6 Tips for Property Hunting During a Pandemic

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Property Hunting During a Pandemic

The current Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way many businesses operate, including real estate. And even with the reopening of many parts of the country, property buyers should expect a different experience of looking for houses than it was before the outbreak of coronavirus. So how do you hunt for a home during a pandemic? Below is how.

1. Minimize your Exposure by Using Video Tours

For months it hasn’t been possible for someone to take buyers around the property they are interested in buying and so they were forced to using video tours. Although at the moment, video tours are not the only option available, it is an excellent way of looking for a home. 

In simple terms you can use video tours to rule out properties you would otherwise have toured physically only thing realize they are not what you are looking for. This saves you time. You also minimize your exposure and only visit the top three.

If you use video tours alongside property photos, you can get a reasonably good sense of the house, its layout and condition. The truth is, if you are not impressed with a home after looking at its photos and touring it virtually, you won’t love it if you visit it physically. It’s also possible to check platforms such as Movoto.com to see the recently listed properties. 

2. The Possibility of Filling out Paper Work before Visiting the Property

You need to be ready to fill out extra paperwork before you can tour the property. Although each state is coming up with their guidelines concerning the selling and buying of property, in most states, buyers are required to fill out new paperwork.

In several states, buyers need to fill out a questionnaire to be sure they are not infected. In other countries, the buyers have to sign forms in agreement that going for a house tour exposes them to the virus.

All property buyer agents are away of any paperwork required, and if you don’t understand what you are committing yourself into by signing, you can ask them.

3. You need to be Flexible

Before the pandemic, you could tour the property you want to buy anytime, which may not possible now forcing you to become flexible. According to guidelines given by some states, the tours need to be distributed to minimize the risk of infection. That means you may not tour the property when you need to and at the time you could.

That said, you have to ensure you remain flexible through the process because, with the opening up of the economy, there is an influx in the mortgage and real estate sector. While they are doing all they can do meet your needs, your flexibility will help them handle this busy season with ease.

4. Carry your Mask

You are not expected to be seen in the public without a mask, and most people have taken that with the seriousness it deserves. That means even in shows you need to put on your mask also if it’s going to be only the two or three of you. Although it might be possible to effectively observe the social distance between you and your property buyer agent, you do not want to infect the homeowners.

In case you are not able to put on a mask, inform your agent before the show because they deserve to know and where necessary, tell the sellers.

5. Be Ready to Make a Good Offer

Once you get the house you would like to buy, be ready to make a reasonable offer. Many people are looking for homes to buy, and chances are if your offer isn’t so good, the seller may not have the patience to negotiate with you instead they will sell to another customer who is ready to make a reasonable offer.

In simple terms, the competition is very high and to beat other buyers and have that house you already are imagining yourself in; you need to put your best stride forward.

6. Research Online

Are you thinking of moving to an area you are not familiar with? If so, you need to do thorough research. Although you usually would have to take a day off work and travel to the area and explore, this may not be possible given the social distancing directives that have been put in place to control the infection. Compare lenders ahead of your visit and make sure you are prequalified prior to writing an offer.

Property Hunting During a Pandemic

Therefore, go online and use sites such as Neighborhood Scout to get commute, crime and demographic information if the area. Google maps will also help you take a virtual walk while Yelp will give you information on restaurants and bars. With that research, you will for an excellent virtual picture of where you want to move to.


Pandemics change the way businesses are carried out, and this is evident with the current pandemic Covid-19. If you had paused looking for a house because of the pandemic, you could go on with house hunting following the tips given in this article. Hopefully, you will find a house that suits you.


Property Hunting During a PandemicProperty Hunting During a Pandemic