The Top Tips And Advice To Help You With Hiring An Accident Lawyer

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hiring an accident lawyer

There are over 1,338,678 lawyers in the country. That’s a 15% jump in the past 10 years. When hiring an accident lawyer to make your case, however, you only need to find one.

How do you narrow down your options? Keep reading to find out. With these six tips, you can find an attorney capable of winning your case.

Don’t head to court without proper representation! Start your search with these six easy tips today.

1. Know Your Case

First, it’s important to know what type of accident lawyer you’re looking for.

Consider the specifics of your case. Were you in an auto accident (as a driver or pedestrian)? Maybe it was a slip and fall.

You can read more about finding a pedestrian accident lawyer here.

Either way, you’ll want to find a lawyer who has specialized knowledge about your case. Personal injury law splits into many sub-categories. Finding someone who knows the laws and procedures specific to your case is important.

Hiring an accident lawyer with that specialized knowledge could give your case an advantage.

2. Ask Around

Once you know what type of lawyer you’re looking for, ask around. Do you have a family member who was in an auto accident recently? Speak with someone who was previously in the same shoes you are now.

Ask them about the lawyer they worked with. Were they honest and knowledgable? How did the case go?

Speaking with friends and family members you trust will help you find a lawyer you can trust. Learn from their experience and save yourself time finding an attorney.

3. Prior Experience

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, confirm the lawyer has hands-on experience in your branch of accident law.

How long have they worked in that specialty? Are they up-to-date with recent laws, cases, and procedures?

Some lawyers switch specialties. Even if you find a lawyer with years of experience, it’s important to make sure that experience is relevant to your needs.

4. Wins and Losses

Once you find an attorney experienced in personal injury law, make sure you’re choosing a winner.

How many cases have they won, lost, or settled recently? Do they prefer to settle instead of fight?

Look for a winning attorney who will do everything to represent your best interests.

5. Check Their License

Make sure you’re choosing a lawyer with a strong professional standing, too.

First, check the local bar association’s website. Make sure the lawyer you’re interested in is a currently licensed lawyer. If they’re not, scratch them off your list.

6. Interview Them

Before hiring an accident lawyer, take the time to interview them yourself.

Ask questions about their experience, knowledge, and expectations for your case.

Do they have strong communication skills? Do they feel trustworthy? Trust your gut.

Ask the lawyer you’re interested in if you can speak with their previous clients. Check online, too.

Know Your Options: 6 Tips for Hiring an Accident Lawyer

Start your search! Hiring an accident lawyer who has your best interests in mind is easier with a plan. With these tips, you can find someone capable of winning your case.

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