Intense Tattoo for Women on Shoulder with its Significance

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Tattoo for Women on Shoulder

While tattoos are a unique type of body art for everyone with great meaning and significance. Women tend to get inked only when they have some purpose associated with it. If you are looking for intense and deep meaning tattoo designs, then here is everything you need to know. We will discuss Tattoo for Women on Shoulder specifically with some important tattoo tips.

Tattoo: A Body Art

Since ancient times, people have been creating designs on their bodies around the world. At that time, tattoos were a mark of status, clan, power and rituals. Both men and women would get inked to signify its meaning and their identity. Instead of modern needles, they would use pointed teeths and turtle shells to inject the colours or dyes in their skin. Another method was to sting the needle into skin with thread smeared in dyes or ink. The way thread has been needles under the skin, it would determine the design. In this process, wounds would get healed with medicinal herbs or ashes. This is how ancient people would create permanent body art.

Now, if we only talk about Tattoo for Women on Shoulder, then we should be aware about the whole process of getting inked, where to get inked and what might be its consequences. There are many ways to get inked with Tattoos on Shoulder, Since some tattoos might be detailed or minimal, you should know all the spots of your shoulders where you can ink them. Some people might have injury on a specific spot but still there are other spots nearby where you can get your tattoo such as: Front Shoulder, Back of Shoulder, Top of shoulder, Shoulder Blade, Collar Bone and Upper Arm. For women, Collar bone and top spot of shoulder are the most attractive body features.

10 Deep meaning Ideas on Tattoo for Women on Shoulder

Since we know how tattoos always represent a special meaning behind it, all designs of Tattoo for Women on Shoulder can be inked on the basis of following categories and you must’ve taken the decision of getting tattoo based on one of these categories:

1. To show Love

To show love for your partner, you can try hearts, stars, minimalistic design of initials and half hearts one on your and other part on your partner. Yin Yang tattoos are best to represent a couple.

Tattoo for Women on Shoulder

2. Femininity

As a woman, you might want to show your feminine side in the form of body art. You can try some of the best feminine tattoos such as: Angel wings, Yin Yang, Mandala, Zodiac sign, Wolf, moon and feminine goddesses.

Tattoo for Women on Shoulder

3. In memory of deceased ones

If you want to get inked in memory of your deceased loved ones who can be your partner, child, friend, parent or soulmate, you should choose minimal tattoos based on flowers and their initials as flowers are best to give tribute to their soul. You can even use a symbol of your love for them such as the meaning of their name, their favourite thing, animal, hearts or song lyrics.

Tattoo for Women on Shoulder

4. Following the Trend

Nowadays, everyone wants to follow trends to avoid FOMO, so you should try most trending tattoos of crescent, mandala, hearts, stars and illusionary designs.

Star Tattoo on women shoulder

5. Spiritual & Based on Personality

People who have a deep understanding of life tend to get spiritual tattoos, if you too have a similar tendency, then opt for a minimalist design of Yin Yang, mandala or nature based tattoos which are based on art of life.

On the basis of your personality, horoscope, vibes, you can get inked with your zodiac sign, element symbol, Personality colour and spirit animal.

tattoo for women

6. For fun

If you are getting a tattoo for fun, try a watercolour based tattoo with a cartoon character, stars, flowers or butterflies.

Tattoo for Women on Shoulder

7. Fan Obsession

A lot of people who are fans or an artist, movie character, novel writer, songs and memes, like to get these tattoos to show their love for them. You can get initials of their name, song lyrics, album covers, sketches of their face, dialogues inked on your shoulder.

Tattoo for Women on Shoulder

8. Hidden

Some people prefer to hide their tattoos. If you are one of them, then you should get minimal designs of small flowers, geometrical shapes, your initials, Yin Yang, little flowers or butterflies.

Tattoo for Women on Shoulder

9. Artistic

As an artist, you should get a tattoo which represents your creative side. Try mandala design, Yin Yang, spiritual designs, Abstract illusionary designs and Geometrical shapes with flowers and leaves on them.

Floral tattoo design

10. Mark of change in life

In the end, the majority of people try tattoos when they find a big change in their life which can be success, failure, enlightenment, end of a journey or a new start. You should try spiritual tattoos in this process such as: Yin Yang, Koi Fish, Mandala Art, planets, stars, moon, sun, spirit animal, name of that change in the form of an animal. For example: If you are starting a new thing like business, then get a minimal symbol of a Lion who represents leadership and winning in life.

Tattoo for Women on Shoulder

Things To Keep In Mind

Keep some things in mind while going to get inked for the first or even second time. Avoid the sensitive parts of your body where skin folds and stretches as there is no muscle on that spot. Muscular parts like arms, calves, top of your palm, collar bone etc. Always check the chemicals used in ink cartridges if they are toxic. Black and Green are the least harmful inks while red and orange are the most toxic ones. If your body parts are fractured, injured or having joint pain, try not to get inked there. Always check designs and your skin texture. Never get inked on any kind of injury. Make sure the Tattoo artist is professional and not an amateur in this field. Talk with him about your interests and why you are going to get inked, an experienced tattoo artist knows his job and she will pick suitable designs for you.

You gained every knowledge regarding tattoos, designs, best tattoo spots and the types. Remember our tips about your health as one should never compromise with his health. So, be careful during your visit to a Tattoo Artist. You can pick the best design from our list and make it memorable.


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