Zodiac and Tattoo – The Perfect Marriage For A Prosperous Astrology Business

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Prosperous Astrology Business

To the untrained eye, zodiac signs and tattoos are not in direct correlation. But, that’s only on the surface. Zodiac signs are one of the most common identifiers people use about themselves, resonating with the traits and characteristics of their astrological signs. It helps them navigate their inner personal spaces. So much so that many are willing to tattoo their sign and it’s common elements on their body. In this article, I will explain more how we started a custom zodiac tattoo design agency called AstroTattoos.com and how we see the industry growing already of Prosperous Astrology Business.

A System As Old As The Times

In the second half of the 20th century, we’ve been seeing tattoos coming to the mainstream. It was a slow progress, even though tattoos as such have been around for thousands of years.

Similar to tattoos, astrology has a long history, rich culture and has seen it’s resurgence in the 20th century.

Their intersection was a great match, as tattoo designs commonly feature important symbols to the wearer.

So, zodiac tattoos became a common category, both in the flashes and when it came to custom tattoo designs.

Unique ways to portray your zodiac sign in a tattoo are now a channel for many to explore their personality and personal style.

How Have Astrology Businesses Grown Over The Years

Astrology businesses are numerous and competitive. 

The American Federation of Astrologers, founded in 1938, is now a global organization, with many of its members running very successful businesses helping people read their birth charts and answering deep questions about their personal lives.

The crowded field of astrologers and other astrology-related entrepreneurs demands for selecting a narrow niche and mine it for clients. 

One example is the field of zodiac tattoo designs, which specializes in helping a person create a unique and custom tattoo design based on their star sign and a natal chart based on the day the person was born.

Before the coming Internet in the late 1990s reshaped the way we know life, there were many astrologers could interpret charts, write astrology books, produce astrological tattoo design, and make other products.

However not many attempted to do more than one thing because of the burdens imposed by expensive computer technology and costly print media advertising.

Nowadays, the Internet makes the connection between tattoo artists and astrology aficionados rather easy.

It can be done through personal web pages, social media profiles or different platforms that offer mediation between astrologers and clients.

This has propelled astrology and astrology-related skills as a profession across the board.

Who Needs A Custom Zodiac Tattoo Design?

Choosing a niche might seem like an exhausting task, and working in astrology doesn’t make it much easier.

Growing a prosperous astrology tattoo business requires many of the same techniques people use to grow most online service businesses that provide design services to clients. 

Custom tattoo design is a common purchase among the tattoo lovers, regardless of gender, sex, and age.

Zodiac tattoo especially are common across all walks of life, and in all styles imagined.

As with growing any business, if you look to the tactics used by other successful astrologers — and business owners more generally — you can gain valuable insights for increasing your customer base.

With tattoos showing that a cosmic one in three Brits are inked, astrology tattoos are fast becoming the most popular way to show off your star sign.

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