may get into your lane after a cross turn
  • There are no traffic controls in intersections, so make sure to treat the intersection as a four-way stop.

Holding The Negligent Driver Liable

In case of an accident at an intersection, there are injuries suffered. This means that you will incur a lot of costs to get treatment. Therefore you need to seek compensation from the faulty drivers. Whenever there are multiple defendants in a car accident case, it becomes pretty complicated. It’s hard to establish a claim of negligence in an intersection accident. That’s why one is encouraged to seek help from an experienced car accident lawyer. You must prove that the faulty driver owed you a duty of care and that it was breached. There are multiple components involved, and many drivers could be partially responsible for the accident. Without a thorough investigation, it becomes difficult for the injured party to prove negligence. On the other hand, if you were partially to blame, you would still recover damages. This is because Alaska observes the rule of pure comparative negligence. You may still be able to collect damages depending on the percentage attributed to your fault. To get the compensation you deserve, you may consider looking for that lawyer who is not overwhelmed by multiple defendants.

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