The Different Artistic Genres Within Online Gaming

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The online gaming industry is full of creative talent. From the storyboard artists who come up with the progression of a storyline within your favorite fantasy game, to the animators who painstakingly bring to life every aspect of an online game, there’s no shortage of talent within this industry. 

Although talent is out of this world, it’s also become a place where artists can fully express themselves. Different genres of games have noticeably different artistic styles, some that push artists to think outside of the box in an out-of-this-world space epic, to the designers that need to think about accessibility and convenience when designing an online casino game where players need to quickly and sophisticatedly place bets on the table. In this article, we’ll be exploring the world of digital game design and some of the different genres that have come out of this ever-changing industry.

1. Convenient Sophistication in an Online Casino

When people think of online casinos, they don’t normally think of the most incredible graphics and incredible animations. This is because this genre of games runs more on convenience for players who are there for one thing: to place bets and win money. 

These gamers aren’t interested in creative characters and immersive landscapes, they want to feel like they’re sitting in a real casino at a realistic poker table. Online casino players care more about advanced technology being applied to the games, like blockchain facilitating a Bitcoin casino where players can easily place bets without the issues around flat currencies.

Because of the difference in preferences, online casino games normally are simple, and understated and don’t rely on flashing graphics to retain the players’ attention. It’s not as relevant as it is in other genres of games – in fact, if casino game developers did follow the path that fantasy games do, they would probably lose some of their high-paying customers who are focused on winning all of the games in a casino.

2. Creating New Worlds in High-Fantasy Role-Playing Games 

Very different from casino games, we have high-fantasy role-playing games that are almost the complete opposite in terms of style. In these games, developers and animators have the mammoth task of trying to transport players into worlds filled with mythical creatures, beautiful fairies, grand adventures, and terrifying villains.

These games are often very environment-based, meaning that there will be a big emphasis on the imaginative landscapes that surround the players. No expense will be spared when it comes to designing every last blade of grass in a beautiful forest or making the clouds look as fluffy as possible as the background of a magical kingdom. 

This artistic style is heavily influenced by fantasy literature and art, using rich storytelling to create a memorable experience for players, and creating awe-inspiring environments with vibrant, colorful visuals that make players forget where they are completely for a couple of hours. 

3. Traveling Out of This World in a Science Fiction Adventure 

Many of us would have spent our childhoods dreaming of one day being able to make a trip to space to see the Earth from another perspective or find out if aliens really exist. As we got older, we probably realized the chances of us ever getting into space were incredibly slim – but that doesn’t mean we can’t live out our dreams in Sci-Fi books, movies, and online games.

In online science fiction games, artists are pushed to think outside of the box to create futuristic worlds set on spaceships or faraway planets. These artists are confined to what’s possible in the real world, they can be as outlandish as they want when it comes to designing alien civilizations, undiscovered planets, or cyberpunk cityscapes. With this iconic blend of realism and true imagination, these games have become a haven for players who want to explore a new world and interact with unique extraterrestrial life forms in some of the most popular online Sci-Fi games.

4. Going Back in Time Through Historical Games

Although the idea of going back in time to live in the middle ages may not be ideal for those of us who want to live past the age of 30 and have all of our home comforts, historical online games have constantly proved to be extremely popular among gamers.

Historical games are known for their attention to detail and accuracy as they have a lot of reference material to base their designs off. Using source materials and other historical information, developers can accurately recreate historical eras, clothing, architecture, and characters to take players out of the modern world and into a time long forgotten.

Some of the popular games in this genre include the likes of Red Dead Redemption which draws on Western stories, and Assassin’s Creed which has recreated many different historical periods and is known for its accuracy.

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